WSBK – Statements and Analysis of Superbike at Silverstone – Analysis of World Superbike at Silverstone

Superbike Statements and Analysis at Silverstone

WSBK - Statements and Analysis of Superbike at Silverstone - Analysis of World Superbike at Silverstone

The ninth round of the 2013 World SBK took place yesterday at Silverstone, Great Britain. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the Superbike riders as well as the website analysis of the two British races.

Analysis of the World Superbike at Silverstone

After the (Loris Baz has also dedicated his victory to the family of), the World Superbike was able to renew this weekend at Silverstone with its good habits, well helped it is true, by a capricious weather.

Unexpected superpole, pack races, countless overtaking, unimaginable twists and turns, unbearable suspense and, in the end, two names that add to the list of victorious drivers this season: Rea and Baz, who join Guintoli, Laverty, Davies, Sykes and Melandri.

The second half of the 2013 Superbike championship therefore begins with a bang, and especially for the French clan: after a nice group shot at the foot of the podium of our three "Froggies" in the first round, Baz and Cluzel managed to beat the British in their garden !

For Loris and his Kawasaki n ° 76, it was "quite simply" a return to the Top, a year almost to the day after their. The conditions were just as tricky and our "Green Giant" once again showed remarkable dexterity..

The eye of the tiger cheetah

This year, however, we note that Baz was also in the dry! From the start of the second round, the official Kawasaki was in the lead of the race and responded in quick succession to the attacks of his prestigious and experienced opponents..

We would almost regret the intervention of the rain! Indeed, it would have been very interesting to check Loris’ ability to withstand the assaults and pressure of the top names in the category … The next test, scheduled for the end of August in Germany, will perhaps allow us be to gauge the stamina of the "cheetah Bazooka" ?

Until then, Loris will be enjoying a well-deserved summer break. Thanks to his two new and sublime performances at Silverstone, the young Frenchman – as a reminder, he is only 20 years old! – now totals 180 points and joins the unlucky Chaz Davies in fifth place in the provisional standings.

Loris Baz is also 41 points behind "old" Marco Melandri, and this is not without importance (s). Besides the battle for the standings of the Superbike Championship 2013, the three men – Baz, Davies and Melandri – are fighting for a handlebar in Superbike next year. !

Like Baz, Jules Cluzel revealed himself during the British event by providing a good part of the show this Sunday. Winner of the Supersport race in 2012 and that of Moto2 in 2010, our "Coq Supersportif" once again shone on the Silverstone track !

Particularly swift on this track, "Djoulz" also benefited from a motorcycle and a specially sharpened team: based in England, the Suzuki Fixi Crescent team had already distinguished themselves on this circuit with John’s "wild card" Hopkins in 2011.

Cluzel and Suzuki almost at the top

For the record, the Anglo-American driver – who was to finish second in the English championship that year – had by setting a new track record. A record that still holds since the canon time (under 2 ’04) of Tom Sykes was canceled on Saturday with the arrival of the rain !

Last year in the same rain, the Suzuki Fixi Crescent team and "Hopper" teammate Leon Camier were not far from pole either, demonstrating once again all the know-how and experience. of Paul Denning’s men. But these good past performances in no way detract from the merit of Jules Cluzel !

Via his extraordinary second place, our national No. 16 gave the Suzuki brand its best result since Leon Haslam’s victory in 2010 in South Africa. Hopefully this remarkable and noticed result will encourage the Yellows to keep the Frenchman for another year. !

This first World Superbike podium crowns a very solid start to the season on the part of the French rookie: in 17 starts in the category, Jules has reached the Top 10 on eleven times, which allows him to follow his teammate "Kamir" at the General classification.

The pressure is mounting for 2014

Third in the first race, Leon Camier had a second round that was a little too hectic to be able to reach "his" podium a second time. The Suzuki team is nonetheless satisfied with its weekend! His two pilots have stopped bickering in the provisional: both appear today in the World Top 10.

The performances of the two trainers of the GSX-R1000 will be carefully monitored during the next WSBK meetings, because they have yet to confirm their good health on other tracks and in more stable weather conditions….

Recently, their cousins ​​Fireblade had just proven that they were still able – despite their advanced age, like the Gex! – ride at the forefront and climb podiums. This weekend, Honda and Rea were even back on the top step.

Arriving in England, the driver from Northern Ireland was 101 points behind leader Guintoli. And it’s the worried look that Rea donned his helmet on the grid on Sunday noon, as the cloud-laden sky – and water – loomed..

