Verge TS – electric motorcycle from Finland

Verge TS – e-motorcycle from Finland

New name and start of production

The electric motorcycle from Finland, formerly known as the RMK E2, will go into production soon, according to the manufacturer, and will also be called Verge TS with immediate effect.

E.The first computer retouching of the RMK E2 was published in summer 2018. A first prototype was then presented at the Motorcycle Show in Helsinki in February 2019. In addition, extensive tests were already taking place at the Alastaro Racing Circuit, among other places. In autumn 2019, the bike could also be seen at the EICMA in Milan. In May 2020, the Finnish manufacturer announced that the electric motorcycle should actually go into production. However, the bike will no longer be called the RMK E2. The E2 should make a name for itself as Verge TS in the future. The manufacturer has also released some new photos of the electric motorcycle, which can be seen in the picture gallery attached above. There is also new information on the technical details.

Hubless rear wheel

In principle, the design has not changed much compared to the first pictures. The look of the e-motorcycle looks quite classic, the bridge frame with wide upper parts and angular beams is made of aluminum. At the front, a conventional upside-down fork (Ohlins) guides the front wheel with Pirelli tires. It is decelerated with a double disc brake system. The rear swing arm is supported centrally on the frame according to the cantilever principle.


Visitors to the Motorcycle Show in Helsinki could see this prototype at the fair.

The original RMK E2 was supposed to be driven by a 50 kW electric motor, which should deliver a maximum torque of 320 Nm. However, the manufacturer seems to have changed its mind again, so that the Verge TS will now have a more powerful 80 kW (107 PS) drive. The maximum torque, which is specified at 1,000 Nm on the rear wheel, is also impressive. The sprint from 0 to 100 km / h should take place in under four seconds. The electric motor itself sits as a ring in the rear wheel, which therefore comes without a hub. The electric motor also takes over the braking work on the hindquarters. The maximum speed is limited to 180 km / h. The Finns give a range of 200 kilometers on the highway and 300 kilometers in the city with one battery charge. The charging time is stated as 4 hours. With a fast charging system, the TS should also be fully charged within 45 to 50 minutes. Apart from that, one of the newly published pictures shows that there is a display where the tank is located on gasoline vehicles. What this display can do is still open.

Price from 24,990 euros

The Verge TS can already draw on the conclusion

When the RMK E2 prototype was first presented, quite a few thought that the Finnish electric motorcycle would actually never go into production. It seems, however, that we could soon actually see the first series models of the Verge TS on the streets.

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