WSBK – WSBK Misano: Checa and Biaggi loyal to the posts! –

WSBK Misano: Checa and Biaggi loyal to the posts !

WSBK - WSBK Misano: Checa and Biaggi loyal to the posts! -

The two rounds of the WSBK event in San Marino have just been won by Checa. The Spaniard is twice ahead of Biaggi. In WSSP, Foret made a comeback of which he has the secret … but it was not enough !

The two rounds of the WSBK event in San Marino have just been won by Checa. The Spaniard is twice ahead of Biaggi. In WSSP, Foret made a comeback of which he has the secret … but it was not enough !

First Superbike race

Tom Sykes remained in the lead when the red lights went out but was overwhelmed by Leon Haslam and then Carlos Checa in the first corners. Max Biaggi also infiltrates in front of the Kawasaki n ° 66 which temporarily regains the advantage on the Ducati n ° 7.

On the first pass Haslam leads in front of Biaggi, Sykes, Checa, Melandri, Smrz, Guintoli, Corser, Laverty, Lascorz, Haga, Badovini, Camier, Fabrizio and Polita.

Haslam is in the lead ahead of Biaggi but thanks to a small gap from the "Pocket Rocket", the Roman Emperor takes the lead in the second lap. In this same lap, Michel Fabrizio was thrown off his feet by his GSX-R100 and had to give up.

Checa occupies third place and distances the chasing pack led by Sykes. Behind him the two Yamaha of Melandri and Laverty are forcing. # 33 is the first to take the plunge, overtaking # 66 in the third loop.

One lap later, the n ° 58 also goes on the attack and takes the Ninja Tom out of the Top 5. Mas the Englishman defends himself with his usual ardor and manages to recover his 5th place during four more laps..

Meanwhile, Biaggi and Checa isolate themselves in the lead. Haslam can not contain the assaults of Melandri who climbs on the podium in the 6th lap. Just behind the n ° 91 BMW, Sykes is still holding up against Laverty. The rest of the troop is dropped: Lascorz is more than three seconds ahead of Camier, Guintoli, Badovini and Berger.

There are already only 18 drivers left in the race: Haga and then Corser were forced to return to the pits. Lanzi, Vermeulen and Rolfo fight for the point of 15th place.

Possessing a lead of more than four seconds over their pursuers on the 8th lap, Max and Carlos seem to delay – while remaining the fastest on the track … – and prepare for a duel in the final laps. The Spaniard does not let go of the Italian with a tire: will he find the means and the resources to poke the Italian at the head of the race as in Assen? ?

In the middle of a fight for third place, Leon Haslam suffered an unstoppable highside and had to give up his 4th place to Laverty. Melandri is a second and a half ahead of his teammate, and two and a half seconds over Sykes and his ZX-10R.

Camier, Guintoli and Badovini have passed Lascorz and are riding in tight formation and fighting for big points: those in 6th place. In addition, they offer the public a beautiful animation, and the Italian spectators give it back to them. !

Carlos Checa seized the lead on lap 12, just halfway through. The maneuver is manly but Carlos apologizes with a wave of the hand in the middle of the turn, proof that El Torro is not picking it up at all. The Ducati and Aprilia collided, the n ° 1 had to widen but it is not knocked out. The RSV4 hooks up instantly to the pots of the 1098 !

Ten laps to go, with attention focused on the superb duel between Badovini and Guintoli, Biaggi slipped off course in the second super-fast break of the circuit. The 2010 World Champion loses several lengths on the leader of the race – and of the 2011 championship -: there are nine laps left for Max to return to contact.

Behind, at almost eight seconds, Melandri carefully sets up the loops and walks wisely to a fifth podium. Laverty is three seconds behind and Sykes five seconds: barring an incident, this part of the standings should not budge.

Leon Camier occupies 6th place but must be wary of his two direct opponents: Sylvain Guintoli and Ayrton Badovini, who keep bickering under Lascorz’s eyes. The No. 17 of the Greens is right to keep a distance: the two in front could get tangled up … and offer him 7th place.

