All Comparisons – CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill! – A trio called desire …

CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill !

All Comparisons - CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: three Japanese 1000s on the grill! - A trio called desire ...

Forget the crisis, volcanic eruptions or other tax returns and hang on to the keyboard: Site pitted against the most explosive Japanese sports roadsters of the moment! CB1000R, Z1000 and FZ1: a comparative crash test !

A trio named desire…

Excited by its contact with a third generation Z1000 with very long teeth (read our), the editorial staff of Site dreamed of only one thing: to oppose it to its designated rivals, the Honda CB1000R and the Yamaha FZ1 (read our)…

With the return of sunny days helping, the three stars of the roadster-sports category have therefore met in the region of Château-Thierry (02) which, in addition to its champagne cellars and dairy cows, is also distinguished by its road network up to the potential of this turbulent trio !

Because there is no need to beat around the bush (moreover bulky on the three machines): their designers swear in vain that the Z1000, FZ1 and CB1000R are not reduced to stripped-down Hypersportives, their ultra-sharp cycle parts in which are inserted the berlingots of the ZX-10R, YZF-R1 and CBR1000RR leave no doubt about their connections for wide and well coated virolos…

The finding is particularly obvious on the model with the oldest design, the formidable FZ1! With its 998 cc spewing – in the free world – the trifle of 150 hp, the Yam ‘is only a condensed of protruding muscles that sublime wonderfully an impressive cast aluminum frame, a solid inverted fork and adjustable suspensions.

Stocky, the beast breathes the "fighting spirit" and the slightest rotation of its throttle grip validates this trend with a hoarse and manly growl. Lovers of polite and discreet "daddy’s girls", go your way: the FZ1 is a tumultuous and flashy mistress who exudes sport and arson !

Less flashy at first glance, the Honda plays the card of distinguished sportiness: its triangular multi-reflector headlight, underlined by an original diode position light, is carefully integrated. Its single-sided arm gives off a tapered rear shell and a splendid aluminum rim which gives it a certain "Italian" grace….

Exhibitionism !

This parallel with transalpine production is reinforced by the specific finery of our test model: baptized Extreme SE, this special red and black series receives a graphic kit composed of carbon mudguards, a seat cowl and stickers on the rims which refer directly to the sulphurous CB1000R XESS imagined by the R&D of Honda Italy (read our) !

Powered by the block of the 2007 Fireblade "deflated" at 125 hp, the CB1000R is also based on quality fittings: the frame Mono-Backbone aluminum, fully adjustable 43mm inverted fork and single-sided Pro Arm on which an adjustable mono-shock absorber is anchored suggest a strong sporting temperament, even if the Honda does not exhibit in this ABS version of radial calipers around its 310 mm discs.

For those addicted to this kind of equipment typed "rat-monkey", and whose retinas light up in the face of avalanches of beautiful parts, the exuberant Z1000 2010 is likely to take a clear rise: enclosing as closely as possible the 4- 1,043 cc dropouts (138 hp and 110 Nm of torque in full), the aluminum chassis naturally directs the gaze towards the swingarm which ends with magnificent eccentrics of tension adjustments.

At the front, the 300 mm petal discs pinched by radial calipers produce their small effect, as does the inverted "full adjustable" fork covered with original plastic appendages. At the level of its rivals in terms of finish, the Zak puts a lot of emphasis on its general presentation: undoubtedly, the result is as spectacular as it is daring. !

Let us discreetly pass over the "Renault 19 Tuning" side of the "snakeskin" style saddle specific to this brown model (according to our information, all tastes are in nature …) to take an interest in the heavily picked up appearance a front section overflowing with plastic: like the FZ1 equipped with ABS, the new Zed has a generous shoe and large side covers in which the turn signals are grafted.

Assuming its resolutely Manga line, the Z1000 has the strongest visual impact and catches the eye like a miniskirt and stiletto heels would at the Sunday office! But its ultra-"plasticized" trim may be put off, as we move away from the philosophy "straight to the point" that is supposed to advocate a roadster…

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