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Paris – Morvan

April 1999A real nest of virolos on enchanting roads,

dotted with peaceful lakes and dark pine forests, the Morvan seems to have been

created from scratch for bikers. All at 1h30 from Paris !




May / June, but summer is good too. Beware of the month of March, because even if it is

beautiful, the roads can be wet in the woods. As for fall, it is

disarmingly beautiful, but reserved for those who have a base in the area because

it’s dark at 5 p.m.…

Ideal gear:

Prefer an intermediate displacement like 600, 750, or even 900. Avoid divisions

Panzer type 1100 CBR, 1100 ZZR, Pan European, etc. On this kind of route,

they can become tiring over time. The roadsters will feel good, the

sports can explode, the sport-GT will be in their element, and the

customs will have to reconcile caster angle and exits from turns that are sometimes tighter than

planned. As for the trails, they will compensate for a somewhat limited cycle part by their

good suspensions. In the long run, it can be appreciable.


If like me you are lazy, swing your hips as often as possible when taking

angles, you will relieve your arms and wrists. On the other hand, if you are in a duo, the

multiple counter-steers will be inevitable, and it may pull a little at the end of



Paris – Morvan

To inaugurate this Routes section, Moto-Net has chosen to explore the Morvan. A veritable nest of virolos on enchanting roads, dotted with peaceful lakes and dark pine forests, this region indeed seems to have been created from scratch for bikers … all at 1h30 from Paris !

AT Paris (Orleans door), take

theA6 direction Lyon, exit "Auxerre North".

AT Auxerre, take the N151

direction Nevers / Clamecy.

Fast and very pleasant road, but beware of any radar

Between Courson and Coulanges-sur-Yonne. If you get to Coulanges-sur-Yonne

at lunchtime, you can go to the Grange Batelière, a restaurant located

exit from the village in the direction of Clamecy (on the right, in front of the Foundation

St-Henry, 100 m after the level crossing): Menu at 75 FF (11.43 euros) with

wine, cheese, coffee and dessert included. In case of closure, possibility to eat at the

Poussardière, restaurant located in Pushchairs, 2 km after Coulanges-sur-Yonne.

AT Clamecy, the sensations point

the tip of their nose on the D951 direction Vezelay, then on the D957

direction Avallon.

You will find on this section a nickel bitumen, a succession of large curves

fast, in short, a hallucinating circuit atmosphere for sports owners or

sport-GT. It is nevertheless advisable to be wary of the front gear a little light of some

sport-oriented roadsters.

AT Avallon, we stay in a register

similar by borrowing the D944 in the direction of Lormes.

Here again, absolutely magnificent section, the virolos are insane and closer together.

At the intersection with the D977 bis,

two possibilities depending on the fatigue of the flight crew. Both lead you

at Chateau-Chinon.

1st possibility

Go left towards Vauclaix / Montsauche on the D977 bis. AT Vauclaix,

take the D944 right, direction Panessière / Château-Chinon dam.

Succession of superb bends on a road in good condition. No need to stop at

near the Panessière lake, the Settons Lake is included in the program. AT Chateau-Chinon,

have a drink knowing all the same that motorbikes, Morvan and beer are not good

housework. For those who have left very early in the morning, possibility of eating at the

Old Morvan. The panorama of the restaurant room is not disgusting (left caviar

obliges: it was Mitterrand’s official restaurant in the region), and the prices

are accessible to all budgets. We can avoid the Septennate Museum, unless

to fantasize about big ivory cocks and other giraffe testicles encrusted with

diamond !

2nd possibility

Go to Corbigny over there D977 bis, then take the D985

until Châtillon-en-Bazois. It’s quieter but far from being zero, well

opposite. AT Châtillon-en-Bazois, go left towards Chateau-Chinon

over there D978. Be careful, there is sometimes a speed camera halfway there. Apart from that, the road

is perfect, and will remind you in some places of the D951 mentioned above

Between Clamecy and Vezelay. Notice to rigid cycle parts with

D207, BT56, etc. ! On this same road, do not miss to take

the angle in the rows that lead you to Chateau-Chinon. Because in this

prospect, the DDE has installed two perfectly smooth tracks for your

greater pleasure. Even the less accustomed among you will find their account here.

Quit Chateau-Chinon by a whole

little piece of D944, direction Corbigny/Lormes. At the exit of Chateau-Chinon,

borrow the D37 direction Montsauche-les-Settons. It’s rural, not

frequented and downright beautiful. The turns do not stop succeeding on

a road which, however, withstood the harsh winter of 98/99: stay

vigilant! Do not go straight away to the village of Montsauche. In

effect, the Settons Lake worth the trip, and even a swim depending on the

season. Then put your leather back on and roll up to Montsauche. From there,

two more possibilities to return to Clamecy.

1st possibility

Borrow the D236 direction Dun-les-Places, Then D6 direction Lormes,

and finally the D42 direction Dormessy / Clamecy. The route is splendid,

but a little technical when we have already typed all of the above…

2nd possibility

Since Montsauche, take the D977 bis until Corbigny, Then D985

direction Dormessy / Clamecy. The advantage of this route lies in its

balanced. The D977 bis until Corbigny is certainly very technical and

requires certain piloting skills, but afterwards you can enjoy the

fluidity and speed of D985 until Clamecy. Beware when

even of the possible presence of a radar Montceaux-le-Comte. From Clamecy,

you can improvise on "technical country" category roads, but

you may prefer to return to Auxerre by N151 (I assure you

that we never tire of it!). Then resume theA6 until Paris. Yes

you are allergic to tolls, N6 is playable by Meaning, but do not

of little interest. Even if it means making a detour, prefer it N19

by Troyes, then theA4 up to the Porte de Bercy.

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April 1999



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