WSBK – Back injury and package for 2020, Ana Carrasco keeps – still – smiling – KAWASAKI occasions

Back injured and package for 2020, Ana Carrasco keeps – always – smiling

WSBK - Back injury and package for 2020, Ana Carrasco keeps - still - smiling - KAWASAKI occasions

The only woman to have won in the World Motorcycle Sprint Championship (WSSP 300), Ana Carrasco fell during private practice and broke two vertebrae. It draws a line on the 2020 season but keeps all its mobility… as well as his big smile that we will find this September 17 in a new documentary.

It’s a sacred girl women ! Sacred in 2018 in the World Supersport 300 category () facing an entirely male field, Ana Carrasco made a very strong impression on us during our interview on the sidelines of the launch of the Z125 and Ninja 125.

  • Interview Ana Carrasco :
  • MNC test of Z125 and Ninja 125 :

Always smiling, very thoughtful and hardworking, enthusiastic and excessively talented, the "Pink Warrior" of the official Kawasaki team has managed to keep her place at the highest level, taking last year in "her" WSSP 300 championship an enviable bronze medal , with the incipient mustache of our compatriot Andy Verdoïa !

Strongly disturbed by the coronavirus, this year 2020 smiles much less on the Spanish n ° 11. At the head of the provisional after her victory in the first round in Portimao, still in the Top 3 after the third round in Aragon, she demoted to fifth position at the end of her disappointing following race (22nd).

WSBK - Back injury and package for 2020, Ana Carrasco keeps - still - smiling - KAWASAKI occasions

This weekend, Ana had to ride again at home and try to come back to the championship. Sadly, a nasty crash last Thursday during a private run on the Estoril circuit – which will host the WorldSBK final this year! – questioned everything … or almost.

Badly hit on the back, the pilot lost nothing of her motor skills: the abominable specter of a paraplegia is therefore moving away as quickly as it appeared. Phew! From a sporting point of view, however, this accident is costly since it prevents Ana from taking part in the last three events of the championship (Barcelona, ​​Magny-Cours and Estoril).

From a medical point of view, Ana is just beginning a laborious period of convalescence which should last three months (report from her doctor below). But that in no way frightens the pilot for whom "falls and injuries are part of the risks of the job".

To better perceive the strength of character of this super (n) ana elsewhere, MNC advises to watch, from this Thursday, September 17 on the Rakuten TV platform (in the free section, all you have to do is create an account), the documentary dedicated to him "".

WSBK - Back injury and package for 2020, Ana Carrasco keeps - still - smiling - KAWASAKI occasions

“Through intimate conversations with her family and team, we got to know her motivations, the obstacles she encountered and the dreams they pursue. Her career, from her point of origin in a small town from the region of Murcia to becoming the first woman to win the World Championship, is a source of inspiration for all ", say the two directors.

From the bottom of her hospital bed but all smiles, Ana warns that "from tomorrow I will attack my" pre-season 2021 ". I would like to thank all the people who have helped me over the last five days, of which there are many, and those who will do so in the months to come. Thank you also for the thousands of messages of encouragement that I have received and which help me a lot ".

WSBK - Back injury and package for 2020, Ana Carrasco keeps - still - smiling - KAWASAKI occasions

Site joins the countless pilots of international rank in wishing Ana Carrasco a speedy and above all a total recovery! "Animo Ana!"

Ana Carrasco’s Back Injury Report

Dr Ubierna, specialist in spine trauma surgery:
"Arriving at the Dexeus clinic on Friday September 11th, a CT scan was performed and we observed a fracture of the dorsal column which partially affects the T3 vertebra and at the level of T4 and T6 which affects the entire vertebral body causing a decrease in size by about 50% MRI was also performed to assess neurological involvement and we detected a small displacement of 2 mm at the level of the T4 which reaches the bone canal, but does not affect the marrow spinal ".

"After an evaluation with Ana and her entourage, of the benefits and risks inherent to the possible treatments, it was deemed appropriate to perform a surgical intervention to stabilize the fractures and allow early mobilization. The operation will be performed, while controlling the function. spine. If all goes as planned, within 48 hours she should start to sit and walk. The idea would be to allow her to start isometric exercises after three weeks. It is estimated that within a period of time. of three months, she will be able to gradually resume a professional activity. Once the healing of the fractures is completed, it will be planned to remove the titanium material which has been implanted in her. ".

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