WSBK – WSBK: Melandri and Biaggi go back to Checa! –

WSBK: Melandri and Biaggi return to Checa !

WSBK - WSBK: Melandri and Biaggi go back to Checa! -

Melandri then Biaggi won this afternoon in Spain. Checa, who fell in the first round, completed the second podium in Aragon but gave up precious points in the championship. In Supersport, Davies takes third victory… First Superbike race The order of the first row of the starting grid is…

Melandri then Biaggi won this afternoon in Spain. Checa, who fell in the first round, completed the second podium in Aragon but gave up precious points in the championship. In Supersport, Davies takes third victory…

First Superbike Couse

The order of the first row of the starting grid is respected when the lights go out: pole man Marco Melandri retains the lead ahead of Max Biaggi, Leon Camier and Carlos Checa! Noriyuki Haga, however, jumped from his 9th place on the grid to 5th place in the first series, closely followed by Badovini, Sykes, Laverty, Lascorz and Corser.

Biaggi, who is still chasing his first victory as champion of the discipline, takes the lead in the first round. Vigilant, Checa climbs back on Melandri then 2nd. But in the second lap, the Ducati n ° 7 begins a highside: the Spaniard manages the upheaval but loses several tenths and returns behind Camier…

Carlos got back on the podium in the 4th lap but Camier defended his place dearly. The n ° 2 Aprilia thus allows his colleague n ° 1 to move away from Checa: Max has three seconds ahead of his enemy n ° 7 in the championship and a small second on Marco Melandri !

The peloton is still led by the third Aprilia on the grid, the private RSV4 of the PATA racing team driven by Haga. Two Kawasaki, one Yamaha, one BMW and one Suzuki are on the trail of the Italian-Japanese duo: Sykes, Lascorz, Laverty, Badovini and Fabrizio complete the Top 10 less than a second from n ° 41! Guintoli is in 13th position, Berger in 16th.

In front, Melandri remakes the connection: the Yamaha is heckled in the aspiration of the Aprilia but the n ° 33 holds up. Two seconds behind, Checa revs up: rid of Camier, the championship leader takes half a second from his two opponents on the track !

In the 8th lap, Carlos Checa sets a new lap record and is a big second behind Biaggi and Melandri. But, undoubtedly a little too much in a hurry, Checa lost the lead in the next loop. For the first time this season, Carlos will not cross the finish line and risk giving up very big points to his only two rivals in the championship.

Max and Marco now have a lead of more than four seconds over the new third in the race: the young and tall Leon Camier. Two seconds later, Haga maintains his slight advantage over the two official Kawa ‘of Sykes and Lascorz.

Just behind the two Ninjas, Fabrizio puts a little too much pressure on Laverty … and on his own Suzuki, so that the GSX-R 1000 ends up on the ground! Badovini replaces his S1000RR n ° 86 behind the R1 n ° 58 and has nothing to fear from his pursuers: the (official!) BMWs of Corser and Haslam are posted eight seconds behind the BMW Italia driver.

Starting from 10th place on the grid, Sylvain Guintoli clings to the backsplash of Mark Aitchison’s No. 8 Kawasaki. The Frenchman steals his 11th place from the Australian in the 10th loop. Maxime Berger, our second compatriot occupies the 15th and last place.

In front, the Italian parade continues: Marco does not leave Max by a rim and perhaps awaits a new error on the part of the Roman Emperor. But the blunders of Donington or Monza and the small deviations of the trajectories of Misano seem far away: Mad Max is finally back !

The revolt rumbles within the peloton: Tom Sykes disputes Noriyuki Haga for his 4th place while Joan Lascorz gives way to his 6th place to Eugene Laverty. Ayrton Badovini remains lurking in the shadow of the pissed off four and could take advantage of the fight between them.

The tempo at the forefront, on the other hand, gradually falls: Biaggi and Melandri give Camier a few tenths five laps from the finish but Leon must not dream: the n ° 2 is three seconds behind the two leading men….

Melandri seizes his chance on the 17th lap: Biaggi misses the entrance of one of the many pif-paf of the Spanish circuit and leaves the reins of the race to his best enemy … The latter then forges a small lead , meter by meter…

With three laps to go, Max is four tenths behind Marco and is only a second and a half behind his teammate Camier. Checa out of the race, will the Roman Emperor be satisfied with the 20 points for 2nd place? ?

