WSBK – Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Aragon – Analysis of the World Superbike in Aragon

Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Aragon

WSBK - Statements and analysis of the Superbike in Aragon - Analysis of the World Superbike in Aragon

The second round of World SBK 2013 took place yesterday in Aragon, Spain. To complete our live reports, here are the statements of the Superbike riders as well as the Site analysis of the two Spanish races.

Analysis of the World Superbike in Aragon

The big – double! – winner of this second race weekend is easy to identify: it is the new recruit of the BMW Italia team, Chaz Davies. Welsh driver confirms Aragon track fits his riding style perfectly.

Author of his first World Superbike podium on the Spanish track, on Saturday he acceded for the very first time to the first row of a Superbike starting grid.

King of Aragon

Moreover, without the trajectory deviation on his final lap in Superpole 3, the Welsh driver could even have stolen pole position from Tom Sykes! His rivals were therefore warned: Chaz Davies would not be satisfied with the supporting role in the two Sunday rounds.

Admittedly, his victory in the first round was greatly facilitated by the successive retirements of the two leaders, Laverty and Sykes. But nothing proves that without their technical glitches, the Irish rider and his Aprilia or the English rider and his Kawasaki would necessarily have succeeded in depriving their Welsh cousin of his very first victory in Superbike. !

The second race, masterfully led by the n ° 19, even tends to demonstrate the opposite: super solid and constant at the controls of his "HP4", Davies made short work of his opponents, pocketing 25 points additional, 50 in all Sunday: a heist in due form, Jackpot !

We can already imagine Chaz Davies and his new BMW Italia team pushing the FIM and Dorna to enter the Aragon event at the very end of the 2014 WSBK calendar rather than at the beginning … Chaz could then perform there. another great first: winning the world Superbike title riding an S1000RR ?!

The provisional ranking of the 2013 championship is currently dominated by our excellent Sylvain Guintoli! The season is still very long – there are still 26 races to go! -, but let’s not sulk our pleasure: Sylvain proved this weekend that he had the build of a champion.

Hello Papa Bravo

"I had never made it to the Top 10 in four appearances on this track", noted at noon on the TV Team the worthy replacement of Max Biaggi within the official Aprilia team. And during the test sessions on Friday and Saturday, the n ° 50 did nothing to reassure his fans, remaining blocked on the threshold of the Top 5 as his teammate Eugene fought alongside his comrades Tom, Chaz, Jonathan and Marco !

Fourth at the end of the Superpole (phew!), "Guinters" played two scores on Sunday without any false note, despite an RSV4 less well tuned than the mounts of its main rivals. His composure earned him the second best mark of the weekend: 40 points, which are added to his 45 Australian points and propel him alone to the top of the provisional classification.

The future daddy – for the fourth time, hats off … to his wife Caroline! – knows it very well: a championship is played on the slopes where you are least comfortable. By finishing twice second on his "black track", Sylvain Guintoli finally scores more than 40 points: he strikes the minds of his opponents who expected to see him stumble !

Let us also take advantage of this Site analysis to salute the victory of another Sylvain, Barrier this time, during the opening round of the Superstock 1000 championship! And let’s also underline as it should be the success of Fabien Foret in his own category..

The has indeed won the, well helped it must be recognized by the abandonment of the two other headliners of the championship: the triple champion Kenan Sofuoglu and the rising star Sam Lowes.

Subject to a bad flu – inevitably Spanish, which contaminated many motorcycles this Sunday! -, the Kawasaki n ° 54 and Yamaha n ° 11 were removed from the head of the race. Fabien’s n ° 99 Kawa, on the other hand, held up perfectly, until the end, and settled at the top of the Supersport ranking..

Finally, it should be noted that, like Marc Marquez in MotoGP, Michael van den Mark continues to impress in the paddock: thanks to his second consecutive podium, the boy, who won the Superstock 600 last year, climbs to second place in the provisional WSSP 2013. A man to follow !

Cocorico (s) !

In World Superbike, our two other compatriots also stunned a good number of observers! From the qualifications, Jules Cluzel and Loris Baz filled their teams, their families and their fans by joining Sylvain Guintoli on the second row of the grid.

