All Duels – BMW Duel: the new 2013 R1200GS versus the old one – One deal, two tastes

BMW Duel: the new 2013 R1200GS versus the old one

All Duels - BMW Duel: the new 2013 R1200GS versus the old one - One deal, two tastes

After a first test of the 2013 BMW R1200GS in South Africa this winter, the editorial staff of Site wanted to compare the new big German trail to the old 2012 model. Will the segment benchmark remain so? ? Fratricidal Duel !

One deal, two tastes

Used to the slight oscillations of its GS Triple Black when it is pushed to its limits, GSman also criticizes the new R1200GS for its rigidity. "I have the impression that they have shifted the settings of the ESA by a notch and that the "Soft" of the 2013 corresponds to the "Normal" of mine", he believes.

Indeed, it seems that the ESA Dynamic tends to close the hydraulics more than the "straightforward" ESA, whose settings do not vary depending on the conditions. "I find that without losing efficiency, the 2013 could be smoother on the joints and bumps in curves.", regrets GSman:"mine at least, she swallows everything without flinching and I love it".

A super smooth portion of the road allows us to confirm that the 2013 cycle part shows greater rigor, which the more athletic will undoubtedly appreciate. The rear axle of the new BMW, in particular, crashes less when accelerating and transfers the power of the liquid Boxer (castrated of 23 horses in France) without difficulty..

The new flat-twin does not however suffer too much from the clamping and delivers acceleration and recovery greater than those of the old one, especially past 4500 rpm. In first and second, the front wheel of the 2013 R1200GS leaves the ground more readily.

"Ach, Toucement…", sighs the courageous passenger who has a wider and a little more comfortable seat on the very last BMW. The passenger handles are also easier to grab because they move forward a little more than on the 2012, but better worth holding onto the pilot if he decides to attack !

In terms of pure performance, the engine of the new R1200GS is undoubtedly better than that of the 2012. But there is nothing to crack GSman, more concerned with driving pleasure than with the stopwatch. "I even expected my GS (restrained, Editor’s note) be more on the street", he reassures himself.

By opening wide on third gear, his bike quickly loses two lengths, but he is not offended: after all, if he had really wanted to humiliate his friends when accelerating, he would have bought an S1000RR !

In addition, the 2012 soundtrack is better than that of 2013. Cozy and almost "pneumatic" in low revs, the sound of the old pot (chrome, it’s also part of the "essential pack"!) Is also more present high in the towers and backfires even happily when decelerating.

When braking, it is impossible to separate the two sisters … The right lever – whose slightly soft attack at the start of the race is appreciable in an urban environment – quickly becomes more incisive and makes it possible to plant impressive braking, especially as the handlebars do not sink an iota and leaves the arms alone to take the shock.

In the end, the fight between the two R1200GS has kept its promises: both have strong arguments – sometimes the same – to crack the potential customer. GSman, which has already given in to the Munich sirens, gives us its assessment.

"The engine is more efficient, there is no doubt, but the noise is less pleasant (a matter of taste, of course). The behavior is a little different: the 2013 is a little more difficult to put on the angle, I find, but at the same time a little more "lively" too, especially on small roads, because the suspensions are generally firmer.".

"The dial to the right of the counters is great for changing the height of the screen, and the protection is very good when in the high position. I liked the tank less, cut differently and less pleasant. Finally, the ride by wire and engine maps are in my opinion a marketing argument. Come to think of it, I don’t see the point, unlike the ESA that I use all the time when traveling, depending on the road and the loading of the wheel"…

You guessed it, to the question "are you keeping your 2012 R1200GS now that you know the new model?", Our tester for a day answers "yes" with conviction. !

"My bike is already brilliant, super successful I think. Trying to be as objective as possible, there’s nothing new about the 2013 that makes me want to change, apart from maybe the livelier engine, but it’s not night and day no no longer in a restricted version … So no, frankly, I do not regret my choice".

GSman even adds: "I knew when I bought my new 2012 that the new model was going to come out, but I bought it anyway because I wanted a model at the end of development, and therefore a priori more reliable, rather than a new motorcycle with possible concerns about recalls and after-sales service returns". A point that will have to be monitored in the months to come on 2013: stay tuned !

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