WSBK – Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Monza – Analysis of the World Superbike in Monza

Superbike statements and analysis at Monza

WSBK - Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Monza - Analysis of the World Superbike in Monza

The fourth round of the World SBK 2013 took place yesterday in Monza, Italy. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the Superbike riders as well as the Site analysis of the two Italian races.

Analysis of the World Superbike in Monza

After Tom Sykes two weeks ago in the Netherlands (read our), it was yesterday – in Italy – the turn of Marco Melandri to enter the competition: with 45 points pocketed in Monza, the n ° 33 truly sets out on the 2013 World Superbike title race !

Also reduced by an injury at the start of the season, the Italian driver came close to the double at the controls of his semi-official BMW. An ultra-fast car, timed at 336 km / h during the two rounds at Monza, a "score" that only the Aprilia of Laverty and Fabrizio have matched.

However, it is on the braking that the famous n ° 33 made the difference. Thanks to a perfectly stable S1000RR, the Hedgehog of Ravenna was able to crush his right lever extremely hard this Sunday, as he knew so well how to do. !

Because Melandri’s shy start to the season cannot be explained solely by his pain in his shoulder and his fall at Phillip Island with Carlos Checa … Marco himself admits to having been slowed down by a lack of confidence in his train before. This confidence having returned this weekend, he was able to beat all his opponents.

All? No, an irreducible Celtic pilot resisted the attacks of the Roman invader in the second round: Eugene Laverty! As Carlos Checa remarks in his own analysis of the WSBK at Monza (forfeit due to a shoulder problem, read his statement on the previous page), "Youdjine" has learned the lesson of the first round….

Melandri, Laverty and Sykes on the podium…

As he tumbled into the lead in the penultimate stretch of the first heat, the Aprilia rider was beaten under braking by Marco. Pulling aside slightly so as not to touch the BMW, the Irishman opened the door wide for Englishman Tom Sykes. The latter then chose the shortest path and hoisted his Kawasaki on the second step of the first podium, leaving the third to Laverty. !

At the end of the second round, therefore, the n ° 58 took care to scrupulously protect his rear, in order to obtain his third success of the year, his third also at Monza and the sixth of his career in World Superbike..

With his 2013 points counter now showing 124 units, Eugene Laverty separates from Davies and Sykes in the championship and is 13 points behind his teammate Sylvain Guintoli … or 16 points, depending on the place our n ° 50 will ultimately obtain. preferred in second round !

In the first round, "Guinters" had to be content to attend – from the front row – the superb final proposed by Melandri, Laverty and Sykes. This fourth place of the Frenchie is therefore a certainty, and his 13 points are acquired for good..

However, his place in the second round has not yet been confirmed, due to the "questionable maneuver"- according to the FIM – from Sykes … The Englishman’s attack in turn 5 was not dangerous or reprehensible, but his departure from the track the next moment calls into question the character "completed" of the overtaking and calls into question the third place of n ° 66.

"Aprilia appealed for a correction of the results, before Kawasaki challenged the decision of the Race Direction and obtained a second examination of the incident, carried out by the FIM Stewards", relates the Federation.

… Guintoli: no, yes! No maybe ?

"The results remain those given in the first place but are not final since the Aprilia Racing Team has five days to appeal to the International Disciplinary Court, which could then give a final verdict.". To be continued, stay tuned !

The most "debatable" in this story is undoubtedly not the maneuver of Sykes, but rather the possibility that the pilots have to miss in the "Variente Roggia" and "Ascari", and to reach the track despite this, without wasting time and space, or sanction…

However, this is not the case with the very first chicane installed at the end of the pit straight. In the event of a runway excursion on first braking, the pilots are forced to take a clearly delimited lane, to cross a chicane and to regain the track without biting the markings on the ground, under penalty of a penalty..

Site readers remember perfectly that Max Biaggi had suffered the consequences of not respecting this last rule in 2011 (a passage in the see of the stands, read our), and that Jules Cluzel endured them in turn yesterday, in first run.

This first sequence of the Monza layout is therefore feared by many drivers, especially at the start. Once again, Site readers remember the "carnage" of the first round of the 2009 edition which had bruised or even broken several pilots (read)…

New super-chaos in Monza

In general, there is always something extraordinary happening at Monza! Last year for example, the rain had caused. Yesterday, the much better weather allowed the Superbike riders to compete in two races devoid of any major problems. Supersport pilots, they tasted !

Certainly the climatic conditions were radiant. But the temperature under the helmets was a little too high. It must be recognized, however, that keeping your cool was not easy for the "Supersportifs" on Sunday..

Indeed, the Italian 600 cc event was interrupted three times: the first time because of the presence of oil on the track and the fall of the leading men, the second time following the catapulting of Alessia Polita. in an inflatable barrier – therefore deflated and to be replaced -, and the third time due to a general fall in the famous first turn !

This last interruption lasted nearly two and a half hours, with the organizers giving priority to the second Superbike round, the start of which was to be given at 3.30 p.m. sharp, with the aim in particular of respecting the schedules of the TV programs. It’s not easy in these conditions to stay focused and keep calm !

Fortunately, this did not pose any problem for Florian Marino: the replacement of David Salom (from Aragon) started from an excellent second place and always turned in front of the race without ever "quibbling" … He finished second in the race. Sunday sprint (10 laps), behind the inspired Sam Lowes. Work of – pilot – pro … The n ° 19 would deserve a handlebars for the rest of the season, no ?!

See you in two weeks in England, to follow the fifth round of the 2013 Superbike World Championship: stay tuned !

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