WSBK – Change of leader in World Superbike! – Supersport race

Change of leader in World Superbike !

WSBK - Change of leader in World Superbike! - Supersport race

The 2009 World Superbike season keeps all its promises: rookies take control in the race as well as in the championship, while veterans bring new bikes to the forefront. And the Supersport is not left out ! Reports.

Supersport Race

Crutchlow is off to a good start but Sofuoglu is not far away. The Turkish is joined at the end of the straight line by Lascorz and Laverty placed inside. However, Kenan manages to keep his 2nd place by braking later than his two opponents !

Distanced by Cal in the first round, the 2007 world champion retorted in the second but could not confirm in the following rounds. Little by little, the Yam ‘n ° 35 is forging a comfortable lead over the Honda n ° 54 … and over the Honda n ° 50 of Laverty, which is its main rival in the championship. !

In 4th position, Joan Lascorz gradually loses contact with Laverty but remains at a good distance from his pursuers who form two particularly agitated trios: Roccoli, Harms and Fujiwara compete for 5th place, Pitt, Pirro and Foret for 8th…

In the middle of a fight with Roccoli, Fujiwara made a mistake in the 6th lap. A few moments later, we realize that Sofuoglu is no longer behind Crutchlow: dominated by the driver Yam ‘, the Honda driver Ten Kate ended up making a mistake and is now in 14th place.

Paradoxically, this fall does not help Crutchlow, firmly established in the lead: Laverty inherits 2nd place, and 4 additional points! But Lascorz, posted under the Honda Parkalgar pot, has not said his last word: with the retirement of Sofuoglu, 3rd place in the provisional classification is offered to the Kawa ‘driver and 2nd place at the Nurburgring would allow him to sit this position !

Meanwhile, Fabien Foret made his way through the peloton: in 10th place during the first three laps, our only representative in this category found himself in the 15th loop in 5th position. Roccoli, who occupies 4th place, drives much slower than the French…

In front, Cal Crutchlow parades at the controls of his R6: the lead of the pilot Yam ‘reaches 11 seconds in the 17th lap! Thus, a few minutes later, the Englishman can split a long wheelie in the final straight line in order to celebrate his 5th victory this season with dignity..

More than ten seconds from the winner, Laverty had to fight hard against Lascorz to pocket the 20 points for 2nd place and limit Crutchlow‘s flight to the provisional standings..

You have to wait another 20 seconds to see Roccoli take 4th place. Despite his efforts, Fabien Foret did not manage to get back on the Italian: the n ° 99 finished 5th, just ahead of Mark Aitchison, also the author of a good comeback on the handlebars of his Honda Althea.

In the championship therefore, Cal Crutchlow consolidates his lead: he has 210 points, against 188 for Eugene Laverty. Joan Lascorz (138 pts) takes 3rd place against Kenan Sofuoglu (128). Fabien Foret also wins a place in the provisional: he is now 5th with 99 points against 96 for West and 94 for Pitt.

Among manufacturers, Yamaha (235 pts) takes the lead ahead of Honda (231). No change for the rest: Kawasaki remains 3rd with 149 points, Triumph 4th (85) and Suzuki (30) remains stuck in 5th position, lack of GSX-R 600 on the grid…

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