What’s new about the Husaberg enduro bikes for 2012?


What's new about the Husaberg enduro bikes for 2012?

Driving report: Husaberg FE models 2012

Husaberg enduro bikes for 2012

Blue-yellow – even if the Husaberg models have been built by the parent company KTM since 2003, the color scheme still signals the identity of these sports enduro bikes.

The phenomenon: a third of Husaberg fans want two-stroke engines – that’s why there is the TE 125.

Perhaps that unconventional concept could not have come about anywhere else than in the Husaberg development department in remote Swedish Orebro. A virtually upright engine with a cylinder inclined 70 degrees forwards – that caused a sensation in 2009 when the new Husaberg model generation was launched. And still does today.

But the configuration makes sense. The crankshaft moves closer to the vehicle’s center of gravity, and the frame beams pulled back provide more ground clearance. It is understandable that the Scandinavian engineers have since been able to lean back a little and leave it with marginal changes for the 2012 season. That is why the "Bergs" little changed. As easy as the exiled Swedes can be maneuvered through the worst of terrain, the light front wheel can be positioned precisely on stone steps and the gentle use of power also provides plenty of traction, which is reminiscent of the driving experience on a trial machine.

In 2012, too, the upright engine moved the crankshaft to the center of gravity of the vehicle, and the frame tubes pulled back to provide ground clearance.

The fact that the Husaberg engines focus on easy metering instead of high-speed gasing fits into the picture. Which, by the way, applies to both the 390 and the slightly more powerful, but ultimately just as well manageable 450 version. And the noticeably rougher FE 570?

That remains a matter of taste, probably in contrast to the newly created second pillar of Husaberg, the two-stroke model range taken over from KTM. With a share of one third of all Husaberg sold, the cheaper TE (Twostroke Enduro) line unexpectedly advanced to the climber of the year. Comforting for the iron four-stroke freaks: The prices for the FE models have also been reduced by around 200 euros.

What’s new about the 2012 models?


landing gear
Upper triple clamps with modified rigidity Tank made of transparent plastic Frame protection and hand protectors as standard Frame color yellow (previously: blue)

Two-stroke model TE 125 new in the range 

FE 390 8695 euros
FE 450 8845 euros
FE 570 9145 euros
TE 125 7095 euros
TE 250 7895 euros
TE 300 7,995 euros


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