WSBK – Max Biaggi offers himself a 4th double for his 39 years! –

Max Biaggi gets a 4th double for his 39th birthday !

WSBK - Max Biaggi offers himself a 4th double for his 39 years! -

Biaggi has just won another double at his home in Misano. But while he owed his two victories to Miller to the abandonment of Checa, this time the Roman Emperor owes his triumph only to himself. Max therefore moves away to the championship… And the whole of Italy hopes for a coronation at the end of the season !

Biaggi has just won another double at his home in Misano. But while he owed his two victories to Miller to the abandonment of Checa, this time the Roman Emperor owes his triumph only to himself. Max is therefore moving away from the championship … And the whole of Italy is hoping for a coronation at the end of the season !

First Superbike race

Sunday June 27 – 1:00 p.m. – Max Biaggi takes control of the race when the lights go out but Troy Corser takes the lead from the second corner … Carlos Checa is 3rd ahead of Michel Fabrizio and our national Sylvain Guintoli, followed by the incredible Noriyuki Haga! Leon Haslam passed the 1st lap in 9th place, behind his compatriots Cal Crutchlow and Jonathan Rea.

Biaggi is pressed on Corser but cannot unleash any attacks. Housed in the aspiration of the RSV4 Factory n ° 3, Checa is once again the best representative of Ducati on his Althea. Fabrizio, on the official Ducati, is not far, however, only a few lengths from Guintoli and his GSX-R1000.

Two seconds from Corser and one second from Fabrizio, Haga and Crutchlow spared no expense in trying to get back. So much so that the Englishman lost the front end of his Yamaha and had to retire on the 5th lap !

Noriyuki Haga is now followed by Leon Haslam: the Englishman and his Suzuki must imperatively get back on Max Biaggi and his Aprilia to keep their chances in the championship…

During this time, the Roman Emperor goes back and forth in the wake of the Croco Corser. The Australian does not seem to want – to be able? – get rid of his pursuers: in addition to Biaggi, three drivers complete the leading group: Checa, Fabrizio and Guintoli.

On the 7th lap, however, Troy raised his voice and lengthened the gaps between his pursuers somewhat, surprised by this acceleration. Sylvain Guintoli in particular is dropped in the 9th round but the French apply and remains focused on the pots of Ducati n ° 84 from Fabrizio.

Behind, Leon Camier doubles Noriyuki Haga to gain 7th place. The young Englishman finds himself in Leon Haslam’s aspi and overtakes him on the 10th lap! Camier and the second official Aprilia are five seconds behind Guintoli and his Gex but do not turn fast enough to hope to join them before the end of the race.

Halfway through the race, Corser was half a second ahead of Biaggi and a second over Checa and Fabrizio. Guintoli for his part did well not to panic: he is always in contact, on the lookout for a drop in the speed of one of his opponents, or a fight between several of them….

Max Biaggi responded from the 13th lap to Corser’s increase in pace. The Italian is not alone: ​​after all, Carlos Checa seeks revenge on his two abandonments of Miller !

Biaggi slips his RSV4 under Corser’s S1000RR on the 16th lap. The two men engage in a short but superb battle, which turns to the advantage of the pirate Aprilia! Max does not take out his helmet from behind the screen and tries to separate from the BMW Corser … but does not succeed !

Carlos Checa observes more than he takes part, but remains more than ever in contact with the two leaders of the race. Michel Fabrizio, on the other hand, is only a distant memory, as is Sylvain Guintoli isolated in 5th position..

Six laps from the end, Corser loses a new place: the BMW remains on the podium, but behind the two Italians Aprilia and Ducati … Fortunately for the show, the German is able to keep pace at the end of the race..

Three laps before the checkered flag is lowered, the three leading riders roll together, but are not close enough to attempt anything. The spectacle is no less impressive: Max must prevent his Aprilia from rearing up with each acceleration, Checa tames a more agitated Ducati in curves and Corser performs superb glides under braking. !

At the start of the last lap, Biaggi is a third of a second ahead of Checa and two thirds over Corser! Behind, Fabrizio and Guintoli cling to their 4th and 5th places. Further still, Camier, Haslam and Haga occupy the 6th, 7th and 8th places, just as lonely.

Despite their best efforts, Checa and Corser can do nothing against the Roman Emperor who takes his 7th victory of the season. Will the Italian pocket a fourth brace at home in Misano this afternoon? Case to follow in quasi-direct, on Moto-Net. Com !

