Vee Two Hailwood 2018

Vee Two Hailwood 2018

Australians build Hailwood Ducati replicas

The Australian Ducati tuner Vee Two has produced a true-to-original replica of the Ducati 900 NCR worn by racing legend Mike Hailwood to win the Isle of Man TT in 1978.

On June 3, 1978, Mike Hailwood returned to motorcycle racing at the age of 38 after eleven years of abstinence from racing. In 1967, after nine world championship titles, he actually ended his motorcycle career and turned successfully to automobile racing. His appearance at the TT, which he did on a D.ucati 900 NCR won, made him and the Ducati a legend.

Very close to the original

At the Classic TT 2018, the Australian Ducati specialist Vee Two will finally present the long-awaited replica of the racing machine on August 24th. It will be called Vee Two Hailwood. The price should be the equivalent of around 128,000 euros. Based on the starting number that Mike Hailwood wore on his comeback on the Ducati, only twelve of the Vee Two Hailwood are to be produced. There is also extensive production documentation for every bike.

John Keogh Design

The replica should correspond exactly to the racing bike from 1978.

Visually, the replica, which was developed in coordination with the Hailwood family, should correspond almost exactly to the racing motorcycle that rolled out on June 3, 1978, including all sponsor stickers. A classic round motor with a five-speed gearbox is installed, which has been optimized with various special parts. The displacement was increased to 905 cm³. The power should be 86 hp. The engines are made in Australia, the chassis at Vee Two in the USA, where the machine, which weighs only 163 kilograms, will also be assembled. First deliveries are scheduled for the end of 2018.


Ducati MHR 1000 Mike Hailwood Replica

Mike Hailwood Replica

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