Yamaha XSR 700 The Outrun by Ton Up Garage

Yamaha XSR 700 The Outrun by Ton Up Garage

Yard built bike from Portugal

Yamaha’s Yard Built range welcomes a new addition from Portugal. The futuristic Ton-up Garage was based on the XSR700 "The outrun".

In the 1980s, designers like Target and films like Tron looked far into the future with their two-wheeler designs. In 2018 the Portuguese from Ton-up Garage take a look back and yet far into the future. Under the impression of neon colors and synthetic sounds, the idea for an Outrun based on the Yamaha arose XSR 700 – a motorcycle of tomorrow with the coolness of the 80s.

Polygons everywhere

The angular monocoque, which stretches from the seat back to the handlebars to the extremely fairing nose, is made of hand-made, welded, brushed aluminum polygons. The steering stubs protrude right and left from it. Further trim parts with polygonal basic shapes are attached to the flanks, extending to under the engine and uniting there to form a fairing pan. The front fender was shaped according to the same pattern. All parts were painted white and covered with clear varnish. The rear-view mirrors have been replaced by a rear-facing camera, the image of which is fed into the console panel.


Angular bench in neon look.

To round off the look and feel of the 80s, the Ton-up Garage team donated their own, hand-made light metal disc wheels and an exhaust made of stainless steel, which is of course also made of polygonal sheet metal. The final kick is provided by the Outrun neon yellow design stripes on the fairing, half black, half neon yellow painted wheels and a hump seat bench with a black and neon colored cover.

The name "The outrun" refers to the video game of the same name released in 1986 by the Japanese studio Sega. The Yard Built Yamaha was presented "The outrun" at the Wheels & Waves Festival 2018 in Biarritz.

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