WSBK – MNC analysis of World Superbike in Thailand – WSBK 2016 with Thai sauce and wasabi

MNC analysis of World Superbike in Thailand

WSBK - The MNC analysis of the World Superbike in Thailand - The WSBK 2016 in Thai sauce and wasabi

Beyond the points distributed, each race weekend brings its share of remarkable feats and poor performances, good and bad surprises. In its analysis, Site reviews the highlights of the WSBK in Buriram.

The WSBK 2016 with Thai sauce and wasabi

Overwhelming heat but huge audience (more than 80,000 spectators), stifling humidity and grueling braking (a lot of straight-ahead, isn’t it "Guinters" ?!), thrilling races and a captivating championship: that sums up the second perfectly. World Superbike 2016 event !

Sunday’s race, in particular, blew away more than one: "this second World Superbike race was something !", reacted for example Eugene Laverty on Twitter."Superb battle between the three best drivers of the 2015 season", cheered the Irish MotoGP rider (WSBK 2013 runner-up).

Of the three men on the podium Sunday afternoon, the most impressive is probably Tom Sykes: beaten by nothing by his teammate Jonathan Rea in the first round and yet slower than him in the second, the English Ninja found the way to impose !

This victory, Mister Sykes owes it to his perfect management of the race: aware that he could not leave company with the ruthless "JR" and the formidable Chaz Davies, "Major Tom" circled the circuit like a satellite around of his planet, imperturbable…

Stationed in his wheel during the first twelve laps, "Johnny" tried to raise the tone in the thirteenth loop but got into trouble on his own, missing his braking in the # 3 hairpin – a vicious one that has trapped a large number of pilots.

Once again put under pressure by Rea at the very end of the race, Sykes showed admirable composure: while his teammate made several small errors in the trajectory – with great consequences! -, Tom completed his impeccable performance.

The n ° 66 thus celebrated his 66th podium in World Superbike with a victory. One of the most memorable of his career, no doubt, because torn from the gloves of the reigning world champion on a track where he had shown himself !

After losing three times in a row, Tom Sykes has finally managed to gain the upper hand over the "Number One" in the category. For the record, last season, Tom only managed to beat his new teammate seven times (in!).

The had not won his first duel against the future champion 2015 until the start of mid-season, at. Does success from the fourth race in 2016 mean that Sykes is stronger this year? Mystery and Pirelli Balls…

Deprived of victory in, Jonathan Rea will not be able to beat Neil Hodgson’s record: nine straight wins at the start of the 2003 WSBK season! The world n ° 1 consoles himself by equaling his excellent start of 2015: he cumulates 95 points out of the 100 maxi.

On the constructors side, however, Kawasaki is full of luck (100 points!). "It’s time to come home"KRT tweeted on Sunday night:"24 boxes, over 6,000 kilograms … including at least 15 additional trophies !"

Thanks to his impressive "double double" in Thailand, the reigning world champion considerably increased his lead in the provisional standings: the Greens already total 35 points more than the Reds … of Tokyo and Borgo Panigale !

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