Supersport Race

2:30 p.m. – Joan Lascorz jumps from his 4th place on the grid on the lead of the race just in front of Eugene Laverty. But the fiery Gino Rea overtakes the two men from the first turns: the public roars with pleasure! Behind the three drivers who are competing for the controls of the race, Kenan Sofuoglu, Chaz Davies and Michele Pirro appear calmer but no less dangerous !

In the lead at the end of the first lap, Lascorz and his Ninja lead the way ahead of Rea. In the second round, however, Laverty decides to go on the attack and double back-to-back his two opponents to seize the lead. Sofuoglu stays glued to the trio as his teammate Pirro gets rid of Davies and gets back on the leading group.

Fabien Foret and his Kawasaki are in 8th position, Matthieu Lagrive and his Triumph in 12th … Except for a miracle, it is not this Sunday that the Marseillaise will sound in the Mondial Supersport !

In the 3rd lap, Laverty and Lascorz widened the gap on their pursuers. Aware of the danger, Sofuoglu passes in front of Rea and goes in search of his two rivals in the championship … The Turk attacks very hard, a little too much since he widens at times, but climbs slowly.

Behind him, his teammate Michele Pirro completely tangles the brushes: in the last corner of the 5th lap, he tries to brake on Gino Rea … The rear of his Honda chases violently, Pirro loses control and hits poor Rea.

The two young Italians finish their race in the gravel trap: the tifosis are speechless. Fortunately, the Italian public still has riders to support: Roccoli is 5th and Tamburini (wild card on Yamaha) occupies a very good 7th place. !

In front, Laverty still dominates: in the 7th lap, he has a 7-tenth lead over Lascorz, and 1.1 seconds over Sofuoglu. A third of the race is completed: everything remains possible between the three Aces of the 2010 SSP World Cup !

Near the middle of the race, moreover, Laverty and his Honda Parkalgar suddenly slowed down, without Lascorz and Sofuoglu being able to take advantage of it. Would the Pirelli start to suffer from the heat of the track ?!

More than 20 seconds from the leading trio, a great battle opposes our Matthieu Lagrive to David Salom and Miguel Praia. The Frenchie and his Daytona are fighting for 9th place, while the tricolor Ninja Fabien Foret occupies a solitary 8th place.

With nine laps to go, the pace is racing in the lead: in one loop, Eugene Laverty increases his lead over Joan Lascorz by 1.3 seconds! Sofuoglu completely lost his footing: he was still 3rd, but 4 seconds behind the Irishman and his Honda n ° 50! The gaps are maintained in the following round: are the places on the podium already distributed? ?

Behind, the fight is much closer for 4th place: Robbin Harms, Chaz Davies, Roberto Tamburini and Massimo Roccoli roll in the same second and multiply the overtaking seven laps from the end. Also in the lead, the suspense goes up a notch when Kenan Sofuoglu returns to the wheel of Joan Lascorz…

There are only five laps left and Sofuoglu tries to apply the brakes to Lascorz. The Turk momentarily passes in front of the Spaniard but cannot catch up with the rope: he even bites lightly in the grass outside … Everything has to be redone for the Honda n ° 54 !

Alone in the lead, the Irish "youjin" parade on his Honda Parkalgar, driving almost a second faster than his two pursuers: this race in Misano is his! Meanwhile, Sofuoglu recovers and rejoins Lascorz’s rear wheel – again.

Kenan is careful not to trigger a new attack on the big braking which cost him precious seconds and takes advantage of a small gap from Joan to climb to 2nd position … But Sofuoglu again misses the next braking and comes out completely of the track.

Would the Honda Ten Kate n ° 54 play tricks on its driver and prevent him from securing the podium in these conditions? A priori no because Harms is more than eight seconds Sofuoglu, and there are less than three laps.

The last two loops of Misano are only a formality for Eugene Laverty, who takes again thanks to this victory the head of the provisional classification of the pilots, for three small points (161 against 158 ​​for Sofuoglu).

Joan Lascorz climbs on the 2nd step of the podium and consolidates his 3rd place in the standings (148). Sofuoglu celebrates his 3rd place with a long wheelie on the final straight: unlike Laverty and Lascorz, the Turk has not left the podium all season !

Chaz Davies hoisted his Triumph to 4th place in the race, just ahead of the stage local, the surprising Roberto Tamburini and his Yamaha R6. Behind Harms and Roccoli is Fabien Foret, while Matthieu Lagrive finished 11th in the race and took the opportunity to climb to 9th place in the provisional classification.

