Yamaha E-Vino: Now also electric for the Japanese

Yamaha E-Vino

Now also electric for the Japanese

Yamaha is now providing its 50cc scooter Vino in Japan with a purely electric version. The E-Vino can travel up to 58 kilometers.

The Mini-Roller Vino is in the Japanese model range of Yamaha a fixture. With its 49 cm³ four-stroke engine, it mobilizes 4.5 hp and 4.1 Nm of torque. Sufficient to transport its passenger through major Japanese cities on the ten-inch wheels.

With two batteries up to 58 km

From now on, those interested in Vino can also choose an electric version. The new Yamaha E-Vino has the same retro look as its combustion brother, only omitting the exhaust. The drive is taken over by a 1.2 kW and 7.8 Nm electric motor, which has an additional boost mode. When it comes to curb weight, the E-Vino at 68 kilograms clearly undercuts the 81 kilograms heavy burner. Ok, the battery comes with an additional 6 kilograms on top. And he packs up to two of them. With a 50 V lithium-ion battery, the E-Vino can travel 29 kilometers, according to Yamaha, and up to 58 kilometers with two.

The batteries can be easily removed for charging. On the Japanese 100-volt network, the batteries should be recharged after three hours. E-Vino pilots have to do without a helmet compartment under the bench due to the battery.

The price for the E-Vino is the equivalent of around 2,100 euros. In Japan, electric scooters are eligible. It is not known whether the E-Vino will come to Europe at some point.

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