Wunderlich Bobber WunderBob

Wunderlich Bobber WunderBob

BMW RnineT in a custom look

BMW accessories specialist Wunderlich presented an RnineT conversion at INTERMOT. The custom bike, baptized WunderBob, has a bobber look and comes with carbon wheels.

BMW specialist Wunderlich used the current INTERMOT to carry out a further conversion based on the BMW R. nineT. Managing director Frank Hoffmann made it exciting by first listing all of the R nineT derivatives that BMW already builds themselves: Scrambler, Urban GS, Racer, Pure … “What’s missing?” Asked Hoffmann – a bobber. Then his colleagues removed the covering cloth from the brand new Wunderlich WunderBob.

Extreme renovation

For the BMW parts experts from the Rhineland, the Wunderlich Bobber is the tenth R nineT conversion and, if not at first glance, also one of the most extreme. The black Magura handlebars, raised by means of a riser, are enthroned like antlers over the upside-down fork. The Wunderlich pendant light frame is lowered a total of 25 millimeters, which gives the WunderBob its low, stocky stature. The ultra-short front fender makes the 140 Pirelli look wider than it actually is.

Wunderlich has installed an excerpt from its extensive range of BMW parts over the entire motorcycle, such as: footrest system, fenders, license plate holder plus adjustable levers and various covers. The single seat is made of a black nubuck leather saddle, stitched tone on tone to match the dark blue paint. The tiny Kellermann indicators on the right and left under the seat are just as invisible as the front ones, mounted below the brake and clutch hydraulic tanks, if not during operation.

WunderBob rolls on carbon wheels

Only at second glance do other details reveal themselves, such as high-quality, light seven-spoke carbon wheels in 17 inch format, the black Remus manifold set or the compact Speed ​​Products silencer. According to Marketing Director Arno Gabel, a small series of the WunderBob is not planned. “We want to use such concepts to show what is possible and what products we offer, ”said Gabel. It is also possible, if not very easy, to have the carbon wheels registered individually. However, there is no report or ABE for this.

Based on the concept bike, Wunderlich now wants to develop the WunderBob components and add them to the range. They should be available from spring 2019 as individual components for converting the R nineT. It has not yet been decided whether a complete conversion kit will be put together.

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