Triumph Street Triple 675 R


La Rebelle takes up sport

Best seller in the midsize segment, the Street Triple R 2013 improves both its plastic and its dynamic capabilities. Direction the heights of Almeria for a clear test.

If last year had seen a simple facelift of Hinkley’s rascal roadster, bringing in particular the angular optics of its big sister, 2012 has changed the Street Triple 675R much more deeply.. And in good…., In really good even. What, probably, still truster first place in sales of the segment. Because, despite a market decline of 30% this year, the midsize Triumph barely shows a decline in sales. 50,000 copies sold over the past five years…. or 20% of the total English production. A success that stuns the competition and which, from now on, risks to send it to the carpet.

Triumph Street Triple 675 R


Naturally gifted at throwing the gas, the Englishwoman sharpened herself, perfecting both her style and her technique. Almost a change of category, the roadster now seeming to assert its rank of decarenated sportswoman. The design is much more aggressive in order to stick more to the original concept.

The Street Triple must make its reality as a dynamic, light and high-quality machine tangible "recalls Simon Warburton, production manager..

Triumph Street Triple 675 R

We note, in fact, a plastic with tighter lines, much more in accordance with the image induced by the front lights.

Headlights Triumph Street Triple 675 R

The integration of the radiator is now flattering, as are the optional side guards. Long and tapered, tested by the manufacturer, they contribute to the style of the sides. Composed of two two-tone elements mixing their shape, the scoops brilliantly hide the cooling element, aesthetically extending the uprights of the frame.
This one, made entirely of aluminum, is of an entirely new design although its design does not vary much. The English manufacturer, to save weight, reduced the number of its parts from 11 to 8 components. The lower plates, welded to the side parts, are actually made up of a single high pressure die-cast element. This architecture was made necessary to support the new back loop. Very stylish, sporting a deep red specific to its R version, its two parts attached to each other, extremely rigid, could therefore only be bolted on a single frame with perfect dimensions. To dress up this new saddle support, the shells reduce their surfaces and energize their shapes. A tapered LED light, overhanging a long and slender license plate holder, completes the rear design. Finally, the discreet dark-colored passenger footrest supports are attached to it..

Triumph Street Triple 675 R from the side in black version

Under the latter, we discover an elegant swingarm, also unique and losing 0.6 kg compared to the old one. The wheel it encloses also reduces its weight by a pound, reducing the unsprung masses by the same amount. The front end is steered by a 41mm Kayaba inverted fork, with black anodized sleeves, adjustable in preload, compression and rebound. Adjustable in the same way, the Kayaba mono-shock absorber has a separate hydraulic reservoir.

Shock absorber adjustment Triumph Street Triple 675 R

Finally, sporting an anthracite coating, the five-spoke rims offer a new refined and dynamic design and are adorned with a red border, responding to the other colored details. Their rotation will be stopped, at the front, by two floating 310mm discs pinched by dashing golden Nissin 4-piston radial-mounted calipers dedicated to the R model. 220mm. Also new, a disconnectable ABS system weighing only 1.5 kg is available as an option.
What better regulate the bilious character of the three cylinders in line with 12 valves and double overhead camshafts. Unchanged, its 675 cm3 still deliver a power of 106 hp, unconfined, at 11,850 rpm. His voice is now transmitted by a short side silencer in the low position, saving, again, 3.6 kg…. With, moreover, an obvious visual lightening and a lowering of the center of gravity.

Exhaust Triumph Street Triple 675 R

All of these weight optimizations represent a total of 6 kg. The lightweight champion Hinkley now weighs only 183 kg on the scale. All full facts !
But even more than their reduction, it is the distribution of the masses and the geometry of this vintage that will significantly modify its behavior. Regarding the first, it fully influences the weight reduction of the rear half, bringing its value to 48% (51% formerly) against 52% for the front (49%). The second change affects hunting, but above all the column angle, 23.4 °…. that is, one degree less than the previous model. These two parameters suggest an even more incisive behavior and demonstrate the sporting orientation of the Triumph. The license holders and passenger footrests can also be easily removed for your track trips..
Extremely rewarding, the Street Triple R 2013 can also boast of a flawless finish. Granite coating of the frame, elegant crankcases, high-end chassis…. the hunt for faults is not easy. The Englishwoman has even taken care of the base of her previously too raw tank, covering her cut with a dark covering further refining her presence. We can only regret the replacement of the air intake grilles, surrounding the steering column, by plastic covers.
Like a beast, the Street seems ready to leap from its corner to crush everything that turns. Let’s jump her on the spine before she goes.

