Wunderlich BMW SpeedCruiser

Race bike: Wunderlich BMW SpeedCruiser

BMW SpeedCruiser from Wunderlich

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Camouflage and deceive? Are you really serious? Does Wunderlich want to put us to the test and give a cuckoo egg at TunerGP? Or does it have this strange boxer creation behind the cylinders after all? There are surprising answers here.

E.A somewhat strange scene took place at the TunerGP. When Frank Hoffmann, Product Manager at BMW specialist Wunderlich, arrived, everyone would have expected a perfectly tuned S 1000 RR. Instead, the PS editors stood in amazement in front of the open Sprinter. “It’s not pretty,” said one. "Probably not finished, either," criticized another. Does an ugly duckling want to sneak into the row of shiny race bikes? But there must be a reason why Frank confidently pocketed the SpeedCruiser tire warmers, as the factory is called.

One thing is immediately clear: the motorcycle attracts attention. Immediately the box is full of people. This creation is based on a BMW HP2 Sport. Full of curiosity, I kneel in front of the SpeedCruiser and pester Frank with questions. His answer: "First drive, then ask." The agricultural machine technology of the clutch and transmission – his tip, his choice of words – must be used appropriately: "Always engage curves gently on the train and clutch!"


Dashboard: all information at a glance. And if you make yourself really small at high speed, you have the mouse cinema right in front of your eyes.

And who would have thought: I understand Hoffmann’s self-confident appearance after the first few corners. The speed cruiser is second to none! A motorcycle just as I want it: wide handlebars, excellent balance and sharp brakes. She takes every curve playfully, no bump disturbs her. The mechanical grip is awesome. Even when I bend too violently once, causing the boxer cylinder head to touch down and thus slightly levering out the front wheel, I can master the situation with my knee, like Colin Edwards once, in an unspectacular manner and avoid a fall. This chassis, it seems, hides everything. The front wheel gently touches down again and the curve is simply completed with a slightly wider arc.

Cool sound, cool look – the GPR retro exhaust.

Madness! My trust in the Telelever, which has been pimped with Ohlins, grows and grows. If I am overtaken by many on the long Parabolika (the SpeedCruiser has to wait a long time at the limiter), I sniff some opponents on the brakes again. Overtaking continues up to the Mercedes grandstand. With the perfectly functioning automatic gearshift, you can easily outsmart the tractor transmission and generate almost jolt-free propulsion. Thanks to the perfectly fitting 190/60 Conti slicks, you can do this without having to lift the gas. The fun knows hardly any limits, you can duel with other racers in the infight. The SpeedCruiser willingly accepts the chosen line and celebrates inclines at the highest level. There, the checkered flag! A turn has never seemed so short to me. Strength and nerves are hardly strained.


The boxer is just not designed for more performance. That’s enough for the country road. But even on the racetrack, many 1000s will still have to lag behind the super-handy and agile SpeedCrusier.

Frank willingly explains to me now how this performance is possible. The swing arm and cardan have been changed and supplemented by a Wunderlich Paralever strut. The fork bridge comes from the company’s own superbike shelf. The HP2 stubs were replaced by a Magura FX handlebar. The brakes have been refined with Moto Master Flame discs, SRQ brake pads and a Magura 195 radial brake pump. The system still runs via the BMW converter, albeit without ABS. The light PVM forged rims play a significant role in the chassis. In addition, everything superfluous for the racetrack was simply left out, a tank hood was laminated and an ergonomically perfect seating position was constructed using an aluminum stern.

Initial doubts have given way to pure fascination. Everything serves its purpose, even the little lip above the start number board is so effective that you can find enough wind protection close to the tank even at top speed. The engine has not been modified in order to avoid short engine revision intervals. 131 hp at 195 kg works well. For sound and optics, Frank installed a GPR Wunderlich system in wonderful Paris – Dakar retro style.

For Wunderlich, with the motorcycle’s spectacularly idiosyncratic look, drivability is the most important asset. And they have undoubtedly succeeded in doing this brilliantly. The PS-TunerGP was seen as an accolade, which is a great honor for us. In the next step, the optics will be further refined. Unfortunately, I don’t have 35,000 euros over, otherwise I could get weak, and on top of that, the number of pieces is very limited.

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