Voxan Scrambler motorcycle test


Biker tests: Didier

Voxan ScramblerDiscovery
Scrambler in its mandarin livery: it does not look like
nothing else, except maybe … to a Scrambler
! We go around it, the lines are pretty, original, with the double
high exhaust, the V72 prominently. It’s certain,
she catches the eye !

In the saddle

We go up, first surprise, it’s high! Yet I measure
1.81m; I put my feet, of course, but the Scrambler is higher
than it looks! The saddle is comfortable, the seat
is well padded, we treat the posterior at Voxan.

Contact, the injection starts with a small whistle,
the warning light goes out, with the starter motor, and the V72
made to hear, and above all to feel! It vibrates, of course, but the vibrations
are very pleasant.

We take off, the clutch is rather manly, but precise,
just like the box, firm and soft at the same time. Maneuverability
at low speed is that of a trail, the bike is light
but the weight is high, and beware if you are used to
of a roadster or a sports car, we would soon have
get embarked !

But all this is very healthy, and we understand very quickly
the instructions for use, especially as the low weight makes quickly
forget the height of the beautiful … The height and width of the handlebars
prevent sneaking into mouse holes, but we are not
not as wide as with a real trail, and handling
makes it possible to compensate for the width in question.

On the engine side, not only are the vibrations pleasant,
but they propel, and so that the front wheel has a hard time
stay stuck to the asphalt if we pull the first reports! It grows
down, in the middle, and up, while running out of steam faster than a
sport twin, which is normal in view of the program…

First surprise, when braking, we have the impression that it is … soft
? However, it does slow down, and even rather strong,
but we have a strange impression: explanation, the handlebars are mounted
on silent-blocks, and it is good to know it to understand this feeling,
not very pleasant if one is not warned. In contrast,
bite and power are there, and in a healthy way
and dosable.
Notice to the stunters, it lifts with the acceleration
AND when braking with great ease…


Come on, we’re leaving town, this bike’s schedule must be
rather the virolos, no ?
Bingo, barely met the first laces, nothing
in the retro !

Yet the bike is not mine, I am rather
circumspect, but you have to admit that it’s so easy
to go fast without pricking yourself from the first rounds
wheel to brake late, angler hard, and open early, as much
say to forget everything that moves that does not have the same
balance !

In addition, the suspensions make the exercise comfortable, absorbing
the irregularities of the departmental roads of our
gentle France while ensuring precise and safe heading
! Small detail, we can nab the brakes on the angle without
ulterior motive, the motorcycle does not get up when braking
forward, and rejoin the rope with serenity
when braking from the rear, dosable and powerful, we want more
!!! The box is of rare precision, and its smooth operation
is exemplary with such precision.


Highway, is it reasonable to talk about it? I summarize,
with such a tool, you have to be c … or in a hell of a hurry
to go ch … on a road without bends, the land of
predilection of the Scrambler! No protection, arms spread
on a large handlebars, this bike has nothing to do on the highway
except emergency !!!
I also tested the duo in Alpine passes,
the motorcycle was deemed comfortable by the two passengers,
the seat is good, the grab handle well placed,
but the taller of the two testers was embarrassed
by the heat given off by the tall pots…


Original tires not tested, my kind lender had
equipped the beautiful with Bridgestone BT45, which I do not have
managed to find fault, whether on large
fast curves (on the track, of course), small sequences,
dry, wet or soaked, the marriage is good.

On the maintenance side, the revisions are done every 6000
km, and are of the same ilk as those of Ducati. The consumption
ranges between 5.5 liters and 8 liters over my 4000 km.


Voxan ScramblerThe
motorcycle brakes as well as a sports car: it is therefore not
at the start of a curve that it will rot. We take
angle with ease and precision, it is
so not in a curve that we are going to rot either. The gniak
omnipresent of the V72 will propel you vigorously towards the turn
next: it is therefore not at the end of a bend that we will
to rot. No, unless you are a pilot (not a driver),
difficult to do as effective on a bendy road (it seems
that the Multistrada promises the same program, but less attractive
to my taste).

In short, will love all those who want a pleasure motorcycle and are not
(or more?) pilots.
Will hate, all those who want a replica, given the absence
of Voxan in competition, as well as all the pilots who will prefer
pure performance on the track, and the big rollers, the Scrambler
being anything but a utility.

Strong points Weak points
  • fun and accessibility
  • the engine, torque and vibrations
  • the highway, the GT program and luggage
  • high motorcycle for less than 1.70 m


A test carried out by Didier, 4000 km of happiness in the Massif Central,
the Cevennes, the Ardèche, the Alps, and the Morvan.

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