In the saddle

20mm taller than its standard sibling due to a longer shock stroke and different swingarm axle positioning, the Street R remains accessible. The two-seater, one-piece, flexible saddle accommodates its rider 820 mm from the ground. Thin at the crotch and benefiting from a tank with marked indentations, this seat will allow the less grown-ups appreciable ease when stationary. Legs resting on the back metal controls, the body then tilts on an almost straight handlebars. Variable diameter; it overlooks a fairly common upper tee incorporating a coded key switch. Unfortunately, this handlebar hides the fork adjustment systems again and again…. The rather pleasant ergonomics of the Street also offers a brake lever adjustable in spacing and large mirrors. Oddly, their fields only partially reflect the environment. Finally, grabbing the side crutch still requires a traditional gymkhana.
Styling the double optic, the instruments are positioned significantly lower, reinforcing the dynamic of the look. Now more refined, the graphics of the tachometer abandon the vintage atmosphere for a modern aspect. This is the most notable change. The six shiftlight leds, with configurable illumination (engine speed, successive or group implementation) are always present and the digital window is unchanged. However, it finally displays a fuel gauge. Very complete, there is tachometer, gear indicator, clock, engine temperature bar graph but also a partial double comprising average and instantaneous consumption and duration of the journey. Finally, mileage count before switching to reserve, total duration of the chrono trip and tire pressure level (by optional sensor – TPMS, 184 €) finalize this table..

Speedometer Triumph Street Triple 675 R

Passengers are also an option on board the surly Englishwoman. A strap as regulatory as it is useless and sports footrests will dissuade most of the dishonest who had the inept presumption of harming its tapered line. We prefer the superb optional seat cowl at € 199.90, a guarantee of a homogeneous line..
Practical, a U-shaped lock is now located under the seat. We note easy access to the battery and fuses, as well as the presence of three keys instead of the tool kit.

In the city

It’s time to wake up the British athlete. Discreet rumbling and heady whistling remain the specific signature of the Street. The new R is no exception to the rule, its short, brisk breathing just waiting for an order to get carried away. The gearbox offers an extended first gear, in order to provide better comfort in the city. Appreciable on a daily basis, the whole is also very soft and precise. Our test model benefits from a quick shift system, € 468.90, quickly becoming addictive.

Triumph Street Triple 675 R on road

With its bore / stroke ratio giving pride of place to liveliness, the block still shows little inertia to go up in the towers. We will take advantage of its warm-ups to already appreciate the agility of the machine and the pleasure of its finally liveable turning radius. Winner 3 °, the management of the Street, in a final genetic provocation, abandons the family defect of the barge U-turn. However, its origins still give it that softness specific to three cylinders. Its great flexibility, well supported by a controlled injection, allows serene and pleasant trips in the city. However, it will be necessary to manage his natural propensity for mechanical invective. Starts at the tricolors and stopped at the next are more than tempting…. without forgetting the improvised slaloms between mobile chicanes. Compact ball of nerves, the Street pawns impatiently in this cramped setting.

Triumph Street Triple 675 R on departmental

Motorway and expressways

The original equipment now at 120 km / h…. the following ones quickly orbiting the midsize roadster at unrecognizable speeds. At the top of the tachometer, the sound is more hoarse, supporting the illumination of the shiflight for a feverish sound and light. The maximum power of 106C hp (78kW) is developed at 11,850 rpm, following a constant curve, without downtime. The maximum speed of 245 km / h is then reached, lying on the machine, behind the improbable protection of the optional deflector above the front lights. This element, priced at € 269, adapts elegantly, offering excellent integration.

