Zero electric motorcycles 2019


Zero electric motorcycles 2019

Zero electric motorcycles 2019

More power and a new design

The electric bike specialist Zero Motorcycles has updated its model range for the 2019 model year. The basic models became more powerful, the design more progressive.

The electric motorcycle manufacturer has been around for 13 years Zero Motorcycles from California launched its bikes on the market. For the 2019 model year, the model range has been revised and tailored even more to customer requirements. Because the demand for dual sports models is obviously also increasing for electric motorcycles, Zero has also focused on these models for 2019.

Stronger basic models

In general, for the 2019 model year, the basic models Zero S and Zero DS ZF7.2 have increased their useful power by a whopping 42 percent. Instead of the previous 23 kW, 33 kW are now achieved. The maximum torque is given as 106 Nm. The continuous output remains unchanged at 11 kW. The increase in performance is made possible by new power electronics. Because the base models are around 43 kilograms lighter than the 14.4 versions due to the smaller battery, driving pleasure should increase accordingly.

The Zero DSR has been upgraded with additional accessories for the 2019 model year. The new parts include a windshield, tank grips, hand protectors and a 12-volt socket.

Improved charging technology


Thanks to improved technology, the loading times should decrease.

To expand the charging options, Zero is bringing the 6 kW charge tank onto the market as a new accessory. The
The charge tank, which is compatible with the Zero S, Zero SR, Zero DS and Zero DSR models up to model year 2015, can now be installed at all Zero authorized dealers. With the charge tank you should be able to charge your Zero up to six times faster than with a normal wall socket. At type 2 charging stations, it should be possible to bunker up to 137 kilometers in the city in one hour.

In addition, a new power electronics operating system with a storage mode is intended to optimize the battery’s retention of charge and also increase its longevity.

New colors

In terms of design, Zero relies on new colors and graphics for the 2019 models. The new colors include tones like “Dune”
and “Rhino Gray” for the Zero FX and FXS, shades of black such as “Jet Black” and “Black Metallic” for Zero S and SR and “Sandstone” and “Caldera Metallic” for Zero DS and DSR.

The prices for the Zero DS and Zero S start at 12,490 euros, the DSR and SR start at 18,790 euros.

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