WSBK – Crutchlow, Sofuoglu and Biaggi win at Magny-Cours –

Crutchlow, Sofuoglu and Biaggi win at Magny-Cours

WSBK - Crutchlow, Sofuoglu and Biaggi win at Magny-Cours -

The 2010 World Superbike final took place this afternoon on the Magny-Cours track. After Crutchlow, it was the champion Biaggi who won in the second round. In SSP, Sofuoglu wins his second world title. Compe-rendering…

The 2010 World Superbike final took place this afternoon on the Magny-Cours track. After Crutchlow, it was the champion Biaggi who won in the second round. In SSP, Sofuoglu won his second world title. Compe-rendering…

First Superbike race

Max Biaggi got off to an excellent start and appeared in front of pole sitter Crutchlow. The Englishman tries to hold on on the outside but has to move away in the next turn…

Braking Adelaide, Guintoli takes control of the race ahead of Max and Cal. The Italian returned to the front in the following sequence while Fabrizio interfered in 3rd place. Behind Crutchlow roll wheel in wheel Checa, Corser, Haslam and Smrz !

In the second lap, Biaggi manages to give himself a bit of a break and is ahead of our French n ° 50 by a good half a second. Fabrizio does not intend to let Max go and passes Sylvain shortly before the end of the tour.

In the 3rd lap, Ruben Xaus made a mistake. Biaggi remains alone in the lead but Cal returned to 2nd position and posted the fastest time in the race! English lets Fabrizio, Guintoli and Checa explain themselves to each other. At the heart of the peloton, James Toseland mixes his brushes and sends his Yamaha out of the frame !

Two loops later, the Yam ‘n ° 35 returned to the backsplash of the Aprilia n ° 3. The hunting group is still made up of the official Ducati n ° 84, the Suzuki n ° 50 and the private Ducati n ° 7. Further on, Haslam courageously leads a third group in which Corser, Haga and Smrz roll.

In the 7th lap, Sylvain shifts up a gear, gets rid of Michel Fabrizio and tries to join the two leading men, supported by the entire Magny-Cours public! At the same time, Crutchlow and Biaggi switch places several times and allow Syl ‘and his three pursuers to return….

Cal Crutchlow eventually seizes the controls of the race and raises his voice. The gaps between the six leading men are narrowing again. Only Guintoli is able to worry about his predecessor, a certain Max Biaggi, 2010 world champion…

The Frenchie is clearly faster than Biaggi but cannot find the loophole. Suddenly, Sylvain was surprised by Michel Fabrizio on the 12th lap and – temporarily – came down from the podium! Alone in the lead, Cal has more than two seconds at the halfway point.

It was Fabrizio’s turn to stall behind Biaggi … Guintoli tried to get back in front of the 1098 but had to cut a chicane and wisely regain his 4th place. Carlos Checa, better out of the chicane, manages to overtake Sylvain, immediately put under pressure by his own teammate Haslam.

The height of bad luck, Guintoli was forced to pass through the pits … An objectively hard penalty for our only representative. He will have to catch up in the second round !

Seven loops from the end, Checa overtakes Fabrizio and, in turn, tries to blow the Biaggi lock … Inspired by the Spaniard, Leon Haslam plunges his GSX-R 1000 under Fabrizio’s factory 1098 and climbs to 4th place! Not bad for a pilot with a knee injury. Jonathan Rea, injured two weeks ago at the collarbone, is in 13th place behind Scassa and Lanzi.

In the 17th lap, Carlos finally got rid of the Biaggi plug and tried to quickly pull himself out of reach. Meanwhile, Sylvain does not seem to have taken note of his penalty and continues his race in 5th place, behind his teammate Leon Haslam.

Three laps from the finish, the black flag came out, annotated with n ° 50 of our favorite pilot: poor Sylvain will not score any points this round…

In front of our national pilot, Biaggi, Checa and Haslam put on the show. They pass each other and do not let go because they know that only two of them will reach the podium, behind the unbeatable Cal Crutchlow !

The English driver therefore won a remarkable victory in France, ahead of Haslam and Checa. Biaggi, who missed the last streak, finished off the podium, but gave Aprilia his first WSBK constructor title.

Supersport Race

Kenan Sofuoglu got off to a good start and took the first corner in front of Eugene Laverty, Broc Parkes, Katsuaki Fujiwara, Gino Rea, Michele Roccoli, Florien Marino and Fabien Foret, our first two representatives on the track. Axel Maurin points to the !

The Turkish at No.54 sets an impressive pace from the start of the race and moves away from Irish Laverty and Australian Parkes. A second fighter group formed with the Japanese Fujiwara and the English Rea while the French Foret produced his effort and distance the peloton in 6th position.

In the 4th round, Katsuaki raises his hand for a moment and lets Eugene go. But the Japanese change their minds and resume their race before his teammate Parkes overtakes him! Anyway, the replacement of Lascorz has a lot to do: he is threatened by Gino Rea !

A little further on, Fabien Foret continued his recovery, notably thanks to heavy braking. In the same braking in Adelaide, the n ° 99 passed four pilots at once. Unfortunately, a handful of seconds later, our Ninja must give up on a technical glitch..

