Aldi eRetro Star: electric scooter for 999 euros

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Aldi eRetro Star: electric scooter for 999 euros
Aldi south



Aldi eRetro Star: electric scooter for 999 euros

Aldi eRetro Star
Electric scooter for 999 euros

From June 6th, Aldi Sud will sell the eRetro Star electric scooter. He drives 45 km / h top, the range should be 40 km. The scooter will cost 999 euros. The promotion runs until 29. June or while stocks last.

Dina Dervisevic,

Werner Koch


With a top speed of 45 km / h, the Aldi electric scooter is comparable to a 50cc scooter with a combustion engine. Accordingly, a class AM (moped) driver’s license is required, which is included in classes A, A1, A2 and B. The Aldi electric scooter comes from the Nova Motors online shop, which is based in Eppingen and currently offers the eRetro Star for 1,299 euros.

The Aldi electric scooter is powered by a 2,000 watt wheel hub motor, the range is specified as 40 kilometers and, according to the distributor, is “heavily dependent on the distance to be traveled and the temperature”. Consumption should be 4 kWh per 100 kilometers, which would be around one euro in energy costs per 100 kilometers. The manufacturer specifies around 400 charging cycles for the batteries.

Batteries are not removable

With the supplied charger, the Aldi electric scooter should be fully charged within six to eight hours, the battery cannot be removed. The five AGM batteries are installed in such a way that the Aldi eRetro Star still has a storage compartment under the folding bench. The technical data and pictures do not reveal whether there is room for a helmet.

The Aldi scooter can still cope with gradients of up to 15 percent, and according to the provider it is also suitable for two-person operation. The front is decelerated by a disc brake, a drum brake is installed at the rear.

The curb weight for the Aldi electric scooter is given as 75 kilograms, 235 kilograms for the gross vehicle weight. Front and rear tires of size 3.50-10 51J are strapped on, the seat height is 75 centimeters. The eRetro Star measures 1,730 millimeters in length, is 710 millimeters wide and 1,050 millimeters high.

The Aldi electric scooter is supplied with two rear-view mirrors, central ignition and steering lock, main and side stand, storage compartment, battery indicator, high and low beam and a charger.

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