All Duels – Head to head European: the new Monster challenges the Speed ​​Triple! – Temperament of fire against potato on all floors …

Face to face at the European: the new Monster challenges the Speed ​​Triple !

All Duels - Head to head European: the new Monster challenges the Speed ​​Triple! - Temperament of fire against potato on all floors ...

Since the mid-90s, Ducati Monster and Triumph Speed ​​Triple have brilliantly combined a strong visual identity with an engine as big as this ! A comparative test between the new 1100 rital and the last vintage of the English 3-legged was required…

Temperament of fire against potato on all floors…

Well installed on the Speed, the feet slightly bent towards the rear and the bust straight, the test of the city already makes it possible to put the finger on important differences between the two motorcycles.

Purring like an old GT Rally, the three-legged Triumph resumes without hiccuping from 2000 rpm in fourth. The smoothness of the box, allied to the progressiveness and the efficiency of the braking, allow to turn around the Ducati which asks to keep the second at 50 km / h and which burns the top of the left thigh – via of the rear frame – in the plugs !

More welcoming than in the past, the 1100 Monster suffers from a saddle which naturally directs your most private parts on the tank, and from a slightly curved position of the handles: practical on the attack – the Ducat ‘is not a little proud of its sporting origins – but a bit testing in everyday journeys. Light as a feather (with its 169 kg dry, the Rouge sticks 20 kg to the Speed!), The bike vibrates just enough to make it endearing and turns quickly at low and medium speed, without ever giving the impression of "falling" from the front, as it sometimes feels with radical geometry roadsters.

Full like an egg from 4000 rpm, the Ducat ‘quickly returns to the silent courts of the Speed ​​Triple once out of town: at this speed, the sixth gear takes the crew to 125 km / h and it is necessary to stay in 4th to benefit from solid times at 90 km / h on small roads! Once assimilated this manual, the Monster then balances all its ardor in the face of the pilot, both literally and figuratively. !

Because the ritale engine pushes hell and sticks the handlebars in the teeth with each frank acceleration in seconds! Benefiting from three very short first gears, the Ducati leaves the Triple … which returns thanks to the fantastic extension of its three-cylinder! All in a sound that will immediately put the key under the door to any brand of adaptable mufflers !

Smooth from 2,000 to 5,000 rpm, the British mechanics get carried away past this milestone and then deliver a copious and continuous thrust up to 8,000 rpm, a speed where the French clamping cuts this incredible momentum … nearly 2,000 turns from the breaker! Almost 30 thoroughbreds (132 hp at 9,250 rpm) thus remain in the stable in the laps … to the delight of the Ducati who already saw the Speed ​​move away irremediably, despite all the goodwill – and c is little to say! – of its 95 hp !

Because if the two pistons of the Ducati get carried away with the frenzy of two teenagers at the end of high school, the joyful thrust stops abruptly at 8000 rpm, in the unpleasant sound of the bi brought to the switch … No not only at Site, respect for mechanics is only a vague notion – quite the contrary -, but from mid-revs, the mechanical flight is so lively and devoid of downtime that it is difficult to not to be frustrated and surprised by its sudden stop !

Therefore, it is necessary to use the gearbox at the right time – precise and firm – to once again relaunch this formidable thrill ride … Except that in front, the Speed ​​Triple did not wait for its rival! Despite its restraint, the three-legged has a much wider rev range, coupled with a potato perhaps less demonstrative but damn effective: if the two bikes easily reach more than 220 km / h, only the Triumph then continues to go up to a good 230 km / h !

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