The destinies of these two French speed hopefuls have remained linked during the two races since "Bazooka" and Cluzel placed 5th then 6th for one, and 6th then 7th for the other. The numbers 76 (Kawasaki) and 16 (Suzuki) were so inseparable that they both started from the pits in the second round !

While Jules was evacuated from the starting grid due to a recalcitrant gearbox, Loris preferred to turn off his engine, mistakenly considering that the starting procedure was postponed until much later … Baz would have wanted to show proof of greater solidarity with Cluzel than he could have !

Their rises from the bottom of the rankings to places coveted by big names in World Superbike such as Checa, Haslam, Fabrizio or Neukirchner are enough to demonstrate the merits of their presence at the highest level of motorcycle speed – derived from the series. !

The Suzuki team in particular can congratulate themselves on having selected Jules as their second driver. At the same time, Guintoli can now be forgiven for not having confirmed his commitment to the structure of Paul Denning, preferring to join the Aprilia Racing Team..

Forced to force the controls of the GSX-R1000 to try to keep pace with the best, Leon Camier ended up crossing the limits of his bike and his Pirelli. Assessment: a badly damaged knee that the Englishman will have to watch very closely in the coming days.

"I need to make sure the wound does not get infected", announced last night the n ° 2 of Suzuki, who still has the status of pilot" number one "with the Yellow."If the skin heals and the swelling subsides, then I have a chance to be in Assen"…

"The problem is where the bone failed to pass through the skin (bon appetit, Editor’s note!), because it could be infected. There is also a small part near a ligament that is damaged, so I had a lot of internal stitches to fix everything".

"I’m gonna take it as it comes and hope everything is alright", concludes" Kamir ", without forgetting to congratulate his new teammate:"he did a great job in both races, just wish I was there with him"… Would he have been in front or behind?" That’s the question! "

The curse of Aragon

Other English drivers were unlucky too, in the race this time around: Eugene Laverty and Tom Sykes had to abandon the lead in the first heat successively due to technical problems. Betrayed by his Aprilia, the poor "Yudjine" was trapped by his Pirelli in the second round !

"I knew I could do it again in the second run", explains n ° 58, but"instead, the double start procedure gave me problems as the tires cooled a bit. In fact I first lost the back, then the front, which resulted in my fall".

Arrived in Aragon with the same number of points as his teammate Guintoli, Laverty leaves with a double bubble and a good lesson: do not attack too early and too hard on lukewarm tires! Tom Sykes, for his part, made up for it in second by climbing to the third step of the podium, which Davide Giugliano was also aiming for, also cursed in the first round (dry out!).

Finally, while some were hit by bad luck, others lacked more power: Ducati riders, in particular, returned around fifteen km / h in top speed to the best 4-cylinders on the grid….

Last year, the cycle part of the – good – old 1198 had enabled Carlos Checa to compensate for his deficit in pure power. The reigning world champion then had an unexpected third place in the first round (thank you Badovini’s blunder, read) and a passable 7th place in second.

This year, his brand new official Panigale just allowed him to equal 7th place in the first heat – also marked by racing incidents, as we have seen – and to finish a lower place in the next. "Ouch", caramba !

Honda side, if the Fireblades have managed to take the aspi of their little comrades, their "home" electronics do not yet allow them to compete on a whole race, despite undeniable progress in testing.

Jonathan Rea has indeed squatted the Top 5 of the sessions of Friday and Saturday and was not excluded in the Superpole. Fourth in the first race on Sunday, Johnny in turn suffered the curse of Aragon during the second race…

His time in the pits earned him a disappointing 15th place, but Honda Pata’s technical coordinator, Pieter Breddels, remarks "that given his lap times, he could have been aiming for a new fourth or fifth place, maybe sixth, and we apologize to him".

The Honda manager will also have to apologize to his other rider, Leon Haslam, who suffered from brake problems during both races: "without that, I’m sure he would have fought for the same positions as Jonathan", he assures.

As a matter of fact, the will take place in the Netherlands, in Assen, not far from the Ten Kate team headquarters where Rea and Haslam’s CBR1000RRs are prepared. At home, the No.65 and 91 Honda will undoubtedly be more competitive: Jonathan has won four wins in the last six races. !

See you in two weeks to follow the third round of the 2013 Superbike World Championship and until then, stay tuned !

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