Triumph Street Triple 675 R on motorway

Returned to the legal motorway, the air pressure is more sustainable. However, more explosive puncher than long-distance runner, the Street is only waiting for an outing to demonstrate its rebellious gunsling skills..


If the English boiler is available at most speeds, it is beyond 7000 revolutions that everything can really accelerate on the handlebars. Quick to spring from the pins, the Street however needs to be maintained beyond this value to give the best of itself. Otherwise, the raises do not display the same tone. Carried out at good speed, the sassy Triumph then seems to come out of the horses without counting, according to its surprising length. Thus, on the third report, we will evolve with enthusiasm from 90 to 190 km / h. The breaker then cuts off the ignition at 13,000 revolutions / minute.

Triumph Street Triple 675 R on national

Tight ferrule or fast curves, the Street Triple R masters the sequences on the road ring. Rigid and perfectly stable on the angle, the attack hits the mark every time. Especially since its heightened liveliness is accompanied by an even greater precision. Extremely rigid, the frame highlights its new geometry, allowing the rider to place the machine in both handlebar support and footrest. Higher than its predecessor, its hunting angle reduced makes it twirl in the winding. Its front axle benefits fully from the new distribution of masses and seems riveted to the ground, while raising a good level of information.
Mechanical scalpel to cut the curves, the moth dodges with the same efficiency the slightest defects of the bitumen. Front and rear systems work in balance, remarkably tuned. This high-level damping lets the machine cut its way without slowing the pace. Only an unreasonable look will then require fine-tuning the hydraulics of its suspensions..

Triumph Street Triple 675 R departmental

Chaussee de Pirelli Rosso Corsa, the midsize from across the Channel sticks to the bitumen, aggressively transmitting its 6.8 da.Nm (7 of torque, most of which is available from 4,000 rpm. These envelopes greatly contribute to the ease of changing the angle and do not encourage you to give up your hand. When that moment comes or to ward off danger, little Albion releases a direct from the right lever which stops the crew and raises the rear wheel. The power of the front calipers "crashes" the machine into the asphalt. On the angle, a good experience will be required, to avoid surprises and effectively modulate decelerations, without cold sweats. Especially since the steering locks noticeably during hard braking. The rear retarder does not change much. Either too shy or blocking the wheel, his feelings are uncertain ….
Taking advantage of a precarious moment of calm, we will then appreciate the overall smoothness of Hinkley’s enfant terrible. Despite this tumultuous adolescence, the Street still retains a lot of good manners. Its dynamic evolution still preserves it, happily, from any radical change..

Rear view Triumph Street Triple 675 R


Certainly, the new geometry of the Street Triple raises the level of its dynamic performance to a high level. Even more agile and easier, the Englishwoman displays a neutral efficiency on all occasions. No parasitic movement detracts from its sporty character.
Finally, the manufacturer of Hinkley offers a recommended tire fitment, for which the chassis has been adjusted. Three more are shown: Metzeler M5 Interact, Dunlop Qualifier II and Bridgestone BT016 Pro.

Frame Triumph Street Triple 675 R


The attack of the Nissin stirrups is matched only by their power. Their relative lack of progressiveness will require a certain technical background before making full use of it. Likewise, on the angle, their implementation will require skill. The endurance of the system does not suffer from any reproach and the whole can receive a disconnectable ABS.

Brakes Triumph Street Triple 675 R

Comfort / Duo

Much more progressive than that of its predecessor, the overall damping smoothes the road. Its sporty profile does not prevent it from offering real comfort over long distances. As standard, the saddle turns out to be a little thin and can, for 199.90 €, be replaced by a seat of a much better level..
Under the recommended influence of a sedative for the pilot, the duo hardly sees themselves other than occasional. Unless you equip the frame with the necessary optional handles, for 199 €, ensuring you keep your sandbag on board.

Seat and comfort Triumph Street Triple 675 R


With a recalibrated injection, the Street would see its consumption drop by 30% in the city and 12% on the secondary network. Purely theoretical, these values ​​nevertheless indicate better regulation of admission. The 17.4 liters of unleaded on board should easily provide more than 200 km of range for moderate driving. On average, the probable estimate is 6.5 to 7 liters.
But English women love to drink, especially when they are happily accompanied…. If you get into her asphalt burner game, the little Speed ​​will let you know the joys of the pump.

