All Comparisons – CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill! – The winning trifecta

CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000 on the grill !

All Comparisons - CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill! - The winning trifecta

Forget the crisis, volcanic eruptions or other tax returns and hang on to the keyboard: Site pitted against the most explosive Japanese sports roadsters of the moment! CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: a comparative crash test !

The winning trifecta

Obviously, with such engine health, the bends jump to the visor like a cat rushes on a mouse: in addition to a minimum of composure and experience so as not to get intoxicated by these impressive mechanical flights, this sportiness on the surface. skin requires brakes and cycle parts to match.

Bewitched by the engine character and the soundtrack of this villainous Kawasaki – an ingenious resonator placed in the airbox muzzles the song of the 4-cylinder at low revs and accentuates it in the revs – the future owners of the roadster of Akashi will also not be disappointed by its dynamic behavior: much more playful than the previous model, the Zed has a violent limit braking and throws himself on the angle like a bulimic on a Nutella pancake. !

At the edge of its rivals in the winding, the FZ1 however requires more skill to express its talents: its powerful braking does not have the extreme sensitivity of the formidable Kawa device, nor the intuitive "touch" of the Honda handset. In addition, its ABS is the most unpleasant when it comes into action, also too fast at the rear..

Not really helped by Bridgestone BT-023 a zest less sporty than the BT-015 of the Honda and the Pirelli Diablo Rosso of the Kawasaki, the tuning forks roadster also suffers from specific piloting ergonomics imposed by its chubby tank and its Narrow handlebars: a position that doesn’t help to give full confidence to a front end that is nervous on bumps and sensitive to brake grip on the angle.

Heavier on rapid changes of angles, the FZ1 is also less easy to manage when exiting a curve: between its recalcitrant gearbox and its annoying injection jerks when opening the throttle, the Yamaha struggles to keep pace, despite efficient suspensions and much less harsh than those of the Kawasaki.

At this stage, this tripartite comparison turns inexorably into a fight between the CB1000R and the Z1000: never far behind but unable to arbitrate the weapon passes between its rivals when they raise the pace to unreason (or prison. ..), the Yamaha FZ1 plays the spectators by dreaming of a next overhaul where its small defects will undoubtedly be erased.

In addition to its poorly calibrated injection, its surly gearbox and its less comfortable driving position, the Yamaha suffers from an excessively long final gear ratio which suffocates an engine already badly amputated at high speeds by the tricolor clamping: the FZ1 indeed leaves 44 hp to borders of France against 32 hp for the Z1000 and 19 hp for the CB1000R !

The Honda for efficiency, the Kawa for sensations !

Less affected by the "French muzzle", stable in large curves and benefiting from excellent management of the injection, the Honda and the Kawasaki have an almost disproportionate sporting potential for road use! Enjoyable as long as it is mastered, it becomes more intense with the turns and allows speeds of passage at the points of rope – er, in curves! – simply Dantesque !

Nevertheless, over the inevitable surprises adorning the road network (bumps, mud, exits from blind curves, etc.) the intuitiveness and the balance of the first manufacturer’s roadster take precedence over the ardor of the Z1000: the Zak ‘a nice to react promptly to the slightest requests, it does not have this amazing connectivity between the pilot’s wishes and the reactions of the CB1000R.

Easier and faster from entering a curve to accelerating out, the Honda benefits from the superior agility provided by its 180 mm rear tire (190 mm on the other two machines). But above all, it shines with its near-perfect braking – yes, absolutely! – and its more progressive and tolerant suspensions than on the Zed.

Too firm from the rear, the Kawasaki heckles the lower back when the road deteriorates: a situation more uncomfortable than alarming, since it is enough to be mobile on its handlebars to maintain the trajectory. In short, the Green is piloted … and the exercise is particularly exciting !

But in terms of sheer efficiency and the subtle balance between performance and affordability, the CB1000R is a step – or even two – above its rivals: well-finished, pleasant to the eye and bluffing serenity even at the top of its game. Arsouille, the Honda roadster is also the most comfortable and its braking is irreproachable.

Obvious to ride despite its enormous potential, the CB1000R is exactly the type of bike with which three turns are enough to feel capable of scratching a rally stage with one hand behind your back! Other side of the coin: this omnipresent docility could leave the most playful bikers hungry…

Yam ‘good last…

His doubts scalded by the critics bearing on the "wild horse" side of the late 900 Hornet, the engineers of the first world manufacturer have gamberged so much to reverse the trend with this CB1000R that it lacks that touch of "dirty character" which shakes up the senses and delights mountaineers with strong temperaments.

In this regard, the Z1000 clearly wins over the Honda and Yamaha. From the first meters, it offers its share of sensations and its muscular climbs impress as much as they subjugate! While less intuitive and efficient than the CB1000R, the Z1000 2010 model will probably more fully meet the specifications of fans of big sporty roadsters..

It remains to adhere to its Manga physiognomy … Like the sculptural seductresses of Island of Temptation, Indeed, the Zed leaves no one indifferent with its suggestive lines, full of hot promises for those who dare to ride it! But this seductive status generates its share of contrasting reactions: desirable for some, artificial for others, the Green does not give in to half measures. !

Last of this disputed classification, the FZ1 does not however have to be ashamed: its performances are still largely up to date and its brute face has not aged a bit. The manufacturer with three tuning forks will however have to sharpen the potential of this expressive and powerful roadster, which also displays the most attractive price of this enticing trio: 10,899 euros against 11,299 euros for the Z1000 and 11,390 euros for the CB1000R.

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