AGV K-3 SV full face helmet in the test

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AGV K-3 SV full face helmet in the test



AGV K-3 SV full face helmet in the test

AGV K-3 SV in the test
Comparison test full face helmets (MOTORRAD 9/2017)

3rd place: In MOTORRAD 9/2017 10 full-face helmets up to 250 euros were tested, compared and rated. Here are the results of the AGV K-3 SV.

Klaus Herder


The full-face helmet AGV K-3 SV is available in sizes XS to XXL. Its helmet shell is made of thermoplastic. According to the manufacturer, it weighs 1525 grams in size L, we measured 1506 grams when reweighing.

The AGV K-3 SV is fixed with a ratchet lock. The AGV K-3 SV is available in the colors white, black and matt black, and 21 decor variants are also available.

The scope of delivery includes: air deflector, wind deflector on the chin, sun visor, helmet bag and pinlock visor (included).

The helmet is made in China, its ECE approval mark E 3 comes from Italy. Without decor, it costs 219.95 euros, the prices of the decor variants range from 249.95 to 299.95 euros.

Replacement visors for the AGV K-3 SV are available in the versions clear (49.99 euros), tinted (59.99 euros) and mirrored (69.99 euros).

Provider: AGV, Tel. 00 39/01 31/85 30 11 (Italy),


€ 200.06 *buy from Amazon

* At the time of publication

A positive thing about the AGV K-3 SV

AGV K-3 SV full face helmet in the test

  • relatively easy to put on and take off
  • good to very good fit, head tightly enclosed
  • very good suitability for glasses
  • Chin strap well padded
  • overall good aerodynamics
  • relatively low noise level
  • very effective ventilation on the top of the head and chin section
  • Service satisfactory to good
  • The visor seals absolutely draft-free
  • very easy visor change

Noticeable negatively on the AGV K-3 SV

AGV K-3 SV full face helmet in the test

  • Sun visor operation a bit fiddly
  • Lever too small
  • Light gap too big
  • The top edge of the Pinlock visor is disruptive in the field of vision, the field of vision is relatively small
  • Visor ventilation position too far
  • Impact absorption values ​​only average
  • Water ingress after 65 seconds via ventilation

Measurements for the AGV K-3 SV

AGV K-3 SV full face helmet in the test

Graphic: Weber

HIC value of the AGV K-3 SV: 1449

  • Impact on sigma posts at 7.5 m / s, right side
    Acceleration in g: 217, HIC value: 1938
  • Impact on sigma posts at 5.5 m / s, left side
    Acceleration in g: 169, HIC value: 959
  • MOTORRAD HIC 1000 (mean of both premiums): 1449
  • Impact on the edge anvil with 7.5 m / s, chin part,
    Acceleration in g: 218
    (does not count as part of the force is passed on to the chinstrap)

MOTORRAD conclusion on the AGV K-3 SV

The AGV K-3 SV, which has meanwhile been manufactured in China, delivers a decent overall performance, especially the snappy fit. Of the points of criticism, the most annoying one is probably the easiest to remove from the factory: A larger Pinlock inner visor will probably work wonders.

MOTORRAD verdict: good

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