Triumph Sprint ST model 2005

Triumph Sprint ST model 2005


No, Triumph did not want to release any information about new models before Intermot under any circumstances. Certainly not photos. And then suddenly this CD fluttered into the house…

If that’s not a nice surprise: Triumph is building a completely new one S.print ST in a very attractive design.

The subtle color scheme? will the ST be available in blue metallic and silver ?? and a clear design language
harmonize well with each other, the arrangement and frame of the three headlights give the machine its own face. It is obvious that when the three individual silencers were relocated to the rear of MV Agusta and borrowed from the Honda VFR, it is obvious. The Triumph designers have cleverly incorporated these suggestions into their own line. And they have managed to make the 21-liter tank appear smaller than it actually is.
A lettering on the side panel, Sprint ST 1050, refers to extensive technical changes that have been incorporated into the new sports tourer. By lengthening the stroke from 65 to 71.4 millimeters, the displacement of the three-cylinder was increased by almost 100 cubic centimeters, with an output of 125 hp at a moderate 9250 rpm. The maximum torque of 104 Nm is already available at 5000 rpm; these are clear indications of a
Design of the engine for full tractive power, especially in the middle range. Exactly the characteristics that an ST needs.
Less obvious are the revisions to the gearbox, which is now supposed to be significantly smoother thanks to a newly designed linkage. The old ST were still a bit bony. A new clutch with zero play gear ensures smoother load changes and less noise from the drive.
The aluminum bridge frame not only got a different look with a stiffening, longitudinal bead in it
the main profiles, but also with a modified geometry
shorter wheelbase. In the single-sided swing arm, a 5.5 inch rotates
wide wheel instead of the earlier six-inch model, which, strangely enough, was equipped with a 180 mm tire. The narrower one
Rim fits better to the 180 and promises easy handling and problem-free steering properties.
Triumph will offer numerous accessories for the Sprint ST, including luggage sets in motorcycle color. From May 2005 the Sporttourer will also be available with an ABS. The prices for this as well as for the motorcycle itself have not yet been determined.

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