WSBK – The WSBK 2014 rules are gradually being clarified … –

The WSBK 2014 rules are gradually becoming clearer…

WSBK - The WSBK 2014 rules are gradually being clarified ... -

The FIM delivers a new episode of its series ” 2014 Superbike World Championship Regulations ” which sets the penalties for the use of a ninth engine, the maximum number of gearboxes and the specifics of the EVO category. Explanations…

As promised in the, the International Motorcycling Federation (FIM) has just published some additional information on the changes to the technical regulations in World Superbike, which will apply from next season (2014).

Recalling that the number of engines will henceforth be limited to eight per season, the update specifies that this number applies to the motorcycle, and not to the rider: a replacement will therefore draw from the reserves allocated to the motorcycle of the titular rider. Guest pilots will benefit from two engines per event.

The FIM is already warning that if an additional engine is used, the rider of the "offending" motorcycle will have to start from the back of the grid during the next two races..

FIM officials have also ruled on the subject of gearboxes: two choices will be offered to the teams. The first limits the motorcycle to only two boxes (A and B, with non-interchangeable ratios), one of which must be used with the primary ratio of production models..

The second solution allows the pilot to juggle three different gearboxes (C, D and E, also with non-interchangeable ratios), but all will have to borrow the primary ratio of the production machines: 1.72 on the Fireblades or 1.77 on the 1199 Panigale R, for example.

Still on the engine side, the air box must "remain as originally produced by the manufacturer on the homologated motorcycle", provides the .

On the cycle side, the lists of approved suspensions and brakes will be drawn up no later than the second week of January 2014. The choice of supplier will be free, regardless of the equipment fitted to the production models. Only the "compe-customers" will have to respect the marks of the forks and rear shock absorbers assembled of origin on the road bikes.

Finally, the FIM brings some clarifications to the EVO sub-category. We learn in particular that the number of engines per season and per motorcycle is reduced to six and that only one box will be admitted (original primary report, other free ratios).

Among the extremely rare modifications granted to the EVO at the engine level is that of the ECU box. The latter must, however, meet a restrictive criterion: not cost more than one and a half times the price of the original box, software included..

Finally, so that electronic equipment can be added to the bike (traction control on the GSX-R, for example!), They will have to be approved not only by the FIM but also by the Dorna (promoter of MotoGP but also of the WSBK , read), be available on the market and not exceed a total cost of 1000 € HT.

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