WSBK – WSBK in Miller: A third double for Max Biaggi! –

WSBK in Miller: a third double for Max Biaggi !

WSBK - WSBK in Miller: A third double for Max Biaggi! -

This Monday, May 31 – a public holiday in the USA – Leon Haslam celebrated his 27th birthday … But it was to Max Biaggi that Carlos Checa offered Miller his double! For the Spanish pilot, ultra domineering on the track, the American dream has therefore turned into a nightmare. A look back at the two Superbike races and the Supersport one, experienced live …

This Monday, May 31 – a public holiday in the USA – Leon Haslam celebrated his 27th birthday … But it was to Max Biaggi that Carlos Checa offered Miller his double! For the Spanish pilot, ultra domineering on the track, the American dream has therefore turned into a nightmare.

Back on the two Superbike races and the Supersport one, lived live on Site last night…

First Superbike race

Monday May 31 – 9:15 p.m. – Once again, Max Biaggi got off to the best start and took the first corner in front of his teammate Leon Camier. Very quickly, however, attention turned to Jakub Smrz, whose Ducati let out an impressive – and continuous! – plume of smoke. We fear for the pilots behind him but no fall is to be deplored, phew…

Extremely concentrated, the Czech rider took a long time to realize that his 1098R was not in good shape: he left the track and abandoned his motorcycle on the edge of the track at the end of the first loop. Will Smrz be able to take revenge in the second round ?

The race continues: Checa cannot stay in Biaggi’s asp on the first pass in the straight line but the Spaniard is defending himself very well against Camier! Right behind the trio is Corser and his BMW. A little further, Jonathan Rea leads the hunting party and gradually returns to the S1000RR n ° 11.

Checa passed Biaggi on the second lap in a series of curves with disconcerting ease: his Ducati Althea worked wonderfully. On his official Ducati right in the middle of the peloton, Michel Fabrizio overdid it a bit and fell at the end of the 2nd loop. The Italian will not be able to continue his uninterrupted series of American podiums…

The teammate of n ° 84, Noriyuki Haga, is still on track but gets his 6th place stolen by Cal Crutchlow! In front, Checa is still in the lead and is not caught in the straight line by Biaggi and his – yet – very swift RSV4 Factory.

Jonathan Rea made a mistake in the 3rd lap: he lost the front under the nose of Crutchlow who had to widen into the dirt. Haga and Haslam thus gain two places at once: they are now 5th and 6th, less than a second behind Corser. !

In the 5th lap, while Haga puts pressure on Corser, it is Haslam who goes on the attack and overtakes his two opponents on the same braking! The Japanese in turn overtook the Australian and took over from the English: Leon Camier and his 3rd place are only a few lengths away…

In front, Carlos Checa and Max Biaggi finish dropping their opponents: they already have more than two seconds ahead of the Aprilia n ° 2 of Camier. Our little Frenchman, Sylvain Guintoli, is in 11th position and tries to catch up on Max Neukirchner. The two men roll a big second slower than the leading duo.

From the 7th to the 11th lap, we delight in observing the rise of Haslam and Haga on Camier. Checa and Biaggi still do not relax their efforts: the two ex-MotoGP stars have more than 7 seconds ahead of the infernal trio…

Troy Corser rode alone in 6th position 12 seconds behind the leaders while 3 seconds behind the Australian fight James Toseland and the young Luca Scassa. Further in the middle of the peloton, Shane Byrne stands out by turning in the same rhythm as his teammate Carlos Checa.

Shortly before halfway through the race, Checa finally manages to outrun Biaggi: to show that top speed is not everything! With his private Ducati, Carlos climbs to a maximum of 293 km / h while Max shoots at more than 307, without really taking advantage of the suction.

Lodged in Camier’s wheel for ten laps, Len Haslam sets off – and succeeds! – an attack on Camier at five all from the end. The Englishman climbed on the podium and offered himself a very important handful of additional points in order to keep the lead of the championship against a Biaggi posted in 2nd position, 8 seconds ahead of him..

During this time, Haga stumbles on Camier and is slow to seize 4th place. The Englishman polishes his defensive trajectories and takes advantage of his excellent top speed to stay ahead of an incredibly calm Nitro Nori.

However, the patience of the Japanese is rewarded as Leon Camier and his Aprilia end up making a slight gap in a bend and let Nori and his Ducati n ° 41 pass. Unfortunately for Haga, Haslam is too far away to hope for a podium. Unless…

Two laps from the end, we see the Ducati n ° 7 idling on the edge of the track: Carlos Checa must abandon his project for a "2008 remake" because of an electrical problem! Max Biaggi thus inherits the lead, Haslam 2nd place and Haga 3rd. In his last lap, Biaggi can boast by simulating wheelies at each exit of the turn: he wins a 5th victory this season !

