A hybrid module pushes the V2 to 299 hp and 295 Nm of torque.

Efesto Hybrid Ducati

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EICMA 2019

The French start-up Efesto has developed a hybrid module for the Ducati-V2 that increases the total output to 299 hp and 295 Nm. The system was presented at the EICMA in Milan.

AT D.ucati 1299 Panigale is no weakling with 209 PS and 142 Nm torque from its 1,285 cm³ V2. The French start-up Efesto has nevertheless developed a hybrid module for the Superquadro that packs an additional 80 kW and 150 Nm on top. The system output should then be 299 PS and 295 Nm.

Up to 70 km purely electrically

The electric motor was placed under the V2 directly in front of the rear wheel. Via a chain, it directly accesses a second sprocket running parallel to the sprocket. In order to partially compensate for the gyroscopic forces of the wheels, it runs in opposite directions. With direct pinion access, the Efesto-Ducati can also be driven purely electrically. The battery was packed under the rear frame. The French do not provide any information on battery capacity. However, the energy reserve should last around 30 to 40 minutes for city trips (below 70 km / h). The inverter was placed with a favorable center of gravity in front of the engine under the water cooler. A newly shaped exhaust creates space for the hybrid components. Overall, the Ducati should only weigh 194 kilograms dry.

Various operating modes are available to the driver. As already mentioned, it can drive purely electrically – without having to switch – use the electric motor as a booster when accelerating or just drive with the combustion engine. In custom mode, the driver can also configure his own driving profile. Refueling at the socket should not be necessary. The on-board electronics monitor the battery charge status and automatically recharge with combustion power and when braking.

225 hp for the 959s


The French have also presented a module for the 955 V2 from the 959 Panigale. Here the electric motor contributes 50 kW and 150 Nm, the system output increases to 225 PS and 258 Nm. With the Ibex Quattro70 hybrid concept, which is designed as a naked bike, Efesto also uses a completely new aluminum frame, which packs the rear shock absorber under the motor and the 3.3 kWh battery above. The inverter is located under the bench. The curb weight is specified as 211 kilograms and the electric range as up to 70 kilometers.

The manufacturer, which also offers hybrid modules for boats, cars and planes, did not mention prices or availability for its hybrid modules.

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