Ten seconds behind the leaders now, Laverty is in charge of the peloton’s operations ahead of Haga, Sykes and Lascorz. Badovini is dropped at three seconds but remains very far from the two official S1000RRs who are competing for 9th place … just in front of our national Guintoli !

In front, Melandri kills the suspense of this end of the race by nibbling several tenths per lap on his pursuers: at the start of the last lap, the Hedgehog of Ravenna has one second ahead of Biaggi and more than two over Camier.

Marco thus won his second victory of the season, against eight for Checa and none for Biaggi! Max crossed the finish line 1.5 seconds later in second position, ahead of his teammate Leon by a small second.

Laverty took a breath of 4th place against Sykes, Haga finished 6th ahead of Lascorz, Badovini Haslam and Corser. Sylvain Guintoli misses the Top 10 by four hundredths, while Maxime Berger takes 13th place alone.

Supersport Race

Broc Parkes and his Kawasaki take the lead ahead of the two Yamaha of Chaz Davies and Luca Scassa, and the Honda of Sam Lowes. They are followed by Roccoli, Rea, Salom, Foret, Ellison and Harms. Marino is 14th after shooting straight in the first round…

The leaders keep a distance from each other and gradually gain speed, which does not facilitate the task of Salom (5th) and Foret (9th) in particular, two drivers who want to play the podium this afternoon. Victim of a straight ahead in his turn, Lowes and his CBR Parkalgar join the track without losing any space in the operation.

The quartet installed at the forefront is more than a second ahead of the second group composed of only two men: the two Ninja Salom and Roccoli. Fabien Foret is further still: our favorite n ° 99 is almost six seconds behind Parkes…

It was not until the fifth lap to see Foret take the lead of his CBR group: Fabien climbed to 7th place but was four seconds behind Roccoli. Massimo then tries to follow Davide Salom, himself glued to the rear wheel of Luca Scassa.

Sam Lowes sets the fastest time in the race in the sixth loop: posted on the third step of the podium, the young Englishman never leaves his compatriot Chaz Davies! Just a few lengths away is the leader Broc Parkes.

Behind, the fight for fourth place intensifies between Scassa, Salom and Roccoli. Foret is unfortunately far too far to hope to join them: the Honda Ten Kate is six seconds behind the three fellows. Marino is in 10th position, with laps seconds behind the group of Foret, Rea and Tamburini.

Halfway through the race, while the leading trio chained the loops without getting excited, Salom and Roccoli upped the pace and parted ways with Luca Scassa. Deprived of the Misano event – for having driven on the track without the endorsement of the FIM – would the former leader of the championship have trouble getting back into the mix? ?

The Australian Broc Parkes, on the other hand, is perfectly sharp: he carefully manages his slight lead over Chaz Davies. The latter has half a second on Sam Lowes … All attention is logically focused on the formidable mano a mano that deliver two ZX-6R: that of Racing Team (Salom) and that of the Lorenzini team ( Roccoli) !

Luca Scassa and his official R6 are racing solo in 6th position, far ahead of Rea, Foret (both on CBR) and Tamburini (on Yamaha). Fabien Marino is alone in 11th place but must be wary of the Portuguese Praia now faster than him on the track…

Four laps from the lowering of the checkered flag, Davies is more and more pressing on Parkes. At the same time, Chaz’s teammate, Luca Scassa, made a mistake and gave up his 6th place to Tamburini passed in front of Rea and Foret !

In the following loop, Broc Parkes in turn loses the front of his motorcycle in a left on an incline! Davies therefore inherits the lead of the race and tries to get away from Lowes, but little Sam does not give up … Three seconds later, Davide Salom climbs on the third step of the podium.

Roccoli is alone in 4th position, 15 seconds ahead of Tamburini and Rea! Foret is preparing to score good points in the championship but unfortunately will not be able to increase his nest egg: it is not for lack of trying, Fabien missing to fly into the penultimate curve !

Chaz Davies finally won just ahead of Sam Lowes and pocketed 25 very important points in the championship. The Yamaha rider n ° 7 thus takes control of the championship with 105 ahead of Parkes (85). Salom took advantage of Scassa’s fall (still 70 points) to climb to 3rd position with 70 points.

