Vietnam – Motorcycle trip: crossing Vietnam in Honda Win – Episode 4: engine failure in Hue …

Motorcycle tour: crossing Vietnam in Honda Win

Vietnam - Motorcycle trip: crossing Vietnam in a Honda Win - Episode 4: engine failure in Hue ...

Enora, biker and yoga teacher in Paris, wanted a break. Deciding to live her dreams rather than dream her life, she sells her apartment to embark on a “ limitless ” journey and tells us about her crossing of Vietnam on a Honda Win 110 cc.

Episode 4: engine failure in Hue…

The rest of the journey goes well for several hundred kilometers. Just to mention: long plots of road under construction so full of hollows, stones, dust, mud puddles.

It was more motocross until Thanh Hoa! We drive like gangsters: scarf in front of our faces, bags well tied up at the back of each motorcycle, slaloming to the right and to the left to overtake the trucks in the infernal din of our super Honda Winners !

We stop for a few days in Phong Nha National Park, to discover the caves and rivers. Here we meet other bikers who are doing the opposite.

This is an opportunity to share our impressions, road anecdotes (my war wounds are intriguing and I am not too smart …), give each other some advice concerning the routes, the good places to see and then share a good local beer !

Then head for the coast, towards Hue! What was supposed to take a few hours will ultimately take a day! One of the motorcycles falls into the roadstead in the middle of the road and Julien – that’s the name of the lucky one … – finds himself pushing his motorcycle for several meters under a blazing sun…

Finally a van stops and takes him to the nearest village where we are waiting for him.

First diagnosis in a garage: the engine is broken, everything must be changed … Exorbitant price and obviously, the parts will not be found for a while! We decide to see what this diagnosis is worth and go to question another garage. Indeed, problem with the engine but more legitimate price and approximately two hours of repair.

Family cafe-restaurant

So we find a great spot in a family cafe-restaurant to enjoy the sun while waiting (with hammock, please!). Time passes and we take turns to see the progress, curious to discover a Honda Win totally exposed.

The repair will take longer than expected and we decide to sleep here to set off again the next morning (we all agreed from the start on the idea of ​​only driving during the day). At the end of the day, the bike is like new and the next step is therefore playable !

In the end, I keep an excellent memory of this day: how to turn a situation that is apparently not very funny into a moment of conviviality. It was a great opportunity to get to know my fellow travelers better, to get involved in more intimate exchanges and to have a good time with the family who ran the restaurant..

Children, parents, grandparents live under the same roof and each participate in their own way in the family business. And despite our language differences (only a young girl speaks a few words of English), I have a great day with smiles, laughs and then just silence, being with each other without expectation..


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