Colors Triumph Street Triple 675 R


Without revolution, the Triumph Street Triple evolves all the same noticeably. His mischievous character, even downright shameless, gains in efficiency. This strong spirit shines through in a terribly attractive plastic. Ever more compact and lightweight, the machine now displays a welcome sporty and elegant aesthetic. However, its ease of handling remains essential, thereby proving its loyalty to the brand’s standards. However, we will not recommend it to the beginner. Its performance, like its braking, makes it suitable for experienced pilots..
Question knowing how to live, the Englishwoman ensures, with a price which, not only does not evolve but embeds, for the same sum, the braking ABS. The € 8,990 requested seems amply deserved for this machine competing for the best place in the segment. A version devoid of controlled braking, unavailable the first months, will require only € 200 less. As for the standard version, only € 1,000 separates it, without ABS, from its sister R.ageuse (difference reduced to € 400 equipped with this option). The manufacturer clearly seems to invite customers to choose their most successful model. Already two-thirds elapsed in its R finish, the new vintage should further amplify this trend..
On the other hand, the one concerning competition should hardly improve. If Kawasaki announces a new Z 800 soon to be tested, the current Z 750 R ABS, claiming € 9,299, could not worry the hooligan of Hinkley. Ditto concerning the Yamaha FZ8 S ABS (9 499 €) which does not approach the agility of the Street. Finally, if the recent Suzuki GSR 750 ABS offers excellent performance, its cycle part offers neither the precision nor the rigor of the Triumph. At € 8,399, the Japanese woman only has the financial advantage. The only challenger to make the weight will finally be "the other three cylinders", the MV Agusta Brutale 675, mechanical splendor with a volcanic character, at 8,990 €. The European struggle between false twins promises to be exciting. But, against the Italian, there is no doubt that the Million Cocards Lady will try to win the fists.

Strong points

  • motor character and flexibility
  • cycle part performance
  • front braking
  • aesthetic

Weak points

  • front brake attack
  • sluggish rear brake
  • engine whistling in town

Competitors: Aprilia Shiver 750, Ducati 696 Monster, Honda Hornet 600, Kawasaki ER6n, Kawasaki Z750R, Suzuki Bandit 650, Yamaha FZ6 S2

The Street Triple technical sheet

The technical and mechanical history of Triumph


  • Phantom Black, Crystal White and Matt Graphite

Standard / R difference

Front suspension

  • Non-adjustable, 110mm travel, Black anodized legs
  • Adjustable in preload, compression and rebound, 115mm of travel, gold anodized sleeves

Rear suspension

  • Adjustable preload, 124.5mm travel
  • Adjustable in preload, compression and rebound, with separate reservoir, 135mm of travel

Saddle height

  • 800mm
  • 820mm (suspension difference)

Caster / Caster angle

  • 24.1 ° / 99.6mm
  • 23.4 ° / 95.0mm (suspension difference)

Front brake calipers

  • Two pistons (optional ABS)
  • Four-piston radial mounting (optional ABS)

Rear wheel lick

  • Optional
  • Standard

Main options

  • Fork head: € 269.90
  • Clog: € 297.90
  • Seat cowl: € 199.90
  • Quickshifter: € 468.90
  • Arrow exhaust (-0.8 kg): € 809.90
  • Protection pads: € 179.90
  • Flashing leds: 71.90 €
  • Comfort saddle: € 199.90
  • Passenger handles: € 199.90.

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    Well, apart from this joke, thank you for testing this atypical wheel. Not my style, but it’s different. And the difference is so rare these days …

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    The new lights are prettier in real life than in the photos. And this R makes my eyes soft to smile


  5. There is something for all tastes and that’s good. And strangely, while this bike is often criticized on the Internet, it is quite different on the road. That being said, I did not buy it for the others and Puree I do not regret it. To understand it you have to try it and there, SURPRISE: But it’s a bike applause

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