News – Motorcycle news 2013: Honda sharpens its CBR600RR – Used HONDA

Motorcycle news 2013: Honda sharpens its CBR600RR

News - Motorcycle news 2013: Honda sharpens its CBR600RR - Used HONDA

Unchanged since 2007, the CBR600RR has gradually lost the grip of the sharpest Supersport motorcycles. Honda reacts for 2013 and offers its bombinette a little aesthetic and technical makeover. Detailed presentation.

Unchanged, the CBR600RR has gradually lost the suction of the sharpest Supersport motorcycles. Honda reacts for 2013 and offers its bombinette a little aesthetic and technical makeover. Detailed presentation.

"Evolution" and not "revolution"

Like the, the main changes made to the 600 cc affect above all its style and an optimization of its chassis. Like its big sister, the CBR600RR benefits from a facelift mainly focused on its front part.

Inspired by MotoGP RCVs according to Honda, the lines of its bow are especially reminiscent of the grilles of new generations of American Mustang cars. Especially in terms of its optics with rectangular shapes which appear to be "embedded" in the fork crown. From the front, his gaze is also reminiscent of that of the late DN-01.

Dynamically, this new trim would lower the motorcycle’s resistance to air penetration by 6.5% in the "normal" position and by 5% in the speed-seeking position, lying flat on the 18 tank. , 1 liters.

Technically, its compact engine and torquey enough for a 600 cc has not been retouched. The four-cylinder in-line develops the same power and torque values ​​as before, ie 120 hp at 13,500 rpm and 66 Nm at 11,250 rpm. Instead, the winged crest engineers focused on improving the connection between the throttle and the rear wheel, a point the Supersport struggled slightly when the throttle reopened..

In order to progress in this area, the air intake would have been improved via the use of a better placed and ultralight duct, as well as by the use of an injection mapping which would more finely manage the efficiency of the two injectors by cylinders.

In addition, the functions of the removable valve placed at the intake have been extended in favor of the torque. Originally intended to stabilize the speed at idle, this system called IACV (Intake Air Control Valve) would now provide a gain over the entire speed range.

It is especially at the chassis level that the Honda CBR600RR is evolving, in particular through a serious upgrade of its fully adjustable suspensions (preload, rebound and compression). As on the Superbike of the winged blazon, the 600 cc thus adopts an inverted fork of 41 mm "Big Piston", a technology which makes it possible to multiply by 3.5 the pressure surface inside the tubes in favor of a better progressiveness.

This Showa element also has the advantage of being easier to adjust thanks to the displacement of the compression and rebound screws at the top of the sleeves. At the rear, the Unit Pro-Link type shock absorber (i.e. fixed to the top of the swingarm and to the rods) has received minor improvements such as a new surface treatment of the piston and an optimization of the stiffness of the valves used to regulate the flow of oil.

Sophisticated sophistication, attractive price !

Finally, this 2013 vintage incorporates the twelve-spoke rims discovered on the CBR1000RR last year, while its perimeter aluminum frame renews the same geometric values ​​as before. We find in particular a closed caster angle (23 ° 45) and a very contained wheelbase (1375 mm). All for a working weight of 186 kg.

This measured weight increases by ten units when the non-disconnectable electronic combined ABS discovered in 2009 is added (read our).

A sacred "brake" to the purchase, to which is added the additional cost of 1000 € requested by Honda to take advantage of its services !

We can only already regret that the winged coat of arms has not taken advantage of the last three years to upgrade its optional device, particularly in terms of its weight. At present, in fact, the most successful sports ABS from Bosch or Nissin weigh less than two kilos and some even offer to adjust their degree of intervention on the handlebars. !

Always electronic, some "païlotes" will undoubtedly regret that this "new" CBR600RR continues to do without the services of traction control or injection maps on the handlebars, while these "fashionable" equipment are beginning to spread in the category (and MV Agusta F3).

However, this relative simplicity has one major advantage: that of containing costs! Thus, the Honda Supersport will continue to be among the cheapest motorcycles in its segment with a price maintained under the bar of 11,000 € (10,990 € exactly without ABS)..

With the electronic C-ABS option, the bill rises to € 11,990 for this bike which will land in from February 2013 in three colors: a tricolor "red / white / blue", a graphite black (not imported from France) and a Replica Repsol orange. Note that the dress in the colors of the HRC will also be available on the Superbike CBR1000RR, on the scooter NSC50R and on the small sporty CBR250R in 2013.

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