Unperturbed, Sofuoglu continued the laps in the lead, but the driver Ten Kate saw his lead over the Parkalgar driver quickly melt away after the first third of the race. This ascent is nevertheless not very dangerous for the Turk..

Even victory would not be enough for Eugene to steal Kenan his second world crown. The n ° 54 has enough lead over the n ° 50 in the provisional to let him win this last round. But Sofuoglu has his pride and above all has not forgotten Laverty’s blunder at Imola…

Thus, the Turk responds twice to the Irishman’s attacks, before giving him a little field past the halfway mark … Is he playing it safe or is he waiting for the last lap to surprise his opponent ?

Behind, the No. 4 Honda forces its rider – Gino Rea – to abandon this last 2010 race. Fujiwara, Roccoli and Harms are still fighting for 3rd place but Chaz Davies, Michele Pirro and David Salom are too far away to claim the podium. Axel Maurin and Florien Marino are still in the points, respectively in 11th and 12th position.

The distance duel between Laverty and Sofuoglu continues for four laps. Kenan then gives up the gas slightly, while Eugene continues to squeeze the right grip as best he can: with three bears remaining, the probable vice-champion is ahead of the future double champion by more than 2 seconds..

More than 18 seconds behind the leader, the fight for the last step of the podium intensified: Davies, who was thought unable to come back, discreetly climbed into 5th position ahead of Roccoli! On the penultimate lap, the Briton and his Daytona overtook Harms and Fujiwara in Adelaide’s braking and isolated himself very quickly.

The podium is now acquired: Laverty wins his 8th victory of the season, ahead of the 2010 Supersport world champion Kenan Sofuoglu and the surprising Chaz Davies! Axel Maurin and Florien Marino cross the finish line last, as they pocket 4 and 5 points respectively.

Second Superbike Race

Biaggi sets off fastest when the red lights go out in front of Crutchlow, Guintoli, Fabrizio, Haga, Corser, etc. As in the first round, Guintoli is at the head of the race under heavy braking in Adelaide under the Hurray of his public !

Our frenchie completed the first lap half a second ahead of the world champion. Noriyuki Haga is encrusted in 3rd position in front of his teammate Michel Fabrizio. The winner of the first round, Cal Crutchlow is just behind the two official Ducatis who keep rubbing against each other !

On Adelaide’s third braking, the official R1 n ° 35 won against the two official Ducatis n ° 41 and 84. Meanwhile, Sylvain and his Gex still resisted the pressure of Max and his world champion RSV4. The n ° 50 is particularly incisive at the start of the race and responds tit for tat to the attacks of the Numero Uno (n ° 3).

Before crossing the finish line for the fifth time, James Toseland spreads out on the track, losing the front in the chicane. The English can not start again: two falls in two rounds, the record is hard for the double champion…

Leon Haslam also bears the brunt of this mistake: to avoid "DjiTi", Leon has to momentarily step off the track and lose precious seconds. He regained the race in 13th position … The vice champion had better finished his good season. Pity.

Sylvain Guintoli is still ahead of Max Biaggi. But for our favorite driver, the biggest threat is undoubtedly Cal Crutchlow: a few laps were enough for the Briton to pick up the leading duo! Fabrizio and Haga remain behind, two and three seconds behind Syl ‘respectively.

It was in the 9th lap that Biaggi took the reins of the race, leaving it to Guintoli to manage Crutchlow’s assaults. The French rider resists perfectly, especially on Adelaide’s braking, but seems less comfortable in fast curves….

By dint of holding the dragee high on Cal, our Syl ‘climbs back up to Max. At the same time, the leading trio is delaying Michel Fabrizio’s courageous comeback. Noriyuki Haga, on the other hand, is not keeping pace. Behind, Lanzi, Checa, Smrz, Sykes, Scassa and Byrne are only separated by two seconds and provide a good part of the show !

But the most captivating fight remains the one between the "stopper" Biaggi, the "local" Guintoli, the "winner" Crutchlow and the "ghost" Fabrizio. Nine laps from the end, the four men meet in the same second and prepare us for an end of the race – end of the season! – spicy…

The next lap, Cal passes Sylvain. Upset, the Alstare driver is lost under Adelaide’s braking and has to cede the last step of the podium to Michel. As a result, Crutchlow and Biaggi benefit from a few steps ahead! We are therefore heading towards an ultimate duel for the victory between the RSV4 n ° 3 and the R1 n ° 35.

Five laps from the lowering of the checkered flag, Lorenzo Lanzi finds himself on the ground: there are only 14 drivers left on the track and four laps to go…

Max Biaggi is still in the lead in front of Cal Crutchlow: the Englishman multiplies his attempts as the laps go, but the RSV4 and the Roman Emperor have plenty to respond! Behind, Sylvain Guintoli recovers "his" podium by overtaking Michel Fabrizio two laps from the end. But the Italian devil takes back his due a few curves later.

The last lap is underway: Biaggi closes all the doors, Crutchlow desperately glued to his seat backrest! Still behind, Guintoli passes Fabrizio back to Adelaide! The first Italian finally wins his duel: Max Biaggi wins the very last race of the season.

And the second Italian wins his fight too, since Fabrizio stings – manly, but it’s WSBK after all! – in Guintoli the third step of the podium! The French public cannot be disappointed: Syl ‘defended himself – attacked – like a leader. Well done Guinto ‘ !

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