All Duels – Face to Face CBF 600 S – XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back – Yamaha remakes Diversion

Face to face CBF 600 S / XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back

All Duels - Face to Face CBF 600 S - XJ6 Diversion: the basics strike back - Yamaha remakes Diversion

This year, the new Yamaha XJ6 Diversion joins the discreet but nonetheless excellent Honda CBF 600 S in the small road motorcycle market. Will the novelty live up to the category benchmark? ? Trial in a fratricidal duel !

Yamaha remakes Diversion

Almost twenty years later, Yamaha therefore released a Diversion (read). But he has – fortunately! – has run a lot of gasoline in the carbs since 1991, when the eponymous XJS 600 was presented !

This new XJ6 Diversion has absolutely nothing in common with its predecessor. Not that the ’90s version was a bad bike. On the contrary, long before the Suzuki Bandit, it had the virtue of democratizing the 4-cylinder and made the happiness of many bikers.

But since then, the old generation Div has aged badly … Capricious carburettors, fragile shock absorbers, destructive oxidation exhausts: the "old" has had its day. Make way for young people !

New standards

This new XJ6 Diversion makes it possible to quantify the progress made on our motorcycles in a little less than 20 years: If the various technological advances primarily benefit "high-end" machines (especially sports), they are inevitably found at more or less long term, on so-called "basic" motorcycles.

Thus, the 2009 XJ6 is equipped like a sports top of the early 90s: two front brake discs, liquid cooling, electronic injection are all elements that an owner of the 1992 Diversion would have dreamed of..

Because all this results in an extraordinary improvement in road efficiency, but also in safety. Progress has also focused on the quality of materials and finish, especially at Yamaha.

New with recent

This new Diversion therefore replaces the Fazer 78 hp, which only found its raison d’être in the fact of selling old vintages after the arrival of the Fazer S2.

If it shares the same mechanical basis – which has nevertheless undergone some modifications – the XJ6 opts for a cycle part and a new design.

For example, it abandons the perimeter frame in cast aluminum for a more classic one, in steel. The double exhaust under the saddle also disappears in favor of a simple exit under the engine, like the Kawa ER-6 and other Buell.

With thinner tires, a lower seat and a slightly less sharp design, the positioning of the new Diversion is therefore less sporty than that of the FZ6. This offers the advantage of clarifying the range !

All in discretion…

For its part, the Honda CBF 600 S – formerly called "Fairing" – has continued a career as serious as it is discreet since 2004. While it is true that it is not necessarily the passion purchase for many bikers, it has nevertheless knew how to find its customers.

It is particularly suitable for young drivers looking for experience, but also for heavy-duty riders looking for a reliable utility without fuss..

This was more particularly true of the first CBF, because the new version unveiled at the end of 2007 intends to refresh this image a little. The Honda came back to us a little more scoundrel, with its (slightly!) Sexier design and a more nasty engine character (read our).

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