The fight is also lively behind Maxime Berger (10th): Polita, Aitchison, Xaus and Baiocco are wheel to wheel and never stop surprising themselves when braking or in long rows. !

In front, Checa seems to have gained the upper hand: on the 19th lap he enjoys a lead of more than two seconds over Biaggi. Melandri and Laverty turn a second slower than the leaders … and a half second above Sykes! Could the "Grinner" finally do better than 5th ?

Behind, the fight between Sylvain and Ayrton for 7th place intensifies. Dropped by Camier but faster than Lascorz, the driver of the Ducati n ° 50 and the driver of the BMW n ° 86 put on a show during this first SBK round of San Marino !

While Checa consolidates his lead over Biaggi and Melandri impatiently awaits the lowering of the checkered flag, Sykes launches a final assault on Laverty … The Kawa pilot is only half a second behind the No.58 Yam ‘ at the start of the last lap !

Assured of victory, Carlos reduced his pace and crossed the finish line a small second ahead of Max. Marco climbs to the third step of the podium while Eugene gives in under pressure from Tom: in the very last corner, the Northern Irishman completely misses his exit and is easily overwhelmed by the Englishman !

Behind Leon Camier, Sylvain Guintoli took a well-deserved 7th place because it was very disputed against Ayrton Badovini. Our second national driver obtains a nice 10th place, not far from Joan Lascorz.

Accompanied to the pits by Ruben Xaus on the Honda Ten Kate he drove two years ago, Carlos Checa is enjoying his 7th victory of the season. At the end of this first round, El Torro has 67 points ahead of the Roman Emperor and 70 over the Hedgehog of Ravenna..

As always, a second round is scheduled for later in the afternoon. Will Biaggi hold his revenge or will Checa increase his lead? Stay connected !

Supersport Race

Lowes started correctly but was passed on the first braking by Davies, Parkes, Dionisi and Salom. Florian Marino is posted just behind in 6th position ahead of Ellison, Roccoli, Rea and Harms. Fabien Foret, who left too timidly once again, is in 11th place.

Davies and Parkes started very strong but the local of the stage (wild card) Dionisi gave up half the ground than the rest of the peloton commanded by Salom and Lowes. A little too late on the brakes and then too wide in the turn, Chaz grazed the highside while trying to recover under acceleration and had to let Broc pass in the lead. Ilario takes the opportunity to get into the aspiration of the official R6 .

Behind, Salom and Lowes are concentrating on their comeback and grabbing a few lengths from Ellison and Marino. Roccoli is 8th, greatly threatened by Foret. In too much of a hurry, Davies momentarily regains the lead but makes a straight ahead in the first chicane, returning cleanly to the track. The show is all the more beautiful and the suspense greater !

Installed in the lead, Parkes does not manage to get rid of this imp of Dionisi. At just one second, Davies spits in the gloves and pulls in its wake the Kawa ‘n ° 44 of Salom. The Honda Lowes, Ellison and Marino are just a stone’s throw away, soon joined by that of Fabien Foret !

Unable to get back on top of the leading duo, Chaz Davies did not see the CBR rocket n ° 99 melting on him! As Salom and Ellison bicker, the Frenchman makes short work of the two riders and sets off in pursuit of the No.7 Yamaha.

The hunt is short-lived: in a loop, the n ° 99 ends up behind Davies’ wheel. However, a slightly optimistic attack makes Fabien lose three places at once: everything has to be redone! The Frenchman must be mad with rage, the spectators mad with joy at the idea of ​​seeing Fabien again busy on the track…

In front, the race is much calmer. Chaining the lap records, Parkes gets a small second ahead of Dionisi and four on the horde of savages fighting for the bottom step of the podium. A fight from which Florian Marino, 8th three seconds behind Ellison, is unfortunately excluded.

The halfway mark crossed, Foret re-engages the turbo and overtakes all his opponents: Lowes, Salom and Davies can do nothing against a Fabien literally unbridled! Driver Ten Kate occasionally sets the race lap record.

