Yamaha FJR 1300 AE in the test

Yamaha FJR 1300 AE in the test

Finally with a six-speed gearbox

The traditional Yamaha FJR 1300 tourer has been enriching the planet for a full 15 years. Now finally with a six-speed gearbox. A worthy occasion to contact us again – which the author uses for a very personal appreciation.

L.Dear Eff-Jott-Err, I really enjoyed every minute with you again. You are still as beautiful and naturally elegant as you have been for 15 years. Not an unapproachable diva, but a real friend, always there for you unconditionally. As a mile-eater friend, as a reliable and persistent travel companion, blessed with eternal life. You know what? In the first construction version you endured the endurance test over a full 100,000 kilometers (MOTORRAD 23/2003) without complaint. There were just a few teething troubles after circumnavigating the earth two and a half times, nothing else. Long ago.

Yamaha FJR 1300 AE in the test

Finally with a six-speed gearbox

520 kilometers range

Yamaha always said “no need”. And now that. Now the Japanese have given you a completely new, helical six-speed gearbox. How do you feel about it? Different, but completely the same, between the past and the future. It goes without saying that you can now shift gears more often, even if you don’t have to. No problem. However, your hydraulic clutch engages a bit “digitally” on the last bit of the way on the smooth lever. Gear changes need a tiny bit of force on the shift foot.

In return, your new switch box lowers the speed, protect your nerves, saves fuel. You saw the signs of the times. You can easily shake 100 km / h in sixth gear with around 3000 revolutions from your sleeve. The final fifth used to take around 3750 turns. If you have adhered to the speed limit on country roads, you are satisfied with 4.8 liters, easily half a liter less than before. So we can drive 520 kilometers without refueling! I really enjoy your turbine-like revving up, only at the top does it get a little tougher.

Yamaha FJR 1300 AE with Euro 4 coordination

As a fast-forward tourer, you shrink distances and make the earth smaller. Your real 141 hp four-cylinder never vibrated significantly in the lower half of the engine speed. But at constant speed in the middle of the speed, it tingles (e) a bit with fine pixels. My hands used to fall asleep a little when I was abroad at a good 130. Now such vibrations are shifted to higher speed ranges in sixth gear, which has been translated to around 300 things. 5000 tours are only available beyond the 160. According to the speedometer, you run around 270 things downhill, uphill still more than 230. Of course, with a lot of full throttle, you sometimes tip over nine liters per 100 kilometers. Nothing comes from nothing.

Your unchanged engine with Euro 4 coordination has become cleaner, lower in emissions and more powerful. Its as usual small torque sink at 4500 turns you easily play over, you always donate power. Your pull in the last gear from 60 to 140 was less rapid, logical: 10.0 instead of 8.7 seconds before. Is an applied gentle gear, a real overdrive. "Just stay in the fifth," you whispered to me. It’s even a little shorter than before, making it even faster, in 8.2 seconds. Your sporty S-driving mode responds more directly to e-gas than the somewhat more sluggish T-like touring mode with the long lever free travel. Hui, your traction control regulates pretty late.

Rolling home and driving license killer at the same time

Good, but your four-piston fixed caliper brakes are not great. Your ABS software stays open for a long time in the control range. It works better thesis days. Your not overloaded handlebar fittings and your informative, properly equipped on-board computer are user-friendly. However, I want to be honest, the wind protection for current luxury tourers is not first class. It goes loudly behind the electrically raised window. Your humped 25 liter tank and your trend-setting aluminum frame are wide. That spreads your legs, it’s a little old-fashioned. Yes and? I am too. Your three-stage heated grips keep you cozy and warm.

We have experienced so much together. Thanks for that. Do you remember how we rushed into the police control on the Cologne Ring at night in 2001? Because you convey a completely safe feeling, decoupled from the pace, you are a rolling home and a driver’s license killer at the same time. Care, coupled with a violent acceleration. A great mix

Prestigious extra bright LED headlights

The hammer is the new overtaking prestige: four LED main headlights (two high beam and two low beam) burn the left lane free. This is arguably the brightest light a motorcycle has ever given me! Especially since the three gradually switched-on cornering light spots at the side illuminate the edge of the curvy country roads well. See the deer in time!

Stable as ever: your chassis. You only know a very minimal tendency to stir at Vmax. Your damping can be adjusted electro-hydraulically, and the spring base at the back at the push of a button. You rest full and heavy on your suspension elements like a Mercedes S-Class. You are just a real litter. AT colleague called you “cumbersome”. But I think that’s really exaggerated!

You pull your path, aiming to inspire confidence, precisely and neutrally, not crisp, not stubborn. Compact, you don’t look intimidatingly large when standing. But when pushing and maneuvering you can feel your 305 kilograms (including a really good, tight-fitting 39 liter case). Uff. This is only for experienced riders in the deep, practically height-adjustable saddle.

Your cladding with hinged side elements has a few more beads and wrinkles than in 2001. You shine brightly in the noble silver matt lacquer. I’m already looking forward to 2031: Then you’ll have seven courses and I will hopefully have plenty of time. To experience great things together with you while traveling, to gain new experiences, you feel-good tourer.
Sincerely, your Thomas.

Technical data Yamaha FJR 1300 AE


The four-cylinder is now Euro 4 homologated.

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