All Comparisons – Comparo K1600GT, 1400GTR and Sprint GT: the road on 3, 4 or 6 cylinders! – For those who are not bi!

Comparo K1600GT, 1400GTR and Sprint GT: the road on 3, 4 or 6 cylinders !

All Comparisons - Comparo K1600GT, 1400GTR and Sprint GT: the road on 3, 4 or 6 cylinders! - For those who are not bi!

The GT motorcycle segment today offers a very wide choice of makes, models and engines. Site brought together the Triumph Sprint GT, the Kawasaki 1400GTR and the BMW K1600GT for a three, four and six in-line comparison… Test !

For those who are not bi !

The offer in terms of road motorcycles is now particularly extensive: it ranges from the most "simple", namely faired roadsters (read in particular our and our), to the most successful (read our), through more unique models (read our)…

In France, however, a motorcycle definitely stands out from the “GT” lot: the BMW R1200RT (read our). Best-selling BMW in France – although the GS and its Adventure model now score better together! -, this bike is certainly one of the best for going far, fast and comfortably.

However, the other GTs on the market, in their diversity, also have serious arguments to seduce French bikers. To help you in your quest for the ideal motorcycle, Site has therefore decided to bring together three motorcycles offering different engine architectures from the good old flat-twin….

English three-cylinder

After having wandered somewhat unsuccessfully in the production of 4-cylinders in the early 90s, Triumph now swears only by the 3-cylinder or "Tripeul". Well it took him, since this engine now has an enviable reputation.

For its designers and enthusiasts, the Triple combines the strengths of two-cylinder and four-cylinder engines (and not their faults, phew!), Respectively character and fiery on one side, flexibility and length on the other! The commercial success of the 675 found in Daytona and Street Triple is enough in itself to validate this hypothesis….

Released a little over a year ago, the Sprint GT is an even more road version of the Sprint ST which has since disappeared from the catalog. Driven by the famous Triple 1050 cc of the Hinckley roadster – yes, the Speed ​​Triple -, the Sprint is meant "the ideal motorcycle for all situations".

Site had already praised the evolution between the ST and GT models (read our

Japanese four-cylinder

Launched in 2007, the Kawasaki 1400GTR is faithful to the Japanese tradition, and especially to the production of the Greens since its in-line 4-cylinder is very flexible at low speed, soft at mid speed – the exclusive variable program distribution is supposed to offer a couple "truckish" – and angry in the towers … at least in its original version (read our).

Because for the moment in France, the law of "horseless" still prevails … Thus, the Ninja of tourism – but not "for tourists"! – is requested to leave at the border no less than 49 hp (106 instead of 155, or even 160 with the Ram Air), or almost as much as the BMW (160 hp in the free world, 107 in France)! The Triumph ultimately suffers the least, with "only" 22 horses drowned in the Channel (128 hp in the original version).

Fortunately, the GTR has other arguments to seduce, such as its aluminum monocoque frame, its Kipass (which activates the remote switch) or its petal disc brakes and radial calipers. Other assets fitted as standard date from the update of the Kawa in 2010: traction control (KTRC or Kawasaki Traction Control), new generation of combined ABS (K-ACT or Kawasaki Advanced Coactive-braking Technology) and "eco" driving mode (economical and ecological) for "High-Tech".

Delivered as standard like its two adversaries of the day with its set of suitcases, the 1400GTR "second batch" is also equipped with a larger screen than the 2007 model (the optional high screen is fitted as standard), raised mirrors, a smaller but deeper storage compartment and heated handles.

German six-cylinder

Finally, the latest in the category, the BMW K1600GT inaugurates a brand new six-cylinder in-line (the only one currently standard in the world of two-wheelers) with an impressive size … compact! The cubic baby exactly 1649 cc, weighs "just under 103 kg"and claims a width of just 555 mm.

So much so that a passerby – admittedly a little old … – exclaimed during our comparison: "ah hey, BMW makes 4-cylinders now !". And this, in spite of the inscription" 6 "present on the crankcases ….

In total, once the perimeter aluminum frame is installed, the suspensions (Duolever and Paralever dynamically adjustable on our model thanks to the ESA II option) and their 17-inch wheels assembled, the handlebars and other more or less vital devices screwed on , the complete fairing and the cases affixed, the scale indicates 295 kg dry.

Full facts, the weight of the K1600GT reaches 319 kg, or 15 more than the 1400GTR and 51 kg more than the Sprint! The BMW also exceeds its two competitors of the day in terms of wheelbase (1680 mm) and chassis (108.4 mm).

However, the Bavarian manufacturer assures that "when the pilot wants to treat himself to a sporty driving interlude, the K 1600 GT, very comfortable in the fast, is perfectly in its element". Already during our first test (read our), we had recognized the German behavior more alert than it appeared. But facing the" Ninja "GTR or the" Sprinter "GT, is- it always is ?

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