There are still 10 laps to go and our national Fabien is three seconds behind the 2nd Ilario and four on the 1st Broc. In view of the lap times, Foret can hope to climb the second step … Behind, the fight is still thrilling between Davies, Salom, Lowes and Ellison.

The race is more difficult for our young Marino: he is overtaken by the trio Harms, Rea and Tamburini and is in 11th place seven laps from the finish…

Already the leading men are catching up with the last. More experienced in this kind of exercise and still in good shape at the end of the race, Fabien Foret is gradually climbing back to Ilario Dionisi. It was in the 18th lap that the French took 2nd place from the Italian.

Three laps from the end, Foret is two seconds behind Parkes. But on the contrary, he only has a few tenths ahead of Lowes and Salom, who are discreetly back in Dionisi’s pots! In the following two laps however, these three men fight like never before and allow Fabien to isolate himself in 2nd position..

In the final loop, Lowes takes the advantage over Salom and Dionisi. Broc Parkes rolls up to the finish line, followed by Fabien Foret, who once again had a bad start and then a spectacular comeback, and Sam Lowes.

David Salom finished at the foot of the podium in front of the impressive Ilario Dionisi and his Honda n ° 157. A number that will have to be remembered in the future: with such a performance, we should not be long in seeing this Italian champion racing in World Supersport. Florian Marino finished 11th, 29 seconds behind the winner.

Banned from racing for having driven on the track without prior authorization, Luca Scassa loses big points against his competitors but the situation could have been worse. Australian Broc Parkes takes the lead in the championship with his first victory this season, but Englishman Chaz Davies – Scassa’s teammate who shared the 1st place in the provisional before the Misano race – only collects 10 points today ‘hui.

With three successive podiums after two white marks, Fabien Foret climbs to 4th position ahead of David Salom and Robbin Harms. Florian Marino loses an ace place to Sam Lowes but stays ahead of James Ellison.

Second Superbike Couse

Tom Sykes takes the lead ahead of Leon Haslam, Carlos Checa, Max Biaggi, Marco Melandri, Eugene Laverty, Jakub Smrz, Sylvain Guintoli, Leon Camier and Noriyuki Haga. Maxime Berger started less well than in the first round since he occupies 14th place.

From the first loop, Haslam takes the lead and widens the gap on Checa and Biaggi less quick to overtake the Kawasaki ° 66. The BMW rider has a big half second lead at the end of the first lap … but there are 23 left to go !

One turn is enough for Carlos and Max to join Leon. Tom Sykes cannot keep up with the tempo and must instead temper Melandri’s ardor … Checa takes the lead before the series of long stretches but cannot get rid of Biaggi. The S1000RR n ° 91 is quickly left behind by the 1098R n ° 7 and the RSV4 n ° 1.

A little further, we can guess that the R1 n ° 33 has gained the upper hand over the ZX-10R n ° 66. The second official Yamaha, Laverty’s No. 58 is too far away to emulate its sister. The second Ducati on the track is none other than that of Sylvain Guintoli, closely followed by the Aprilia d’Haga, the Ducati de Smrz and the Suzuki de Fabrizio.

Far ahead, nearly four seconds behind Haslam already, Checa and Biaggi measure each other … The two leading men turn a good seconds faster than their competitors and set the best lap after another in the race.

Our favorite n ° 50 is also in great shape: Sylvain easily overtakes Eugene Laverty and installs Sykes ‘Kawa’ in his sights, a big second ahead of him. The Englishman is posted just behind Melandri and Haslam who are fighting for third place..

Marco climbs on the podium at the end of the 8th lap. As in the first round, the Hedgehog of Ravenna gave too much lead to his two great rivals in the championship to hope to steal points: Checa and Biaggi are now six seconds behind!

The n ° 33 nonetheless reduced his chances to nil the following lap by losing the front in the entrance of the first chicane. His R1 continued its mad race on the track and almost mowed down Fabrizio, then climbed back to 7th position. Driver Suz ‘has to leave the track but returns to the race without damage.

