Wunderlich BMW R 1150 GS Adventure


Wunderlich BMW R 1150 GS Adventure

Wunderlich BMW R 1150 GS Adventure

BMW by Wunderlich

It is undoubtedly an impressive sight when an already long-legged BMW R 1150 GS Adventure made by W.and turns the corner. The Dakar bolides once plowed through the sand of the Sahara in this striking red – Gaston Rahier sends his regards! Whether tuner
and BMW specialist Erich Wunderlich with the fully equipped boxer really has the desert drivers in mind, is rather questionable. Too difficult, most probably say. After all, from the intake pipe (made of carbon fiber) to the angle valve (in blue) there are no fewer than 58 accessories
mostly from our own production. That hits the mark: the scales attest a whopping 271 kilograms – 18 more than the production version. For all parts together you would also have to reach around 7000 euros over the counter. A lot of money that could take weeks, even months, to roam around the world. The only thing that helps is to regard this machine as a kind of “technology carrier” that has something to offer everyone from the travel group.
For example for the real frequent driver. The Ergo bench with the non-slip cover immediately appears a tad more comfortable than the original and is also available in three seat heights from »regular« to »low« to »superlow«. This goes well with the handlebar riser, with which the handlebars not only lift 29 millimeters, but can also be moved 16 or 32 millimeters closer to the driver, and bang – all of a sudden, even smaller pilots are sitting upright and relaxed. Bigger adventure riders will be toying with the three centimeters lower footpegs. So there are enough possibilities to find an individually optimal sitting position.
The 50 centimeter high windshield, which, together with the cover made of transparent acrylic mounted to the right and left of the tank, keeps the driver away from a lot of pressure and even moisture. Will the latter really appeal to the scene in combination with the also transparent foot guards below the cylinders? Cool is definitely different. The ingenious look of the
Braking wave brake discs, on the other hand, are a real feast for the eyes. A
Improvement of the braking properties
was not noticed when first contacting the Wunderlich BMW.
Long-distance travelers and slope fans should appreciate the well-known Ohlins suspension struts. Contact difficulties
are practically impossible thanks to the diverse setting options, even on extremely poor country roads and off-road. In the rubble, the sensitive dampers do most of the work on their own – the chassis is definitely not to blame if things stop going. At such moments, you are definitely happy about the protective measures taken beforehand: aluminum plates under the engine, collector and main stand, widened hand protectors, handlebar stop limits, brake cylinder protection and brake caliper cover prevent worse things from happening. Replacing the standard, already extremely robust crash bar for the “whimsical” cane is more a matter of taste. The money saved for this – at least 190 euros – could, for example, be invested in a side stand enlargement that is extremely useful for off-road diggers. Or serve as a deposit for all sorts of gimmicks such as carbon covers, aluminum mirrors or LED indicators.
The maintenance-free pure lead battery with twice as high starting power and the fold-out jack handle, which thanks to its position on the rear footrest holder, offers good leverage, is aimed at the pragmatists among adventure drivers. And no matter how thick the boots are – the left foot finally fits perfectly under the length-adjustable gear lever, while the right foot rests almost firmly on the enlarged contact surface of the brake lever. The bottom line is a lot of good ideas for many purposes. Oh yes, Gaston Rahiers
Incidentally, Dakar-Brenner weighed only 185 kilograms dry. mis

Modification info

Wunderlich GmbH, Kranzweiherweg 12, 53489 Sinzig, phone 02642/97980; www.wunderlich.com.
Prices (selection)
Ohlins front shock absorber: 798.75 euros;
Ohlins rear shock absorber: 881.25 euros; »ERGO« bench: from 209 euros (in exchange for the original seat; otherwise 409 euros); “Vario-Riser” handlebar riser: 149 euros; deep driver pegs: 189 euros; Jack-up handle: 84.90 euros; Brake lever enlargement: 19.90 euros; adjustable gear lever “Extreme”: 89.90 euros;
Pure lead battery: 159.90 euros; »ERGO« windshield: 179 euros; “Clear-Protect” cladding add-on: 169 euros; Mirror housing (aluminum): 50.80 euros, mirror arm (aluminum): 24.80 euros; “Clear-Protect” foot protector: 99 euros; Hand protector extension: 39 euros; Crash bar: 209.90 euros; “Micro-Flooder” auxiliary headlights: 179.80 euros; Braking brake disc »Wave«: 174.90 euros; Brake calliper cover: 119.80 euros; Angle valve: 9.90 euros; Main stand aluminum protective plate: 59 euros; Side stand enlargement: 22.90 euros; Brake cylinder protection (carbon fiber): 49.90 euros; Intake pipe »Air-Charger« (carbon fiber): 169 euros; Steering stop limitation: 88.90 euros; Luggage carrier bag: 98.90 euros; Tank bag: 98.90 euros.

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