XTR Pepo Pantah 2019

XTR Pepo Pantah 2019

Monster-based racing motorcycle

With the Pantah 2019, the Spanish custom bike manufacturer XTR Pepo shows how a delicious racing bike can be built from a Ducati Monster. This premiered at the Verona Bike Show.

For the Pantah conversion, Pepo Rosell, the head behind XTR Pepo, chose one D.ucati 821 Monster from model year 2016. Many of the built-in add-on parts also fit the Monster 1200 and the Ducati Supersport. The aim of the conversion was to build a classic racing motorcycle in the style of the legendary Pantah models.

Tight half-shell cladding

The XTR Pepo Pantah follows the specifications of the original models – cheeky hump seat and small half-shell cladding. The self-made single seat with LED taillight sits enthroned on a newly built rear frame. The now angular tank with a quick tank cap has also been completely redesigned. The new line is completed by a deeply mounted half-shell fairing with two round headlight inserts and a new, tightly cut front fender.

XTR Pepo / Sergio Cardena

The fork is pimped with new cartridge systems.

The Ducati-V2 was converted to hydraulic clutch actuation, and the clutch itself was equipped with racing pads and a transparent cover. The V2 is allowed to breathe in through the racing air filter and breathe out through a 2 in 1 Spark megaphone exhaust system. A new aluminum racing cooler ensures a healthy temperature balance.

The standard USD fork has innards by Andreani, the rear shock absorber has been completely replaced by a classy Ohlins counterpart. There was also an upgrade for the front brake discs, which are now cooled by special ventilation ducts in MotoGP style. The conversion is rounded off by numerous milled parts and carbon covers as well as a multi-adjustable footrest system. XTR Pepo does not name a price for the Pantah conversion.

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