Vyrus Alyen: Alien bike with a Ducati heart

Vyrus Alyen

Alien bike with a Ducati heart

The Italian motorcycle manufacturer Vyrus has combined the 1,285 cm³ Superquadro V2 engine from Ducati with the in-house wheel hub steering chassis. The result is the Alyen 988, which could easily pass as the new Bat-Bike.

M.ith the new edition of the Bimota Tesi, wheel hub steering is on everyone’s lips again. While Bimota had built in a Ducati V2 in the original version, the new edition comes in cooperation with Kawasaki with the 1,000cc compressor four-cylinder and over 200 hp. The Rimini-based motorcycle manufacturer Vyrus is now bringing together a Ducati V2 with a wheel hub steering chassis. If this combination weren’t already spectacular enough, the Alyen also has a unique look.

Well-known chassis construction


The 205 hp Ducati two-cylinder is between two flanking frame elements made of magnesium in the omega cut. A single-sided swing arm is flange-mounted to guide the rear wheel. The front wheel is in a double swing arm. The steering, which is housed in the wheel hub, is controlled hydraulically. The complete combination of seat, tank and cockpit is self-supporting, made of carbon. Transverse spring struts are installed as spring elements at the front and rear, which are controlled via deflections. The carbon wheels from Rotobox are fitted with tires of dimensions 120 / 70-17 and 200 / 60-17.


Disguise in alien look

In terms of design, the similarity to the alien movie monster is unmistakable. Large wing elements stretch to the side above the radiator. The pointed LED lamp mask mimics a face. The Alyen sets up her hand protectors like additional shields. A front spoiler with large scales extends under the V2. The one-man seat roll made of leather ends in two wing elements. Behind it, the two exhaust tailpipes make their way into the open air in large funnels. The swing arm for the license plate and the taillights looks a bit banal.

Vyrus does not provide any information on prices, quantities and availability.

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