All Duels – Comparison test Suzuki GSX-R 600 Vs GSX-R 750: which one to choose? – For a few cubic centimeters more …

Suzuki GSX-R 600 Vs GSX-R 750 comparison test: which one to choose ?

All Duels - Comparison test Suzuki GSX-R 600 Vs GSX-R 750: which one to choose? - For a few more cubic centimeters ...

Redesigned (a little), lightened (a lot) and optimized (madly!) In 2011, the Suzuki GSX-R 600 and 750 appear at the top of their form. To decide between these two sports very close technically, MNC opposed them on the road and on the circuit.. Duel.

For a few more cubic centimeters…

From the first kilometers, the progress brought to the GSX-R "L1" jumped to the helmet: more agile, they gained both in reactivity and in precision. In addition to the gains attributable to the weight loss, the new Showa forks account for a lot in this near metamorphosis: the returned feeling is excellent, allowing to better feel the phases of compression and relaxation.

Lighter by three small kilos, the GSX-R 600 immediately takes the advantage in winding parts: also benefiting from its slightly shorter wheelbase (1385 mm against 1390 mm for the GSX-R 750), the "little" sports car of the family twirls in curves when the additional inertia of the "average" requires a little more involvement.

But what the GSX-R 750 gives to its little sister when entering corners, it takes over when exiting! Even a little more, because its engine, which is better filled at low speeds (7.2 mkg of torque at 9500 rpm in France against 6.6 mkg at 11,000 rpm for the 600 cc) makes it possible to extricate itself curves with much more vigor.

Although quite torquey between 4 and 7000 rpm (for the category), the block of 599 cc does not fully flourish until the assault of the red zone (14 250 rpm for the 750, 15 250 rpm for the 600). But making it "meow" in this way is not always easy, especially when you discover the route !

To stay in the right rev range, the GSX-R 600 rider can count on a gearbox of exquisite smoothness and precision: on this point, it takes the advantage over that of the GSX- R 750 which is a bit rougher and more catchy. Nothing prohibitive, but the difference between the two is palpable.

Likewise, although they share the same mechanical basis, the 750 lets out sensitive tingling in the hands and feet, while the 600 only "tickles" the hands very slightly at high revs. For once, the Gex 750 "stupidly" loses a few points, especially since the phenomenon directly affects its rearview (the mirrors vibrate), which is also excellent on both motorcycles.

An important detail in town, where the GSX-R 600 and 750 are surprisingly bearable: the smooth and progressive clutch as well as the powerful and adjustable braking of the two Suzuki GSX-Rs are allies in congested avenues, just like their mechanical "roundness" which saves downshift sessions at the slightest slowing down.

The presence of a warning command advantageously completes the list of positive aspects. In good sports cars, however, both heat up quickly and require a lot of space to turn around: luckily the Kayaba steering damper electronically adjusts its action according to the pace, because this facilitates maneuvers. at low speed.

Finally, last detail to take into account in urban use: the soundtrack very present at mid-speed is not necessarily to the taste of all city dwellers … Hoarse and metallic in slow motion, the sound of "4-legs" increases in fact suddenly between 4 and 5000 rpm and then doubles as a sort of muffled gargle coming from the air box !

Under certain conditions, the intensity of this "racing" melody could even go so far as to annoy some bikers, in particular when crossing a quiet neighborhood or during a long trip at stabilized speed (at 130 km / h in sixth gear, the 600 and 750 revolve respectively at 7000 rpm and 6000 rpm).

On the other hand, this powerful snoring magnifies all the "arsouilles", flatters the ears of music lovers with each acceleration and provides that delightful sensation of being at the controls of a real racing motorcycle! And that is generally an argument which "causes" sports fans !

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