Leon Haslam can be satisfied despite everything since he keeps the lead of the championship (242 points against 232 for Biaggi) and is the only rider of a Japanese motorcycle in the Top7! Sylvain Guintoli finished in an encouraging 8th place, 15 seconds behind Biaggi.

The performance of Shane Byrne can console – in part – the Ducati Althea team which had won the race with Carlos Checa: the flamboyant Englishman finished sixth, just a tenth behind Troy Corser! There is no doubt that we will see the 1098R n ° 67 and 7 again well placed in the second round !

Supersport Race

Monday May 31 – 10:45 p.m.Kenan Sofuoglu makes the holeshot in front of Eugene Laverty and Joan Lascorz but Eugene dives inside Kenan from the first corner! Chaz Davies slips into 2nd position but his style while slipping does not please Kenan who returns it well before the end of the first lap !

Taking advantage of the fight – and Davies’ "enthusiasm" – Laverty completed the first lap a good second before his little comrades who are in order: Sofuoglu, Davies, Lascorz, Pirro, Harms, Rea, Fujiwara, etc. Our two Frenchies Foret and Lagrive are fighting against Di Salvo and Salom for 10th place.

In front, Sofuoglu applies and catches up with Laverty in the 2nd loop! Behind, Joan Lascorz then Michel Pirro overtake Chaz Davies. But the real explanation comes at the forefront: Kenan and Eugene compete for the lead in the 3rd lap as if it were the last! They may not finish the race at this pace…

The superb struggle of the two Honda’s (No.54 Ten Kate and No.50 Parkalgar) benefits the No.36 Kawasaki driven by Lascorz. The Spaniard is keen to join in the fight for victory … and that for the title since Lascorz is only 4 points behind Laverty in the championship and 5 behind Sofuoglu !

The first third of the race completed, Kenan Sofuoglu has a big second ahead of Laverty, more than 2 seconds over Lascorz and 5 seconds over Davies, Pirro and Fujiwara. This first group is followed like its shadow by a second made up of Harms, Rea and Salom.

Two seconds away from this fighter squad, Fabien Foret must whip his Ninja so as not to be definitively unhooked. Matthieu Lagrive is 12th at 3 seconds behind his – our! – compatriot. While they were riding in last position, Melissa Paris and the only Yamaha R6 on the grid made a mistake and had to retire.

At the head of the race, Kenan Sofuoglu continues to print an impressive pace: with seven laps to go, the Turkish driver is two seconds ahead of Eugene Laverty. Unable to follow Kenan’s tempo, the Irishman was put under pressure by Joan Lascorz: the Spanish grabbed him lap after lap a few tenths and could well cause him to stumble from the 2nd step of the podium….

About ten seconds behind the leaders, Chaz Davies seems more at ease – or less messy … – on his Daytona 675 and rolls in 4th position ahead of Pirro, Fujiwara, Salom, Harms and Rea. Foret unfortunately had to let go. The n ° 99 is threatened by DiSalvo … and Matthieu Lagrive who nibbles ground on Fabien and Jason !

In front, three laps from the end, Sofuoglu temporarily calms the game and concedes a few tenths to Laverty. Lascorz on the contrary whips his Ninja and climbs to 8 tenths of the Irishman at the start of the penultimate lap then 4 tenths at the last passage in front of the pits !

Kenan Sofuoglu then extended his stride to the finish line while Lascorz’s final charge could not succeed … The order of the provisional classification – and of the starting grid! – is finally respected: Sofuoglu wins in front of Laverty and Lascorz.

The gaps in the championship are therefore widening slightly: the Turkish now totals 142 points against 136 for the Irish and 128 for the Spanish. Behind his three strong men, Chaz Davies, Michel Pirro and David Salom take advantage of this American event to consolidate their places in the championship.

On the manufacturer side, Honda is pursuing its rider alone: ​​the world’s leading manufacturer has accumulated 170 points (out of 175 at most!), Kawasaki is 2nd with 128 points and Triumph 3rd with 94.

Fabien Foret and Matthieu Lagrive must be content with 10th and 12th place at Miller Motorsports … Fujiwara therefore leaves Matt from the provisional Top10, and Harms and Rea take their distance. The French will have to react to Misano on June 27 !

