Tunisia – The Moto Tour Series Tunisia is unveiled at the port of Tunis –

The Moto Tour Series Tunisia is unveiled at the port of Tunis

Tunisia - The Moto Tour Series Tunisia is unveiled at the port of Tunis -

Journalists, sponsors, partners, officials and organizers of the Moto Tour Series gathered yesterday aboard the Tanit, one of the boats of the Tunisian Navigation Company (CTN) which will transport the competitors on March 7 from Marseille to the port of La Goulette. Objective: (re) discover the Tunisian landscapes by motorbike until March 14 !

Option Sport Events, the Tunisia Racing Club (Kais Chaibi), the Tunisian authorities and all the partners of the event officially launched yesterday from the port of La Goulette.

  • MNC of 22 November 2017 :
  • MNC of 5 December 2017 :
  • MNC of December 29, 2017 :

The pilots (around "80 Europeans and 20 Tunisians", estimate the organizers) will be able to tease the stopwatch on the specials and / or enjoy the diverse and varied landscapes under the protection of the Tunisian National Guard, before returning to the hotel each evening before 5 p.m. to take advantage of the swimming pool and tourist facilities.

The Moto Tour Series Tunisia will also be the third and final round of the Tunisian road rally championship, currently dominated by a National Guard driver. The winner will be offered an entry for the, from May 9 to 13, 2018.

Video: the landscapes of the Moto Tour Series Tunisia 2018

A distinguished guest will also make a stint on the Moto Tour Series 2018 … perhaps from the Tunisian event ? 

Eric de Seynes on the three-wheeled Niken

"I would like to participate in the Moto Tour Series France by driving a three-wheeler", explains the general manager of Yamaha Motor Corporation Eric de Seynes, one of the architects of the return of: "when designing this bike, I was went to Japan. The Japanese engineers took pictures of the Moto Tour to me and told me that they wanted to go on this idea of ​​the Moto Tour with small roads in sporty condition. They invested a lot in this bike using of the Moto Tour! "

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