All Comparisons – Comparo CB1300S, Bandit 1250 and XJR1300: What Are These Last Sumos Worth? – A threatened species ?

Comparo CB1300S, Bandit 1250 and XJR1300: what are these last sumos worth ?

All Comparisons - Comparo CB1300S, Bandit 1250 and XJR1300: What Are These Last Sumos Worth? - A threatened species ?

Far from the “ maxi ” 1000 cc roadsters which are increasingly sporty and demanding, Site offers you a battle between the last three real big Japanese roadsters: Honda CB1300S, Suzuki Bandit 1250 and Yamaha XJR1300… Comparative test !

A threatened species ?

In recent years, the 1000 cc maxi roadsters have continued to gain in lightness, power and efficiency. The CB1000R, Z1000, Streetfighter, Superduke, Brutale or Speed ​​Triple – especially in its latest version (read our) – are today akin to real high level naked sports cars.

So much so that in comparison, the "big" roadsters are now Sumotoris: venerable, certainly, but a little heavy and clumsy … Shunned by French customers, some have already disappeared: the ZRX 1200 has passed at the door at Kawasaki, just like the GSX 1400 at Suzuki.

It remains nonetheless – and fortunately! – motorcycles of this caliber in the catalogs of three Japanese manufacturers. Should we qualify these roadsters as outdated? Can the three "grannies" still make some resistance or has it come time to assert their retirement points? ?

This is what Site wanted to discover by bringing together in a single comparative test the last three "old-fashioned" Japanese roadsters: the Honda CB1300S (read our), the Suzuki Bandit 1250 (read our) and the Yamaha XJR1300.

Our most attentive readers will have already noted that this new MNC comparison opposes two "naked" to a semi-faired. Casting error? Problem of availability among importers? Big editorial blunder? None of this in fact: for two years, Honda has only offered the "S" version of its CB1300.

Indeed, "the models CB 1300 "5" and "A5" remained in the catalog until the end of 2007", explains Sebastien Pernel, press manager at Honda France."It is a decision taken in consultation with the dealers: we preferred to focus on the S model which offers better protection, even a better look, and which despite its higher price, is of more interest to customers.".

The observation is repeated at the level of the braking system: in France, the world number one only offers the combined ABS version of its big "Cebe" while Suzuki still allows its customers to equip or not their mount with the anti-lock braking system, and that Yamaha, on the other hand, does not offer ABS.

From the start, the Honda stood out from its two rivals, both of which lack fairings and ABS: better equipped, it is naturally more expensive. However, in this beautiful – and chilly – beginning of autumn, Honda is making a special effort by considerably lowering the price of its CB1300S..

Instead of being displayed at a price of 12,490 euros, the CB1300S is currently exchanged for a check for 10,990 euros. Succeeding the XJR 1200 at the end of the 90s, the XJR1300 is no exception and drops below the 10,000 euros mark (9,999 € against 10,290 € in normal times). Finally, only the Bandit 1250 retains its base price … but what price: the Suz ‘costs only € 8,799, or 1,200 euros less than the Yam’ and 2,191 euros less than the Honda.

The "little twelve-and-a-half" immediately destroys a decisive card – more or less depending on the bikers – against the two "thirteen hundred" … The fight promises to be tough between the three Sumos, each using very specific techniques and assets. Now let’s take a little tour of the ring … or rather "Dohyo" !

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