Second Superbike race

4:30 p.m. – Max Biaggi took the best start and took the lead ahead of Troy Corser. This time, the Italian retains the lead in the first sequence … but must yield in the second against Troy and Carlos Checa! Leon Haslam stalls in the wake of Aprilia n ° 3, just in front of Michel Fabrizio.

From the 2nd lap, Leon Haslam stole his 3rd place from Biaggi, immediately threatened by Fabrizio. But Suzuki n ° 91 made a small mistake and had to let its two pursuers pass. Luckily for Haslam, Crutchlow is too far away to take him down one more place.

Cal has also just passed Sylvain Guintoli, visibly unable to keep up with the pace of the leading men at the start of the race: on the 3rd lap, our Syl ‘is 2.6 seconds behind Corser..

In the 4th lap, overtaking suddenly takes place at the forefront: Carlos Checa is the big loser of this series of attacks since he slips from 4th to 6th place! In front, Troy Corser still leads the race but has to bow in the 6th lap: Fabrizio takes the reins of the race thanks to a clean and flawless braking.

Max Biaggi quickly imitates his young compatriot: the two Italians slowly but surely move away from Corser and his new comrades Haslam, Crutchlow and Checa. Guintoli rolls into their rhythm in 7th position, less than 3 seconds.

While Biaggi has just taken the lead of the race, Haslam takes his 3rd position from Corser: Leon must not let Max slip away on the track … At the end of this morning’s race, the Italian was already 32 points ahead of English. What will happen if Biaggi signs another double? ?!

While Biaggi gradually moved away from Fabrizio and Haslam, Checa took 5th place from Crutchlow. Still in the 12th lap, James Toseland fell! The double world champion is definitely not in the game with the R1 this year.

Halfway through the race, Leon Haslam climbed onto the second step of the podium thanks to good braking at the end of the straight line. Fabrizio finds himself in 3rd and is immediately put under pressure by Cal Crutchlow! Gold Troy Corser and Carlos Checa follow closely…

In front, Biaggi leads a hellish train and has more than 4 seconds ahead of Haslam on the 15th lap. The Englishman and his GSX-R1000 can do nothing against the Italian and his RSV4 Factory. On the other hand, Leon dominates his pursuers: Michel and his official Ducati, Cal and his Yamaha, Troy and his BMW, Carlos and his private Ducati..

Seven laps before the end, Crutchlow seems faster than Fabrizio but the n ° 84 defends his 3rd place dearly … There is still a quarter of the race to go: the 1st place is promised to Max, the 2nd to Leon, but the 3rd is far from being attributed !

More than 10 seconds behind the Roman Emperor, three Ducatis completed the Top10: Shane Byrne, Luca Scassa and Noriyuki Haga. Author of the 9th place on the grid, the Japanese driver did not succeed in transcending himself in the race: hard for the one who played the championship last year !

The end of the race is superbly animated by Crutchlow and Fabrizio: the rookie on his Yamaha competes with Michel and his official Ducati for the 3rd step of the podium. The public naturally sides with the Italian couple … But will this insistent support be enough? ?

Leon Haslam has a little air at the start of the last lap, while Biaggi scrolls alone in the lead and offers himself a fourth double, the day after his 39th birthday! 3rd place finally goes to determined Michel Fabrizio, Cal Crutchlow consoling himself with a deserved 4th place.

Expected in 5th position, Troy Corser only crossed the finish line in 10th position … Carlos Checa thus inherits 5th place, and Sylvain Guintoli 6th! Then follow Byrne, Scassa, Haga and Corser. Jonathan Rea fails at a distant 12th place, while Chris Vermeulen pockets the small point of 15th place.

Max Biaggi therefore flies away in the provisional pilot classification: the Italian pilot has totaled 307 points, 37 more than Leon Haslam! Carlos Checa (172 pts) steals from Jonathan Rea (158) his 3rd position. Haga retains his 5th place but sees Corser and Fabrizio pick up on him. Guintoli is at the gates of the Top 10 with 116 points.

On the manufacturer side, Aprilia is increasing its lead: Noale’s firm now has 313 points (it has not left the Top4 since the 2nd round in Portimao), against 283 for Suzuki, 250 for Ducati, 177 for Yamaha, 169 for Honda, 152 for BMW and 47 for Kawasaki.

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