WSBK – WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain – Used KAWASAKI

WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

Postponed twice due to heavy precipitation, the second German round of the WSBK 2016 trapped many (top) drivers. The champion Jonathan Rea nevertheless managed his race perfectly and won in front of two outsiders.

If the Supersport riders were able to compete in their race on a perfectly dry track, their Superbike comrades saw their second German round complicated by the onset of rain, twenty minutes before the start! A new procedure is launched so that the race (declared "Wet") will last 20 laps and not 21.

The mechanics get busy on the machines on their return from their second reconnaissance lap. The motorcycles are fitted with rain tires, the helmets are fitted with clear screens, the suits have higher sliders … A final warm-up lap on a wet track at 19 ° C (12 ° C in the air, brrr) and let’s go !…

Nicky Hayden raises his hand, some pilots nod their heads: the start is delayed again! The decision of the race director is justified: the rain has increased in intensity, flooded the track and considerably reduced visibility. The motorcycles join the pits and the experienced riders of the safety commission are gathered.

Returning to the pit lane, Hayden and Davies question Lowes: "We know that well in England," Alex analyzes. "If a motorcycle falls under these conditions, the guys behind don’t necessarily see it, which can be dangerous … But the riders who think they can get a result will say that we can ride" … Finally, the decision is taken to start a race of 16 laps.

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

Departure : Tom Sykes got off to a great start from second on the grid and took the lead, followed by Jonathan Rea, Chaz Davies, Davide Giugliano, Lorenzo Savadori, Jordi Torres, Leon Camier, Michael van den Mark, Alex de Angelis, and Markus Reiterberger.

Sylvain Guintoli, who started from ninth place, is in 13th position just ahead of Nicky Hayden who still loses many places in the second portion of the circuit. Third of the first dry run, the American struggles to stay in the points !

Passed by Rea, Sykes crashed while braking on the 10th corner! Tom sets off again last … Giugliano thus inherits second place, almost two seconds ahead of Savadori and Davies who are bitterly fighting for third place. Guintoli is 11th 12 seconds behind the leader of the race … and the championship !

"The ruthless JR" and his Ninja are the fastest on the track, but "D34G" and his Panigale manage to stay in their wake. Savadori and his RSV4 completed the third lap four seconds behind his compatriot and his official Ducati. The second factory Panigale, that of Davies, is doubled by De Angelis and the second RSV4 driven by De Angelis !

"Chazie", wide winner of the first race in the dry, quickly lost contact on the two Aprilia and had to back down against Camier on his MV Agusta then West and his Kawasaki. Fores observes the English speakers but does not enter into their game: standing on its wheels seems complicated enough !

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

In the 3rd lap, Davide Giugliano was the victim of an unstoppable highside in the long curve n ° 9. The Roman gets up, holding his wrist and has to give up. Jonathan Rea is therefore alone in the lead with an eight second lead over Lorenzo Savadori and nine over Alex de Angelis..

The 2014 German Superbike champion, the Spanish (!) Xavi Fores, occupies fourth place but is threatened by Anthony We (s) t. Leon Camier and Chaz Davies continue their magnificent duel but now play the sixth place … which also covets Michael van den Mark !

Eighth at the start of the 6th lap, Sylvain Guintoli turns faster than his direct rivals. The "Frenchie" easily wins a place thanks to the fall of Savadori … and another with that of West! Behind Guinto this time, Torres fell in the 7th lap, victim of the same highside as Giugliano.

Meanwhile, Jonathan Rea picks up the pace and erases Savadori’s lap record from the shelves. The "Number One" has 10 big seconds ahead of Alex de Angelis and 13 good seconds over Xavi Fores, 17 over Leon Camier and nearly 20 over Chaz Davies.

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

The French clan only has eyes for its "Guinters" which dates back to its replacement in 2017 on the official R1 and anicen teammate at Honda Ten Kate: Michael van den Mark! As Rea slams a new record in the 8th lap, Guintoli places himself in VDM’s wheel and doubles it in the next loop.

At the same time, the falls continue: Jordi Torres is thrown off by his BMW, Lowes loses the front of his Yamaha – just like Sykes – distracting Hayden who goes straight, loses 12 seconds and regains the race in 12th position just behind Luca Scassa (substitute by Menghi).

With five laps to go, Sylvain Guintoli begins to feel the turbulence and heat of Chaz Davies’ Ducati in the straights … The 2014 WSBK champion only takes one lap to position himself in the small pots of the Panigale n ° 7.

Four seconds ahead of Davies, Camier posted the fastest time of the race: "Kamir" has four laps to fill the three small seconds that separate him from Fores. The Spaniard reacts in the next loop and beats the time of the MV Agusta F4 !

With his 14 second lead, Rea rolls out. De Angelis on the contrary cannot rest: Fores forces him to accelerate the tempo in the penultimate lap. Proof that the conditions are extremely difficult, Van den Mark loses the front when braking on turn 10. Despite the barrels and the poor condition of his CBR, the Dutchman lifts it up and sets off again !

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

Far ahead, Sylvain Guintoli attacked Chaz Davies at the very end of the 15th lap and climbed to fifth position, two short seconds behind Leon Camier. The Englishman is himself too far from Fores to hope to get on the podium of this grueling second German round.

Jonathan Rea makes a very careful last lap and gives up the gas before the finish to savor the 25 points of his victory. Alex de Angelis and Xavi Fores complete this unexpected and unprecedented podium: it is the first Top3 in WorldSBK for both the San Marino and the Spaniards. !

Sylvain Guintoli, the second best time in the race, obtains a solid and encouraging performance – soon Magny-Cours! – fifth place, supervised by the British Leon Camier and Chaz Davies. Josh Brookes finished a very distant seventh, far ahead of the tenacious VDM.

After seeing his lead reduced to only 26 points yesterday, Jonathan Rea takes off the provisional: the reigning world champion scored 393 points (out of 500 maximum), 47 more than his teammate Tom Sykes and 98 more than Chaz davies.

The fight for fourth place turned to the advantage of Michal van den Mark who totaled 203 points, against 195 for Nicky Hayden and 194 for Davide Giugliano. Sylvain Guintoli who missed half of the races because of his fall in the Superpole at Imola, has 76 points and is in 13th place, 26 points behind his teammate Alex Lowes (11th).

The next distribution of points will take place in two weeks on the occasion of the French event. See you tomorrow on MNC however, to know the statements of the main players in the two German rounds: stay tuned !

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

WSBK - WSBK Germany (2): Rea responds in the rain - Used KAWASAKI

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