All Duels – Duel BMW R nineT Vs Triumph Thruxton R: recreation! – Static: the shock of retro-chic!

Duel BMW R nineT Vs Triumph Thruxton R: recreation (c) tives !

All Duels - Duel BMW R nineT Vs Triumph Thruxton R: recreation! - Static: the shock of retro-chic!

Some motorcycles do not need any artifice to seduce, their magic working at first glance. This is the case of the BMW R NineT and the Triumph Thruxton R, two “ retro-chic ” as desirable as they are sensational.. Duel under the sign of pleasure…

Static: the shock of retro-chic !

15. This is, in meters, the distance covered with the news before a biker comes up to us to express his admiration, thumbs up at the attractive lines of this cafe racer derived from the latest !

15. It is also, in thousands of euros, the price of this eagerly awaited novelty on the market for “neo-retro-chic” motorcycles (14 900 €, exactly), both its characteristics (97 hp and 112 Nm). and its philosophy "look of yesterday, perfs of today" destine it to compete with the initiator and current muse of the genre: the (110 hp, 120 Nm, 15 400 €).

Yet perched on a state-of-the-art sports motorcycle, our unknown admirer "scotche" on the English, visibly charmed by its round headlight with chrome rims and fixings, its oval mufflers, its elegant radiated rims and the careful polishing applied to its casings and to its massive upper tee. Not to mention the Showa inverted fork and Ohlins combined with separate cylinder, specific to this "R" version (Kayaba on the standard), literally shining under the spring sun. !

Obviously, Triumph did not miss the design of the spearhead of its "Modern Classic" range: the Thruxton R is irresistible with its pretty parts such as its old-fashioned instrumentation – with hands and superb entourage in brushed metal – or its mirrors attached to the end of the half-handlebars. Ineffective in addition to being annoying in interfiles, but so stylish !

The same goes for its single-seater leather saddle finished with a tapered cover evoking the great era of the "Cafra" (two-seater seat and optional passenger footrest, from 300 to 500 euros depending on the color of the saddle). The narrowness and weak padding of this seat certainly makes its comfort very spartan, but its red stitching goes perfectly with its distinguished aluminum tank strap..

Like others before – and after – him, was this stealthily crossed biker abused by the false carburettors concealing the injection and the successful integration of the new water radiator that one would think the twin cylinder 1200 cc (1170 cc for the nineT) air-cooled? MNC still asks the question, while noting that the BMW less piques the curiosity of our observer…

The Thruxton R? Pure refinement !

Undoubtedly served by the "novelty" effect of the Triumph, the R NineT is nevertheless far from going unnoticed, especially with its optional aluminum seat cowl (+ € 447) and the hand-brushed finish of its tank (+ 310 €). Both longer and wider (for the benefit of the capacity: 18 liters against 14.5 on the Thruxton), this superb aluminum can logically spreads the legs further..

The nineT’s metal front fender mounts are gorgeous, as are the perforated plates under its white stitched leather saddle. A little nod to the past (the name "nineT" refers to those celebrated in 2013): its serial numbers appear on a plate riveted to the steering column, as on the motorcycles of yesteryear.

Notwithstanding its serious and neat design, the BMW gives way a bit in terms of perceived quality: if the Triumph turns more heads – helmeted or not – it is also thanks to its refined finish. Apart from its cheap plastic turn signal mounts, everything about the Thruxton R exudes good taste, even luxury. And its noble materials, perfectly assembled, are visibly intended to last.

On the nineT, the cables and ducts connected to the intake pipes – on the rear of the cylinders – give off a clutter, especially compared to its rival on which nothing sticks out. Likewise, the acoustic valve on the exhaust of the German, as fastened to the back of the manifolds, does not really serve the cause of elegance….

We console ourselves with its superimposed titanium silencers signed Akrapovic, as pleasant to watch as to listen to sing! This is not the case, however, with its mirrors and its footrest plates (covered with rubber, unlike the Triumph), nothing ordinary for a motorcycle of this price….

Its battery could also be better hidden in its cover located in front of the shock absorber, which is also easily adjustable in preload via a remote dial. It is a detail, of course, but which counts on this kind of motorcycles intended to be admired under all the welds, the morning in its garage, the midday at work and the evening on the terrace. !

Finally, its instrumentation – similar to that of the old R1200Rs – is austere with its gray background and tight graduations, difficult to decipher precisely while driving. On the other hand, it is complete and offers practical remote controls, as on the Triumph: retro okay, but not retrograde (see the list of equipment and practical aspects on page 3) !

Like its rival, the R nineT indeed conceals a base all that there is more contemporary under its appearance of classic roadster. Its inverted fork is similar to that of its radical "cousin" (the possibilities of adjustments less), just like its 4-piston Brembo radial calipers as impressive as those of the Thruxton R (Nissin on the standard). Forget old motorcycles with soft braking !

As for the air-oil-cooled flat-twin of the BMW, it still recently fitted the famous and the Bavarian manufacturer, as well as its steel trellis frame (double cradle on the Triumph). Small subtlety concerning this frame stiffened by the flat (carrier engine): the end of the rear loop can be removed to bend to possible subsequent transformations.

Thought to be easily customizable and to be fully in line with the current "prepa-retro" movement, the nineT also receives a single swingarm compatible with a 6-inch rim (5.5-inch original). The opportunity to appreciate its final transmission by shaft and universal joints, less restrictive than the chain of the Thruxton. Especially in the absence of a central stand !

The BMW receives a minimalist taillight, in the form of a row of LEDs, and a "good old" round headlight at the front. The Triumph gives it the answer with its daytime running light via powerful diodes, identical to that of the! Not so "retro" after all, the Thruxton…

This feeling of dealing with a "real fake old motorcycle" is reinforced by discovering a host of high-tech equipment on the Triumph: anti-dribble clutch, electronic ride-by-wire accelerator, maps selectable while driving from the switchboard left (Rain, Road and Sport), ABS and anti-skid disengageable (when stationary only). More classic, the Nine T is satisfied with the essentials: an ABS (not disconnectable).

In terms of practicality, the two rivals do not embarrass either the frills: if we appreciate the presence of warnings or a plug (12 V above the left cylinder on the BMW, USB under the saddle on the Triumph), we regret the impossibility of accommodating a U-lock in their tiny trunk. A minimum, however, with motorcycles so coveted…

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