Yamaha XSR TT 700 from Capelo’s Garage & Elemental Rides

Yard-built Yamaha XSR TT 700

Custom bike from Capelo’s Garage & Elemental wrinkles

The customizers from Capelo’s Garage and Elemental Rides have linked the Yamaha XSR 700 as part of the Yard-Built project and made a scrambler from it.

In terms of optics, Capelo’s Garage and Elemental Rides are based on the 70s and 80s and the current one XSR 700 put a scrambler in rally look on its wheels. The aim was to make the XSR 700 more suitable for off-road use and to generate a motorcross-oriented driving experience.

New suspension elements for off-road use

The customizers have not made any changes to the lightweight main frame. For this, the easily modifiable subframe of the XSR 700 was changed and upgraded with some new components. The geometry of the motorcycle has been adapted to the requirements of the terrain. The old suspension elements were replaced by new and more off-road components. The new components are said to have increased the spring travel by 100 percent. In general, the bike is now significantly higher. The ground clearance has also been increased for off-road use.


The XSR TT 700 was put on the wheels by the customizers of Capelo’s Garage and Elemental Rides.

The double disc brake on the front wheel was replaced by a single disc brake for weight reasons. In terms of braking, everything stays the same at the rear. Incidentally, ABS is no longer on board. For the wheels, the Portuguese customizers opted for 19-inch rims at the front and 18-inch rims at the rear. In principle, nothing has changed on the two-cylinder engine. A larger sprocket and a new chain should, however, ensure improved power transmission.

Modern technology meets classic design

Capelo’s Garage and Elemental Rides are also donating the so-called "TT 700" a new and tailor-made 2-in-1 stainless steel exhaust system. The new LED lighting is supposed to be reminiscent of old rally motorcycles from around 40 years ago. The customizers have made two versions of the seat – one for off-road use and a second version for driving on the road. Also new is an Acewell speedometer, minimalist control buttons on the handlebar, a high handlebar and hardened footrests and control levers. It is not known how much time the customizers invested in the conversion. The customizer duo also did not comment on the costs.


The customizers from Capelo’s Garage and Elemental Rides have impressively demonstrated with the Yamaha XSR TT 700 what the current XSR could look like in a classic rally look. Unfortunately, the TT 700 is likely to remain a one-off.

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