Yard Built Yamaha XV 950 Speed ​​Iron from Moto di Ferro

Yard-built Yamaha XV 950 "Speed ​​iron" by Moto di Ferro

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Yamaha’s newest yard-built creation, the XV 950 "Speed ​​iron" In the eyes of the brand, it combines subtle tracker style with metal craftsmanship. The yard-built conversion of Moto di Ferro was an idea of ​​the Italian designer Marco Lugato.

Yamaha describes Marco Lugato as "one of those designers who have gasoline in their blood and started riding motorcycles as a child". First he earned his spurs off-road, then as a professional road racing driver. He then spent some time in various workshops to fine-tune his manual skills. In 2009 Marco founded "Moto di Ferro" (what about "iron motorcycle" means) as a custom workshop to build the motorcycles he had always dreamed of.

Marco Lugato puts at Wheels & Waves Festival in Biarritz with Yamaha’s Marketing Coordinator Cristian Barelli. He was able to win him over for a yard-built project based on a Yamaha XV 950: "It was clear to us that we share the same passion and love for motorcycles", said Cristian Barelli. "One of the most important points when working with Moto di Ferro was that Marco didn’t see the machine as a one-off, but as a concept. A wide variety of customer requests are to be fulfilled based on the Yamaha XV 950. Marco showed all his skills and I’m really happy with the Speed ​​Iron. It has a clean Moto di Ferro design while maintaining the simplicity and performance of the XV 950, making it a beautiful bike. A bike that is fun, exciting to ride and affordable for a wide range of Yamaha riders."

Marcos Vita gives an idea of ​​where the Speed ​​Iron concept comes from: from his passion for speed. His motorcycle should embed a strong character in smooth lines. Big tires were important to Marco, but they weren’t allowed to disturb the driving behavior. The rims come from Borrani, the telescopic fork and the front brake calipers are donated by a Yamaha Vmax.

A handcrafted aluminum tank and seat bench unit reduces the weight and complements the handcrafted side panels. The front brake discs measure 320 millimeters. An Acewell instrument provides the driver with the necessary information, and an Arrow exhaust removes the combustion residues. Other accessory components, including Tarozzi footrests and LSL clip-ons, complete the look. The handcrafted rear frame and brake lights integrated into the turn signals contribute to the clear lines and the tidy look of the yard-built Yamaha XV 950 Speed ​​Iron.

Marco Lugato will offer various components of the Speed ​​Iron for sale so that owners of a Yamaha XV 950 can build their own Italian custom bike – if they don’t want to have it built directly in Marco’s workshop north of Venice.

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