Yamaha Road Star Warrior


Yamaha Road Star Warrior

Star explorer

With the Road Star Warrior, Yamaha is also discovering the galaxies of power cruising. Exclusively for bikers under the stars and stripes.

For the new movement of power cruising, casually produced torque, two cylinders the size of beer mugs and a richly chrome-decorated appearance are no longer attractive enough.
After the Honda VTX 1800, Harley V-Rod and Kawasaki Mean Streak, Yamaha is now joining the group of dignified displacement and torque giants who know how to make the afternoon trip to the nearest biker hangout even more powerful. Especially through visual consistency. Long, wide and flat, the Warrior gives the impression of a hot rod that is always ready. An asphalt fighter who wants to be on pole at every traffic light and does not wag any fringes on leather bags or handlebar ends. The heart of the star warrior is a 79 hp Wild Star unit that has been reamed from 95 to 97 millimeters. Instead of sweeping fenders or rivets on the seat upholstery, the Power-Cruiser prefers to use contemporary chassis components. The frame and swingarm are made of aluminum, and the upside-down fork and brake are from the extreme athlete Yamaha YZF-R1. A toothed belt provides the secondary drive.
Even the first few meters in the winding terrain between San Francisco and Semi Valley make it clear that the engine characteristics do justice to the visual appearance of the fighter. The 1670 cc twin turns surprisingly willingly up from the depths of the speed limit. Once at the top, however, the engine is very tough before the red area. Although it quickly becomes clear that Yamaha’s power cruiser prefers to put on its show in the rough expanses of the big cities, the lighter and stiffer chassis compared to the Road Star does not resist brisk trips over rural roads. And in curves, there are even typical motorcycle lean angles. If the roads get worse, the sporting qualities are over. Dedicated pace on bumpy asphalt quickly acknowledges the suspension elements with the end of their resilience. In that case, you have to go back to the powerful roll. The Warrior has wide handlebars and a comfortable seat on which you can stay in a cool pose for a few hours.
L.Eider the new Yamaha is only available in America, there even with 100 HP. The German importer is not planning to venture into the new galaxy for the time being.

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