Voxan models 2005


Voxan models 2005


Delicacies from the Grande Nation’s motorcycle kitchen
Again on the best way to seduce the Alemannic senses: After the company bankruptcy in 2001, Voxan ran the motorcycle in 2003-
Production on again; the company Sachs (www.sachs-bikes.de) recently took over the import of the Cafe Racer models, S.treet Scrambler and Black Magic to Germany. The »black magic« is Voxan’s new flagship, MOTORRAD is dedicating a separate test to the excitingly styled machine starting on page 72.
Common to all three bikes is the cultivated 72-degree V2, which the French have extensively optimized for greater reliability. Among other things, the crankshaft bearings were reinforced and the oil pump and valve train were modified. In addition, the throttle valve diameter grew from 45 to 54 millimeters, and the technicians gave the engine a new ignition / injection computer with different maps for the various models. The now black-painted drive with U-Kat has 94 hp in the Street Scrambler, 95 fuel Black Magic and Cafe Racer. The Voxans are currently developing a tuning kit for the Cafe Racer, the sportiest model, which will increase the output to 130 hp and which will soon be available on the market. A softly tuned 41 mm Marzocchi upside-down fork is less sporty, while the Paioli shock absorber under the engine ensures a comfortably cushioned rear end. Besides orange, the athlete is available in blue, red and silver. Its price: 12,399 euros.
The Street Scrambler is a little cheaper, for 11,999 euros. The neat naked bike stands on 17-inch wheels; its predecessor (Scrambler) still rolled on large, narrow enduro rims. The wider wheels allow tires in sizes 120/70-ZR 17 and 180 /
55-ZR 17; they provide in conjunction with the new, tighter spring-
elements to ensure that the Street Scrambler is fed up and keeps its track. The diameter of the front brake discs grew from 280 to 320 millimeters. Thanks to the new, flatter handlebars, the driver sits facing the front wheel and is still very comfortable. vj

Remy, Jerome: Interview

Jerôme Remy has been the new Managing Director at Voxan in France since the end of March. MOTORRAD had a chat with the 44-year-old.

Mr. Remy, how is the ownership structure at Voxan today??
The company is 86 percent owned by the company-
taker Didier Cazeaux and 14 percent to the Departe-
ment Auvergne.
What are your medium term goals?
We want to be in the black by the end of 2006. We will succeed if by then we sell 800 motorcycles instead of the 700 units targeted for 2005.
Do you plan to develop a new engine or additional models?
We are very happy with our two-cylinder. At the moment we are discussing a new engine-
wheel variant that fits into our modular system.
Let yourself be surprised at the exhibition in Paris in October.
In the past there were problems with the supply of spare parts.
That was a communication problem in particular. Today we have a modern one
Computer program with which dealers can order directly from us over the Internet.

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