Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro: low-budget electric scooters for China from 380 euros


Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro: low-budget electric scooters for China from 380 euros

Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro

Low-budget electric scooters for China from 380 euros

A range of 60 to 70 kilometers, removable battery, converted from an introductory price of 400 euros, touchscreen, voice control – these are the key data of the new Xiaomi electric scooter.

25 km / h top speed – good, that won’t lure us behind the stove. But with a removable battery, built-in camera and a range of at least 60 to 70 kilometers, the Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro are rolling out with undeniable sales arguments for some city dwellers. However, only for the time being on the domestic Chinese market. There the electric scooters cost the equivalent of around 380 euros.

The electric scooter weighs 52 kilograms, rolls on 16-inch wheels, with the wheel hub motor at the rear. The manufacturer does not currently state the specific output, but it is likely to be around 750 watts when you see the motor. The Xiaomi A1 comes with a 768 Wh battery and should therefore have a range of up to 60 kilometers. The Xiaomi A1 Pro is equipped with a 960 Wh battery, which should enable a range of up to 70 kilometers. The battery is removable and can be charged separately from the vehicle.

Voice control, GPS, touchscreen

Disc brakes are used at the front and a drum brake is likely to be used at the rear. There is a colored touchscreen in the cockpit that can be operated not only with the hands but also by voice control. We can only guess how well the voice control works. One thing is certain: even at a speed of only 25 km / h there are audible wind noises. The cockpit is also GPS-enabled, so the electric scooter can also guide its driver to specified destinations.

Price from the equivalent of 380 euros

But that’s not the end of the story: Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro have a 1080-pixel camera with a 130-degree wide-angle lens on board. The A1 Pro also provides storage space for this. It will be offered at the introductory price for the equivalent of around 500 euros and then likely to cost around 600 euros. The cheaper A1 is available from 380 euros introductory price, which will later rise to around 470 euros.

The manufacturer has not yet made any statements as to whether the Xiaomi A1 and A1 Pro will make it onto the German market. Since other electric scooters launched via Xiaomi’s crowdfunding platform have also found their way to Europe, the chances of this are not too bad.

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