Second Superbike race

Tuesday June 1 – 1:00 a.m. – Biaggi escapes in the lead when the wheel lights go out but Carlos Checa is stuck to his basques! The Spaniard also passes the Italian in the first corner in front of Biaggi so but also Leon Camier, Troy Corser, Jonathan Rea, Ruben Xaus, Cal Crutchlow, James Toseland, etc..

In the first loop, Corser is particularly pressing and several times pretends to dislocate Biaggi. Not far from there, the second S1000RR fights against the second Aprilia! The BMWs did well in their 3rd and 4th rows !

Leon Haslam, on the other hand, got off to a good start and had to fight hard against Toseland, who was in 9th place. Our Sylvain Guintoli is 13th just behind Shane Byrne: as long as the Englishman performs as impressive a comeback as in the first round … and takes with him the Suzuki n ° 50 of our only representative !

In front, Carlos Checa proves once again that he is Miller’s King by relegating Massimiliano Biaggi to more than a second in just three laps. Troy Corser bravely clings to his 3rd place but Camier and Crutchlow remain lurking in the shadows…

Haslam passed Haga in two stages in the 5th lap and took 8th position from the Japanese. For Leon, each place gained is a handful of points "taken" from Max Biaggi installed – for the moment – on the 2nd step of the podium !

However, from the next lap, Leon took advantage of the long straight line to overtake Ruben Xaus. The Englishman climbs to 6th position, one and a half seconds behind Crutchlow and two behind Camier.

Again, Carlos Checa is forced to quit because of his Ducati. The Spaniard is annoyed … Just like Leon Haslam, who falls a handful of seconds later! Max Biaggi is decidedly painted: he simultaneously recovers the head of the race and the reins of the championship !

Halfway through the race is approaching and Leon Camier accentuates the joy within the Aprilia clan: the British champion falls on Troy Corser and his 2nd place! The Australian may react and increase his pace, Leon approaches him lap after lap and leads in his wake his compatriot Cal Crutchlow.

Aprilia rider comes to the end from the old of the experienced BMW driver in the 13th lap. In the next loop, it’s the Yamaha rider’s turn to get rid of Corser: Crutchlow could taste the podium champagne for the third time this season. Not bad for a rookie !

Crutchlow’s teammate is less spirited: the double world champion James Toseland loses the front under braking with a tight right and his R1 will crumple in the gravel … Guintoli thus inherits 6th place but will have to defend it dearly in the six rounds to come against Jonathan Rea and Shane Byrne !

Interlaced between Corser and Guintoli, Haga had a very discreet race in 5th position. The Japanese rider is back in the forefront this weekend but remains a tone below the 2010 tenors Biaggi, Haslam (despite his fall) and Checa (despite his bad luck).

Four laps from the end, Nitro Nori nevertheless took advantage of Corser’s slowing down and stole his 4th place. Five seconds behind them, Sylvain Guintoli must be wary of Shane Byrne: the Englishman has lost precious tenths by fighting bickering with Rea but is now back on our favorite No.50 !

Alone in the lead, Max Biaggi parades at the controls of his RSV4 Factory! The Italian couple are set to pocket their third double of the season and take control of a championship that has never been won by an Italian…

The double is also assured for Aprilia since Leon Camier propels himself on the 2nd round of the podium in front of Cal Crutchlow! Haga finished 4th just ahead of Troy Corser and Sylvain Guintoli. A nice 6th place for the driver Suz ‘who was able to resist the pressure from Byrne to the end..

In the end, Max Biaggi did not give Leon Haslam a gift to Miller – the Englishman is however celebrating his 27th birthday today -: the n ° 3 leaves the United States at the head of the championship with 257 points, against 242 for n ° 91. Would 2010 be the year of the Roman Emperor and his official Aprilia? To be confirmed in a short month in Misano !

Carlos Checa for his part was spoiled … by bad luck! He left the "States" without having scored a single point despite his pole, his two lap records in the race and 24 laps covered in the lead this Monday evening. The disappointment is also great for Leon Haslam and Jonathan Rea who were in the game but came out once each.

Finally, we can note that in the constructors’ championship, Aprilia is now leading with 263 points. Suzuki is 11 points behind Noale’s firm, while that of Bologna is 49 points behind its compatriot. Honda remains 4th with 162 points, Yamaha 5th with 158, BMW 6th with 130 and Kawasaki last with 45 points.

Next meeting: starting tomorrow on Site to find out the statements of the main players in its three American races and the points of view of the MNC editorial staff. The Mondial Superbike will then set sail for the Adriatic coast, in Misano. Stay connected !

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