After feeling a lot of emotions (therefore anxiety, then excitement, jitters, disappointment, hope), Johnny let his joy burst after 37 minutes and 16 seconds of a fierce fight, collecting 25 very precious points for the rest of the championship but also for his career, since the n ° 65 aims a handlebars in MotoGP.

Fourth in the round later in the afternoon, Jonathan left Silverstone behind Sylvain, reduced to 86 points. The title will undoubtedly not be for this year yet, but by continuing to chain the Top 5 – and henceforth avoiding the bubbles -, who knows where Rea will end up. ?!

On the other side of the Honda box, we no longer really ask the question: Leon Haslam again finished on the ground, and rather nastily: "unfortunately the rain came and I left in a big highside. My leg is quite sore and I have an operation this week to remove a few screws", declared the courageous n ° 91 last night.

Chaz Davies for his part was rather unlucky: cooled down by several slips in the first round, he was clearly fighting for the victory in the second, but the n ° 19 was forced to retire: "what a shit day", tweeted clearly the Welshman.

"The second race was nice, the time it lasted"… for him ! "Unfortunately, a home podium was a little too much to ask. Kaputt engine", concluded" Chazie ", caught in the provisional by Loris Baz.

His BMW Goldbet teammate did not fare much better: inspired, not to say transcended during the only Russian race, Marco Melandri was transparent in Great Britain. Very poorly qualified (15th!), The Herisson de Ravenne had a "free" weekend and lost a place in the general classification.

The morale of Carlos Checa and his two Ducati colleagues – Ayrton Badovini, his teammate at Alstare, and Max Neukirchner, member of the MR Racing team -, did not fly higher than those of the …

The second place on the grid obtained on Saturday afternoon was ultimately only a shy light in the dark Ducati horizon … Even the encouraging third place of the 1199 Panigale n ° 86 in Moscow already seems far away. At this rate, it will become difficult for the Bolognese manufacturer to attract good drivers for the next season. Nicky Hayden would have already declined the offer. Next ?!

Guintoli and Aprilia always ahead

Aprilia, on the contrary, retains a foolproof rating! Whatever the circuit, the weather, or even the driver, the official RSV4 Factory are always at the forefront and score very big points: as proof, the advance of the Noale firm in the constructors’ championship….

Aprilia has 336 points, 33 more than Kawasaki and 60 more than BMW. Fourth with 189 points, Honda – and Rea – lack consistency while Suzuki (165) hopes to have started a higher gear at Silverstone. Last, Ducati has only 128 points.

As for the drivers, the championship is still dominated by our third representative: Sylvain Guintoli! Cautious during both races, and always reduced by his shoulder, the n ° 50 Aprilia still signed four good performances yesterday…

Far from "securing" fourth and sixth places in the race, Mister Guinters drew on his resources to clinch the two lap records, occasionally erasing from the shelves the previous record held by a certain Cal Crutchlow , author of an impeccable double in 2010.

The 13 points ahead of which Sylvain Guintoli currently enjoys in the provisional are not due to the vagaries of the weather this weekend, nor to the misadventures of Sykes or Laverty in the first half of the season, nor to the empty passages. by Melandri.

Yesterday, the championship leader proved that he knew how to wring out the right grip at the right moment but also relieve it. Without the breakdown of his motorbike at Imola, Sylvain Guintoli would be the only one of the top names – Michel Fabrizio is one level below – to have scored points in each round.

Much more timid in the mixed conditions on Sunday, Tom Sykes – who could only make short work of his opponents in the dry, according to his test times! – preferred to return the throttle and secure a few points. But how to blame him ?

First of all, the English Ninja is sure to find the handlebars of his Kawa ‘in 2014. Then, fighting against his teammate and other supercharged outsiders involved obvious risks of falling, even injury. Finally, remember that Tom missed out on the 2012 title for half a point, but yesterday he scored 14 !

Among the – very – strong men of the championship, Eugene Laverty is the one who has escaped the English ambush the best. By pocketing 36 points, exactly as much as the winner Jonathan Rea, the Irishman climbs back to third place in the provisional.

Like all his little comrades, the n ° 58 was looking forward to taking a little vacation, especially after such a good weekend, "at home" in Great Britain. "Irish, British, thank you for accepting me among yours"Yudjine" chirped happily

The WSBK resumes in four short weeks on the Nurburgring circuit in Germany. Baz and Cluzel have already planned "to put it back", but the bosses of the 2012 edition (Laverty, Davies and Camier) are certainly not of this opinion, not to mention the 2013 leaders Guintoli and Sykes … See you on September 1st: stay tuned !

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