WSBK – Meet Jeremy Guarnoni, WSBK 2014 rider –

Meet Jeremy Guarnoni, WSBK 2014 rider

WSBK - Meet Jeremy Guarnoni, WSBK 2014 rider -

First in the European Superstock 600 Cup in 2010 on YZF-R6 and third in the FIM Superstock 1000 in 2012 and 2013 on ZX-10R, Jeremy Guarnoni joined this year, at only 21 years old and still on Kawasaki, the court of the World Superbike. Portrait.

To get to know our representatives at the highest level of motorcycle competition better, Site contacts new French riders registered in World Superbike every year and submits them to its MNC questionnaire..

After and in 2011, in 2012, last year, it was the turn of and Jeremy Guarnoni to be listed by the Journal moto du Net…

Like his friend Loris with whom he won the Bol d’Or 2013, Jeremy was blowing out his 21 candles this year. And as "Bazooka", "Jey" ("The return of the …", in reference to the Jedi of Star Wars) may be young, he already has a solid experience as a motorcycle rider….

Indeed, it has been seven years since the kid from Toulouse walks the paddocks of the World Superbike! Registered in 2008 in Superstock 600, the pilot – then Yamaha – won this cup in 2010 by taking no less than eight podiums – including five victories – in ten races !

Faithful to the Iwata brand, the n ° 11 rode on R1 in Superstock 1000 the following year, but it was on the handlebars of Kawasaki ZX-10R that he won third place in the FIM STK cup two years in a row. 1000, accumulating five wins, five other podiums and two pole positions.

Faithful to Adrien Morillas – above all! – and his MRS team, Jeremy entered the Superbike category in 2014 with the firm intention of winning the Evo ranking. It didn’t, he explains why…

News from the front

  • Site: First of all, what is your assessment of your debut in World Superbike? ?
    Jeremy Guarnoni: Mixed for now. I am quite happy with the results obtained especially with the bad luck that hit us at the start of the season, several mechanical problems and especially a shoulder injury from the first race which always makes me suffer in silence, let’s say. Despite everything I thought I could fight for the Evo title but we are critically short of the budget to hope to compete with the Top Evo teams. Evolutions come very late because of this.

  • Your goal for Jerez ?
    As I said, changes take a long time to arrive but they do happen! In Jerez, I’ll have the official Kawasaki swingarm, the same as David Salom’s. I am very happy with this opportunity that Kawasaki Europe gives me, and I would like to thank them very much for their confidence. With this evolution, I hope to be able to fight for the first place Evo and end the season on one or two 1st place (s) Evo !

Jeremy Guarnoni technical sheet

  • Last name :Guarnoni

  • First name: Jeremy

  • Date of Birth : February 28, 1993

  • Place of birth : Toulouse (31)

  • Current domicile: Toulouse

  • Family situation : in a relationship with

  • Cut : 174 cm

  • Weight: 74 kg

Personal informations

  • Right or left handed ?
    Left handed.

  • Studies, diplomas ?
    No diploma, I left school in 3rd (which I repeated, lol).

  • Odd jobs ?
    I worked for my father who runs a Pub in Toulouse and also did some sporting events in the kitchen !

  • Current occupation ?
    Motorcycle rider.

  • The quality that we recognize most often ?
    Humble, frank even if sometimes it costs me a little.

  • Your main fault ?
    Lack of trust, suddenly I give my trust too easily I would say.

  • Your hobbies ?
    Motorcycle of course! Motocross, supermoto, dirt track … I love cycling and I really like mixing (DJ) too.

  • Vehicles currently in your garage ?
    A superb Alfa Romeo Giulietta 140hp gray anthracite that my partner Alfa Romeo France lends me !

  • And in the garage of your dreams ?
    A garage would not be enough … An aventador, a pick-up, a Ferrari 458, a gigantic motorhome, and a yacht if it fits, lol !


  • Your youthful idol ?
    Valentino Rossi, obliged !

  • Your first experience on a motorized two-wheeler ?
    A PW-50 at the age of 5.

  • Your first motorcycle race ?
    At 9 years old, in Alès.

  • Your first victory ?
    At 10 years old in the Catalan Metrakit 70 cc championship.

  • Your best victory ?
    Magny-Cours last year in Superstock 1000, tied with Misano 2010 in Superstock 600 against Florian Marino.

  • Your greatest defeat ?
    Magny-Cours 2009 … I fell into the last chicane of the last lap against Florian Marino: hard to take, but it allowed me to be European champion the following year.

  • Your best memory on the track ?
    My first laps this winter, in the wheels of Marco Melandri … Incredible !

  • Your best memory in the paddocks ?
    I have a lot of them, but surely my first Superstock 1000 victory in 2012, it was really great !

  • Your best memory off the track ?
    My meeting with my current girlfriend.

  • Your favorite circuit ?
    Laguna Seca !

  • Your favorite motorcycle ?
    My Kawasaki ZX-10R.

  • The motorcycle that marked you the most ?
    The Yamaha R6 is truly an incredible 600 !

  • A favorite race number ?
    The 11th !


  • Your strong points in piloting ?
    I have a lot ! lol I am very clean and I accelerate hard.

  • Your weak points ?
    The changes of angles, there’s work…

  • Your daily training ?
    Motorcycle and bicycle.

  • Your entourage during race weekends ?
    My father and my girlfriend

WSBK 2014

  • Your personal goal ?
    Win Evo races !

  • Your opinion on Aprilia ?
    Impressive engine, compact machine, it seems easy to handle.

  • BMW ?
    I think it is a motorcycle that does not have a particular strong point but which at the same time has very few weak points, whether electronic, suspension or engine.

  • The Bimota ?
    Surprising! The motorcycle seems to behave very well.

  • The Ducati ?
    His agility is impressive. It is the best on this point, without a doubt. It still seems to lack a little power and regularity in the race..

  • EBRs ?
    At the start of the season the bike was really bad. But since Imola, they have come a long way. To be continued.

  • Honda ?
    Good bike in general I think, agility is one of its strengths. After that I think a new model would do the brand good because the CBR Superbike model is aging.

  • Suzuki ?
    The engine seems to be working very well. Then like Honda, I think the model is getting old.

  • Your Kawasaki ?
    This is the best lol! The engine is its main asset, it drives very well, suddenly we manage to pass the power to the ground. It’s the same model since 2011, but it keeps improving every year. Electronics have made particular progress over the past two seasons !

  • The Pirelli ?
    They work very well with low temperatures. I also really like the behavior of the front tire.

  • What will be your life in ten years ?
    I’m only 21 and I hope to still be a professional Superbike rider. If all goes well, why not race in the Grand Prix !

Interview by Matthieu BRETILLE

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