Our Frenchies from the Honda Ten Kate team occupy the 5th and 9th places in the provisional: Fabien Foret has 65 points and Florian Marino 37. Between them are Lowes, Harms and Roccoli. On the constructors’ side, Yamaha takes advantage of its 5th victory in six races to increase its lead: the Blues total 135 points, against 108 for Honda, 101 for Kawasaki and 16 for Triumph.

Second Superbike race

Max Biaggi performs the hole shot in front of Marco Melandri, Leon Camier and Tom Sykes. The n ° 66 overtook Aprilia from the first series while Carlos Checa struggled behind Joan Lascorz. Sylvain Guintoli is 11th, Maxime Berger 17th. Before the end of the first lap unfortunately, our Berger and Troy Corser find themselves on the ground…

Biaggi completes the first lap in the lead of the race but realizes while turning around furtively in the following lap that Melandri has already climbed to 2nd position! Checa, on the contrary, fell in the ranking: he was doubled by Michel Fabrizio.

At the back of the long first group, Eugene Laverty and Noriyuki Haga are fighting for 10th place, preceded by the excellent Ayrton Badovini who is placed at the aspiration of his BMW leader Leon Haslam.

Very quickly however, the peloton broke up: Biaggi and Melandri isolated themselves in the lead, leaving Sykes alone in 3rd position. Ninja n ° 66 has separated from Lascorz but risks seeing Checa return, placed in Joan‘s wheel! Leon Camier has taken a back seat: overtaken by Fabrizio, he occupies 7th place four seconds behind his teammate Max Biaggi.

Running at the same time as Marco and Max – under two minutes therefore – Carlos Checa and Michel Fabrizio fight respectively against the Ninja of Sykes and Lascorz. Ducati n ° 7 and Suzuki n ° 84 relentlessly dominate the two Kawa ‘. Now 3rd and 4th, will Checa and Fabrizio be able to get the Aprilia and the lead Yamaha? ?

As in the first round, Jakub Smrz fell and could not restart … His teammate Sylvain Guintoli remained on his wheels in 12th position, six seconds behind Badovini and Haslam. The BMW drivers are preceded by a horde of furious: Camier, Haga, Laverty bitterly compete for 7th place.

Two seconds ahead of them, Lascorz circulates solo, two seconds behind Checa, Fabrizio and Sykes. The latter loses the front of his ZX-10R in the middle of a curve and cannot avoid the fall: his little comrades still have 13 laps to go, a third of the course is completed…

Patient and diligent, Melandri stays within half a second of Biaggi. Marco would be wrong to start hostilities so soon: Checa is only three and a half seconds away and runs in similar times to the Yamaha No.33. In addition, behind the 1098R n ° 7 hovers another danger: the GSX-R 1000 n ° 84 !

The second third of the race is surprisingly calm – for a WSBK run at least -: the Ravenna Hedgehog remains in the wake of the pirate Max, El Torro separates from Hurricane Mich … Lascorz continues to turn alone in 5th position while Haga, Laverty and Camier calm things down.

It is five laps from the end that Marco wakes up the spectators: in full focus on the angle, his inner boot slips and almost makes him fall! Confused, he straightens his R1 as best he can, leaves the track but ends up joining it … The damage is done however: Marco has just lost five seconds on Max !

Fortunately for the n ° 33, Checa is too far to dispute the 2nd place, so that the Spanish public has eyes only for Lascorz: the Iberian n ° 17 is a small second behind the 4th place of Fabrizio ! Four seconds later, Laverty definitely wins over Haga.

Biaggi takes care to avoid any mistakes in the last two laps: he wins his first victory of the season … This is particularly symbolic since this 13th race represents the entry of the 2011 WSBK championship into its second half of the season  !

Melandri finished second in this second round in Aragon and finally scored the same number of points as Max Biaggi (45 points) this weekend. Third, Carlos Checa scores 16 points and limits the damage to the championship: the Spaniard totals 265 points at the end of this 7th round, against 218 for Biaggi and 195 for Melandri.

The British Laverty, Camier and Haslam follow in the provisional, ahead of a third Italian Michel Fabrizio. Our compatriots Guintoli and Berger are respectively 12th and 18th.

Among the manufacturers, Ducati remains in the lead with 273 points but Aprilia and Yamaha are getting closer: they are respectively 16 and 38 lengths. BMW accumulates 153 points while Suzuki, Honda and Kawasaki find themselves in a pocket square: 112, 111 and 111 points !

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