The wheel then turns for Marco: the red flag is waved a few seconds after its fall. Neither one nor two, the rider withdraws his Yamaha from the hands of the marshals and tries to restart his motorcycle, in vain. He ends up joining the pits on a scooter … and will not be able to compete in the second half of the race !

Second start. The order on the grid corresponds to the order of passage on the line during the last complete turn. Checa therefore starts from the "pole" ahead of Biaggi, Haslam, Sykes, Guintoli, Fabrizio, Laverty, Smrz, Badovini, Haga, Camier, Xaus, Lascorz, Berger, Baiocco, Vermeulen, Lanzi and Rolfo.

Biaggi does the hole shot in front of Haslam, Checa and Guintoli! The French are ahead of Laverty, Badovini, Haga, Smrz, Sykes and Fabrizio. Very quickly, the n ° 1 widens a slight gap on Checa. Haslam is dominated by his opponents again: Laverty overtakes him in the second round, Badovini and Haga immediately put him under pressure.

Just a second from there, in a third group, Fabrizio and Guintoli delight the public with great reinforcements of attack on the brakes and crossings of lines. Sylvain must nevertheless abdicate in the 3rd lap and finds himself threatened by the Kawasaki of Sykes and the Ducati of Smrz.

In front, Checa and Biaggi resumed their number as a duo. Laverty, who seemed eager to put on a three-party show, went off the track and gave up his 3rd place to a Leon Haslam still under pressure: Nitro Nori and Ayrton Badovini did not give him a moment’s respite !

At the halfway point (8 laps out of the 14 in this second part of the race), Biaggi and Checa have four seconds ahead of Haslam. Smrz loses the front of his bike and has to retire: Fabrizio inherits 6th place.

Unintentionally, Max Biaggi launches hostilities with Carlos Checa: the Aprilia rider completely misses out on heavy braking and not only loses the lead in the race, but also more than a second over his opponent Ducati !

The Italian finds himself halfway between Carlos and a bunch of real madmen: Noriyuki Haga, Leon Haslam, Ayrton Badovini and Michel Fabrizio! Further in the peloton, Sykes must leave his little comrades Xaus and Lascorz after a low side without gravity.

Maxime Berger must also give up the race, in a less brutal way however since he rejoins his box on his two wheels. The Ducati n ° 121 has done its own again, too bad !

With four laps to go, the first two steps of the podium are almost acquired for Checa and Biaggi while Haga takes advantage of the superb fight between Haslam and Badovini to put an option on the third. Fabrizio is only a few lengths away, Guintoli just a small second…

Carlos Checa definitely drives home the point by pushing Biaggi to more than two seconds on the penultimate lap. Haga, on the other hand, is much less peaceful in the last loop: Badovini suddenly got rid of his counterpart Haslam and allowed himself to put pressure on Nori Himself … Not bad for a rookie !

Carlos Checa therefore achieved another double on the Misano track – after those of Phillip Island and Miller – in front of a completely disarmed Max Biaggi. Noriyuki Haga leads the brilliant Ayrton Badovini by less than a tenth on the finish line and for the first time reaches the podium at the controls of his RSV4.

Official BMW driver Leon Haslam finished two seconds behind team member BMW Italia. Michel Fabrizio is 6th ahead of our compatriot Sylvain Guintoli. Ruben Xaus, Joan Lascorz and the returning Chris Vermeulen complete the Top 10 of this second round.

In the championship therefore, Carlos Checa consolidates his grip on the 2011 World Superbike championship thanks to his 50 additional points. The Spaniard now has 245 points, against 173 for Biaggi and 150 for Melandri. Sylvain Guintoli with his two new 7th places gets closer to his teammate Jakub Smrz 9th with an unchanged score of 83 points.

As for the manufacturers, Ducati performs the same operation as Checa: + 50 points in all and + 10 compared to its great rival Aprilia. The two Italian brands total 252 and 212 points, against 190 for Yamaha, 138 for BMW, 111 for Honda, 99 for Suzuki and 89 for Kawasaki.

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